Japan: Tokyo bullet train to Osaka (with stops)

I am planning a trip from Tokyo to Osaka, with a stopover in Nagoya for 2 nights to travel to Takayama and continue to Osaka.
Should I do one more stopover in Kyoto or is a day trip better?
Also, can I book a single trip from Tokyo to Osaka and get on and off in Nagoya and Kyoto?

Nikon: bullet points after using circular polarizer and Cokin system

I have a Nikon D750 camera with a lens that has a focal length of 24-70 mm and a lens diameter of 72 mm. I bought a circular polarizer and filters from the Cokin P system with a wide angle filter holder. But there are some bullets at 24 mm. What system should I buy to remove bullets? Is the P system small and should I use XL? Cokin system with circular polarizer.

Cokin system without polarizer.

The first photo is with a Cokin filter and circular polarizer.
and the second photo is a Cokin filter without circular polarizer

opengl – asteroid bullet hits the enemy ship

I am making a game of asteroids like 2 spaceships. Well, I have drawn 2 ships on the screen. Each ship can move and shoot bullets at the enemy ship. I am using the sin and cos functions to make the bullet hit the enemy ship. So far I have the collision function that will be used when the bullet reaches the 50 pixel mark and exits the program. I just want the bullet to hit the enemy ship and then exit the program. Here is my collision function code.

void coll_ship_one()
    //draw bullet
    float x = (5.0f * cos(shipAngle) - 5.0f * sin(shipAngle)*up); 
    float y = (5.0f * sin(shipAngle) + 5.0f * cos(shipAngle)*up);
    float oWidth=2.0f;
    float oHeight=2.0f;
    //draw ship
    float xTwo=(-50.0f*cos(shipenemyAngle)-5.0f*sin(shipenemyAngle));
    float yTwo = (5.0f*sin(shipenemyAngle) + 5.0f*cos(shipenemyAngle));
    float oTwoWidth= 10.0f;
    float oTwoHeight = 15.0f;

    if (checkCollide(x, y, oWidth, oHeight, xTwo, yTwo, oTwoWidth, oTwoHeight) == 1)
```bool checkCollide(float x, float y, float oWidth, float oHeight, float xTwo, float yTwo, float oTwoWidth, float oTwoHeight)
    // AABB 1
    float x1Min = x;
    float x1Max = x + oWidth;
    float y1Max = y + oHeight;
    float y1Min = y;

    // AABB 2
    float x2Min = xTwo;
    float x2Max = xTwo + oTwoWidth;
    float y2Max = yTwo + oTwoHeight;
    float y2Min = yTwo;

    // Collision tests
    if (x1Max < x2Min || x1Min > x2Max) return false;
    if (y1Max < y2Min || y1Min > y2Max) return false;

    return true;

physics – bullet ray launch vehicle – compound shape and center of gravity / mass

I use btBoxShape as a form of collision for a rigid chassis (raycast vehicle). BtDefaultMotionState defines the initial position of the vehicle during the creation of the rigid body of the chassis (a vehicle falls from an initial height: btVector3 (0, 5, 0)). I would like to use btCompoundShape to lower the center of gravity / mass of the vehicle. It's possible ? I create a composite form and add a chassis form as a secondary form:

compound->addChildShape(localTransform, chassisShape);

Then, a composite form is used during the creation of a rigid body instead of a chassis shape and btDefaultMotionState is set as above. I wonder how I should establish a local transformation for the composite form.

When I use btVector (0, -1, 0) for localTransform I get the following result when a vehicle falls from an initial height. It seems that I am doing something wrong.

Mac application – Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.12 MacOS | NulledTeam UnderGround

File size: 131 MB

Magic Bullet Suite 13 – Color correction, finish and film look for filmmakers.

Magic Bullet Suite is a set of seven tools that provide intuitive and real-time color correction, and beyond, directly to your editorial timeline.

Magic Bullet Suite 13 gives you everything you need to make your footage look great, directly in your editing timeline. Balance your shots with powerful color adjustments that work the way your eye expects them to. Then, go beyond color correction, with precise simulations of lens filters and film stocks. With Magic Bullet Suite, you will have the most powerful and intuitive real-time color correction tools available, without changing to a different application.
Give your footage the look of a Hollywood movie. With the Magic Bullet Suite tools, your footage can instantly have cinematic contrast and the sophisticated color palettes of big-budget movies. With tons of fully customizable presets based on popular movies and TV shows, you'll get excellent results in seconds.
Quickly balance skin tones, reduce wrinkles and eliminate skin imperfections, so your talent looks better. Magic Bullet Suite makes cosmetic cleaning quick and easy, and gives you natural results that look intact.
Save your footage of video noise caused by shooting in the dark or with high ISO. Magic Bullet Suite can clean the noise while retaining the details in your shot. At the end of its color grading process, Magic Bullet Suite can also reintroduce a subtle texture and a grain of natural film that gives your final product an appearance that feels genuine and unprocessed.
Magic Bullet Suite consists of several different tools, each with its own compatibility information. All tools run on Mac and Windows and are compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Apple Final Cut Pro X, while some of the tools also work on additional host applications
Magic Bullet Suite 13 includes seven products, six of which have been updated and a completely new one: Magic Bullet Looks 4, Colorista IV, Denoiser III, Mojo II, Cosmo II, Film 1 and the new Magic Bullet Renoiser. For the first time, Magic Bullet Suite 13 offers real-time color correction with OpenGL / OpenCL support. All tools are accelerated by GPU for maximum speed.
Magic Bullet Looks 4.0
– GPU: OpenGL / OpenCL
– Looks like presets
– Tool presets
– Source tool
– Renoiser tool
– Mojo tool
– Reference library
– Universal force slider
– It seems favorites
– Change the size of the scopes
– Save Looks workflow
Magic Bullet Colorista IV 4.0
– GPU: OpenGL / OpenCL
– Colorist Panel
– Guided color correction
– Color temperature and dye
– RGB point curves
Magic Bullet Denoiser III 3.0
– Amazing quality results
– GPU acceleration
– Performance close to real time
– New user interface / easier to use
– Rewritten completely from scratch
– Registration support
Magic Bullet Mojo II 2.0
– Updated cinematic style
– GPU: OpenGL / OpenCL
– My video is …
– Presets
– bullet point
– Exposition
– Color temperature
– Dye
Magic Bullet Cosmo II 2.0
– GPU: OpenGL / OpenCL
– Best results
– Skin sample tool
– Refined visual comments
Magic Bullet Renoiser 1.0
This is a completely new product that gives your footage a cinematic texture and grain. Whether you have dismissed your video, created CGI and motion graphics compositions, or even filmed on a camera that produces virtually no noise images, Renoiser's new GPU-accelerated grain engine real-time reconstructs your images with a cinematic texture more genuine than anything you've seen before. Renoiser is fully customizable and includes 16 noise / grain presets based on real movies and popular movies, such as 16MM, 8MM and much more.
Magic Bullet Film 1.2
– GPU: OpenGL / OpenCL
Updates: the official site does not provide information about changes in this version


transit – Beijing 144-hour Visa – Turkish stamp and bullet train to Hong Kong

In a few days I should fly to Bejjing and then I would like the 8-hour train from Bejjing to Hong Kong using 144 TWOV.

The problem is that I have read many articles / discussions online about people who are denied having Turkish stamps in their passport.

The second problem is that I would like to take the high-speed bullet train from Bejjing West to Hong Kong, but I also read that this train does not qualify and only qualifies the slow 24-hour train.

The third problem that does not help these two previous ones is the final destination of Hong Kong, since the growing anti-Chinese protests in Hong Kong.

Should I get rid of the plane ticket and go ahead or take a risk and leave?

Thank you

[ Politics ] Open question: Is it fair to say that the United States dodged a great bullet when Hillary Clinton lost in 2016?

[Politics] Open question: Is it fair to say that the United States dodged a great bullet when Hillary Clinton lost in 2016? .

Is there a way to create a bullet sidebar?

In each individual post I am trying to create a sidebar for my sources of information. Is it possible to have a sidebar labeled as a bulleted font from it that can link?

Format – How to change bullet indentation in Google Slides Master

I have created a bulleted list on a Google Slide, and adopts the indentation as specified in the Master Slide. I can select the level one bullets and manually change their indentation to make the design more compact. Is there any way to apply the new indents to the Master Slide so that they are automatically applied to the new slides that are created? I tried to make the same changes on the Master Slide, but all the "indent" controls are grayed out in the Format sidebar.

PowerPoint Builds or Bullet points saving as PNG

I know how to save as PNG. When there is a construction, just save the final construction of the slide. I would like each vignette to be built as a png. Any ideas? Thanks James