Useful functions by searching (super button)

When I press start and start typing the name of an application to search for it, is there a way to allow this to reveal answers to questions like math, definitions and unit conversion similar to the search for the Windows 10 start button?

magento 2.2.10> 2.3.4 update after the product page click on the paypal button and reload after not going to the paypal page

I have update magento 2.2.10 to magento 2.3.4

When the product page click on paypal then open the iframe and then close it again, it doesn't work properly and resting car and payment page working well paypal
enter the description of the image here

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

flow: SharePoint library button (JSON format) to update the field value of the current item

I have a single line text field formatted in a SharePoint library. It is formatted to be a button that executes a flow. I created this to be able to attach this flow to several libraries. It works well for that purpose, but I need it to take an additional action: update a different field for the current item.
There are 2 other fields:
Publishing_Status (choice)
Last_Published_Date (date and time)

Is it possible with a button like the one below to update the value of another field? Specifically to add a timestamp and select an option for the field of choice?

  "$schema": " formatting.schema.json",
  "elmType": "button",
  "customRowAction": {
  "action": "executeFlow",
  "actionParams": "{"id": "ffa62926-6bbc-4db1-a409-1aeac8fdde93"}"
  "attributes": {
  "class": "ms-fontColor-themePrimary ms-fontColor-themeDarker--hover"
"style": {
"border": "none",
"background-color": "transparent",
"cursor": "pointer"
"children": (
  "elmType": "span",
  "attributes": {
    "iconName": "Flow"
  "style": {
    "padding-right": "6px"
  "elmType": "span",
  "txtContent": "Publish"

I wanted to use Flow to update the item, but since it can come from one of several libraries, it's not really possible (as far as I can tell).

Thank you,

You need a WordPress plugin to show notifications until the user does not click on the button

What I want
1. I want to show a fixed bar or a notification bar in the footer or header where there will be a link (Post Resume)
2. When someone clicks on that Publish CV link, the user will redirect to another site, but the resume bar will be hidden.
3. This bar will be based on cookies and will appear again to the user after 3 or correct days you want
4. I also want when I click on the link and let us know that the user has clicked on this link, the link will change to another text and link

I want an add-on that shows a fixed bar or notification until the user clicks

Or you want an add-on that keeps changing the link with each click

Should the middle mouse button close the tabs?

I also had no idea that this was an option until I tried it just now! But now that I know, I will not forget it.

I think this is an example of progressive disclosure, or at least that introduces a progressive complexity in the available interactions. It is a direct access function for expert users (or at least those who know this particular interaction), but nothing is left to the most visible / affordable interactions (for example, the "X" button).

So, to repeat some of the other responses / comments: Yes, I think it's a good idea. If it's a pattern common enough (yet) to be expected behavior, maybe not, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be there. As long as it does not cancel or conflict with any other expected interaction pattern, it is a valid shortcut.

Google Sheets button "Read-only accounts"

Basically, I created a button that is assigned to a function within google scripts, however, when I tried the button on a permission account of & # 39; read-only & # 39 ;, it didn't respond. Just wondering if there is a possibility to create a button that is accessible for read-only accounts?

online sharepoint: the click of the SPFx JQuery dialog button does not find a public function

I am new to the development of TypeScript and SPFx.

I have a jquery UI dialog box and a public function in the same class that makes some MSGRAPH calls after clicking the button.

The button click returns with error:

this.addAlert is not a function

I think the problem is that the dialogue code is executed outside the context of the web part and therefore does not know the function available in the context of the web part.

How can I use the click of the button to execute within the context of the web part?

Here is the dialogue code.

    public render(): void {

    this.domElement.innerHTML = AlertTemplate.templateHtml;
    const dialogOptions: JQueryUI.DialogOptions = {
      width: "50%",
      height: "auto",
      buttons: {
        "Subscribe": function (e) {
        "No Thanks": function (e) {
        "Ask me later": function (e) {
          this.addAlert("Ask Me Later");

    jQuery('.dialog', this.domElement).dialog(dialogOptions);

addAlert function

public addAlert(status: string): void {
var url = "/sites/" + + "/lists";
var listId = "";
var email = this.getCurrentUserEmail();
var recordExists = false;
let item: SubscriptionListItem;
  .then((client: MSGraphClient): void => {
      .filter("equals=(displayName, 'Subscriptions'")
      .get((err, res) => {
        if (err) {
        listId =;

8 – How can you show document file sizes next to a media link button?

I am trying to show the size of a file next to a media link button on a page.

I have two types of content with a media entity reference field in each. Each field is restricted to extract only from one type of file medium. What I was trying to do was create a twig variable using a field preprocess and pop that variable into each of my field templates. However, my preprocessing below does not seem to show the file size as I want. What am I doing wrong?

function theme_preprocess_field(&$variables, $hook) {

  $pdf_fields = (

  if (in_array($element('#field_name'), $pdf_fields) && $element('#entity_type') == 'node') {

    if ($variables('items')(0)) {

      $field_name = $element('#field_name');

      $node = $element('#object');
      // Get first referenced media id.
      $media_id = $node->$field_name->target_id;
      // Get file object.
      $file = DrupalfileEntityFile::load($media_id);
      if ($file) {
        // Get file size.
        $file_size = format_size($file->getSize());
        // Set file size variable.
        $variables('file_size') = $file_size;

Twig Field Template

{% for item in items %}
  Download Paper(PDF | {{ file_size }})
{% endfor %}

mac – How do I change the brightness button to move the lock button?

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google – How do you mute the ding ding sound every time I press the microphone button on my keyboard?

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