Why is the construction of links important in SEO for the ranking?

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Today, my question is about link building, ranking and SEO base.

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Please give me some ways to find better sites for building links and traffic to my website.

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dnd 5e – Building credible encounters at low levels

I'm DMing a 5E game in a world of my own creation. I have done the world promotion before, but at lower levels of the group I had very specific goals, and the level progression "you could die from a wolf attack" to "you are leading an army of thousands" was quite simple.

The problem I'm running right now is that I'm allowing a more sandbox environment, so the characters are going to areas that are NPCs still higher than them. Therefore, it seems very artificial to give an adventure hook as "can you go clear out this spider infestation for us, even though we are much more capable of doing that than you?"

Most of my players are happy just going around in the world and achieving character goals, but some of them are getting anxious about the lack of "fight scenes" so far.

Does anyone have suggestions on what kind of encounters I could add to low level (1-5) characters that will allow them to flex their physical abilities, while not doing it out as if they were somehow the saviors of the earth?

forms – Building multiple embedded lists

I hope you can help.

My team is developing an internal forms creation tool that simplifies the creation of complex HTML forms by providing prefabricated sections and standard form fields that can be combined when drag and drop.

This form developer will be used by our developers and should allow them to create new forms that, in many cases, should replicate the structure of existing forms. It is common for these forms to contain sections with a sequence of integrated lists.

Here is an example: the section called "Rewards" (the title of the section is not shown in the image) contains a list of "Reward Boxes" containing lists of "Rewards for players", which at the same time contain lists of Rewards

Now, our tool provides users with a "List" field. And when you embed a list within another list, things do not look that bad:

enter the description of the image here

But we are not finding an elegant way to allow users to nest three consecutive lists within a section. It simply does not work visually and the hierarchy is difficult to achieve, since the component of the list should always behave in the same way when it is added to the section. (The green area indicates selection, by the way, the drawer should show the configuration options when a field is selected).

enter the description of the image here

Here are some solutions that we are considering:

  • Provide a prefabricated section component that is a "list section", so it contains by default a button that duplicates its content (combination of fields). (This breaks the IA a bit, since the prefabricated sections are templates of the sections of existing forms and will contain fields in them)

  • Only allow the grouping of a list within another list, and force users to manually add the duplication logic to a button in case they want to duplicate a combination of fields (the buttons can be added as individual form components and can be contain logic)

  • Provide two list types: Simple list (the button to Add an element is displayed only when the cursor is passed) and Complex lists (a kind of subsection with a duplication button by default). This way you can achieve more visual hierarchy.

Thank you for reading! Please, do not hesitate to ask for any clarification. I understand that there are many details of this problem: – /

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Building Spinnning Bird Kick Move

I was trying to formulate Chun-Li's Spinning Bird Kick movement using the 2nd edition:
enter the description of the image here

But I'm not sure how to cover the ability to move and attack at the same time. How can I build this movement?

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Why would Mirosoft start building Linux on Windows?

In 2015, Microsoft started using Git to manage the development of Windows 10. Then they made it an option to install it at the command prompt when downloading Visual Studio. Microsft Azure runs practically on Linux. We are now receiving reports that Microsoft plans to run the Linux kernel in addition to the windows. We also just received a report that Microsoft plans and creates an open source terminal that can replicate what you would expect to see in Ubuntu or Debian.

What would Microsoft have to gain with this? Those who use it are usually for a reason, such as compatibility or a simple rejection of Windows or Microsoft.