I will Build 100 high quality backlinks white hat SEO link building for $25

I will Build 100 high quality backlinks white hat SEO link building

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tool recommendation – Does anyone know a good system for building a city?

tool recommendation – Does anyone know a good system for building a city? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

development strategy – Yet another child theme building question: Frankenchild themes

I’m about to build a new site based on a theme close to what I’m looking for. I understand the concepts around child theming & have read the caveats about overriding php or css files like the one described here.

Using such workarounds and calls from functions.php, is it possible to build a “Frankenchild theme” by taking chunks of a second (would-be parent) theme and patching them into the child theme? I’m not quite asking about creating a child of two parents; the child would only have one “official” parent.

As an example: Start with a Gantry basic theme and add custom taxonomy search capabilities & search results formatting (say a card-based carousel). Is that stepping over the line into plugin development?

power automate – How to design a flow which can control other independent flows without building child-parent relation

How can we in MS flow control the execution of other flows?
To be more specific:
How can we do the followings in a flow:

1 -Check the status of other flows? e,g, running, idle
2- If they are running, for how long they are running?
3- Turn the other flows on or off?
4-a bit greedy, but can we check the value of a variable in other flows if they are in a running state? (e.g. Can we check the variable 'var_a' of flow B which is in the running state while we are in flow A (no child-parent relation between these flows)?

25 Profile Backlinks high authority do-follow permanent hq manual link building for $3

25 Profile Backlinks high authority do-follow permanent hq manual link building

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memory – Building PC from parts

I’m about to build PC from parts. I’m a software developer, so PC will be used for programming purposes mostly (PHP Storm, Visual Studio, Photoshop, Chrome 50+ tabs at time), I’m not a big gamer, but maybe I will try one or other game with a new PC.

I can spend up to $2300 (maximum $3500), I want to forget annoying lag spikes (if possible for this price).

I’m totally out of knowledge in nowadays software so I’ve decided to ask your help.

I found a this website where I can try to build my own PC from parts.

I’ve selected these parts for $3448.94, I would like to get your advices if I chosen it correctly for my needs. Maybe I can choose some parts cheaper?

CPU $1399.00

AMD Threadripper 3960X 3.8 GHz 24-Core Processor

This processor seems powerful enough, isn’t it? Or maybe I should take a look to another? Maybe I have to search for CPU with integrated video card?

CPU Cooler $129.99

NZXT Kraken X53 73.11 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler

Totally I have no idea about coolers, chosen random from the list for an average price. Is it 1 cooler enough for PC at all?

Motherboard $499.99

Gigabyte TRX40 AORUS MASTER EATX sTRX4 Motherboard

I have no idea what parameters to look at when choosing motherboard. Is this motherboard good enough?

Memory $219.99

Crucial Ballistix MAX 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-4400 CL19 Memory

For RAM I’ve chosen DDR4, total 16 GB 4400 speed, looks like should be fine. At this website I’ve found other RAM a bit cheaper but it provided me warning that too many voltage or etc, so have have chosen these.

Storage $159.99

Samsung 970 Evo 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive

For Storage I’ve chosen 1 TB SSD, but there are other parameters too, so maybe you could give me advices if it’s good choice or I have to search for other. I’ve seen tat there is parameter Interface SATA 6 Gb/s or M.2 – what is difference?

Video Card $725.00

Asus GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER 6 GB TUF GAMING OC Video Card

I know that video card is playing big role in PC when playing games, but as I’m not a big gamer (at least never played before new, high quality graphic games) I have no idea what graphic card to choose, prices very different between video cards. Maybe I don’t need any at all and it’s enough integrated in CPU?

Case $159.99

Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic ATX Full Tower Case

Chosen randomly, I don’t know if I should take a look at anything when choosing Case.


Power Supply $134.99

Corsair RMx (2018) 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply

Chosen randomly too. Any tips about it?

At the website that I provided before there are additional parts for PC like:

Case Accessories, Case Fans, Fan Controllers, Thermal Compound, UPS Systems Expansion Cards / Networking, Sound Cards, Wired Network Adapters, Wireless Network Adapters

Any of them are required?

I mean if I buying brand new motherboard isn’t it with integrated sound card. wired network adapter? So I have to buy them additionally? So maybe I have to buy something else? Maybe Case Fan also are required?

Thank you for any tips!

I will do 100 high authority seo backlinks from top brands link building top rankings for $20

I will do 100 high authority seo backlinks from top brands link building top rankings

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blockchain – What to look for when building an NFT marketplace?

Are you eager in gaining knowledge related to building an NFT marketplace effectively, the absolute estimation of NFT transactions in 2020 was expanded to 299% in comparison with a similar period a year ago and surpassed $250 million. Additionally, the all out number of dynamic wallets performing NFT transactions increased by 97%. Experts anticipate that non-fungible tokens will turn into the main impetus behind the virtual economy in the following decades. The fact is that the NFT market is required to develop, and it’s an ideal opportunity to consider how you can profit from it. Making a NFT marketplace is one of the incredible open doors for this. In this way, I have assembled an itemized list that will address the inquiries of looking for how to build up an NFT marketplace and succeed. Prepare and how about we begin!

There are two primary things you should give unique consideration to when building a NFT marketplace. They are crucial for your prosperity. Among these things are security, and the decision of an accomplished development group. How about we harp on each point.
You can’t disregard security with regards to finances. Blockchain is a genuinely solid technology that has inherent security systems, yet extra highlights won’t ever stung. You may require devices to examine and identify pernicious substances that could hurt your users. You can likewise execute extra checkboxes during the time spent distributing or purchasing tokens so clients can make certain of their authenticity and unwavering quality. A user profile is likewise a significant security element. Implement at any rate fundamental KYC (know your customer).

Experienced blockchain development professionals:
Now we got to the discussion of the development team. I would prefer not to burn through a ton of time clarifying that it is essential to work with experienced blockchain developers to get a quality product.
To begin with, outsourcing development teams will assist you with speeding the way toward making your NFT marketplace. Particularly with regards to organizations that give full-cycle development services. This will be the most cost-effective solution.
Next, check the skill of the organization you expect to work with. I shall help you in this. Check the conveyed projects, ensure the team has encountered blockchain developers, discover feedback on the work of organizations. Ensure a software provider can cover all your project related requirements.
At last, simply see whether you appreciate speaking with the group. On the off chance that correspondence is simple and easygoing, and the team comprehends your project, your task is bound to be effective.

If you want to build your own NFT marketplace, we can offer you several options, including custom NFT marketplace development, NFT marketplace based on Opensea SDK and NFT collectibles development.
Talk to our experts.

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We put at your disposal our Link Building packages at quite affordable prices.
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continuous integration – Clarifying the steps in a CI/CD, but namely if if unit testing should be done building a Docker image or before

I’m building at a Build and Deployment pipeline and looking for clarification on a couple points. In addition, I’m trying to implement Trunk Based Development with short-lived branches.

The process I have thus far:

  1. Local development is done on the main branch.

  2. Developer, before pushing to remote, rebases on remote main branch.

  3. Developer pushes to short-lived branch: git push origin main:short_lived_branch.

  4. Developer opens PR to merge short_lived_branch into main.

  5. When PR is submitted it triggers the PR pipeline that has the following stages:

    1. Builds the microservice.
    2. Unit tests the microservice.
    3. If passing, builds the Docker image with a test-latest tag and push to container registry.
    4. Integration testing with other microservices (still need to figure this out).
    5. Cross-browser testing (still need to figure this out).
  6. If the PR pipeline is successful, the PR is approved, commits are squashed, and merged to main.

  7. The merge to main triggers the Deployment pipeline, which has the following stages:

    1. Builds the microservice.
    2. Unit tests the microservice.
    3. If passing, builds the Docker image with a release-<version> tag and push to container registry.
    4. Integration testing with other microservices (still need to figure this out).
    5. Cross-browser testing (still need to figure this out).
    6. If passing, deploy the images to Kubernetes cluster.

I still have a ton of research to do on the integration and cross-browser testing, as it isn’t quite clear to me how to implement it.

That being said, my questions thus far really have to do with the process overall, unit testing and building the Docker image:

  1. Does this flow make sense or should it be changed in anyway?

  2. Regarding unit testing and building the Docker image, I’ve read some articles that suggest doing the unit testing during the building of the Docker image. Basically eliminating the first two stages in my PR and Deployment pipelines. Some reasons given:

    • You are testing the code and not the containerized code which is actually what will be run.
    • Even if unit testing passes, the image could be broke and it will be even longer before you find out.
    • Building on that, it increases the overall build and deployment time. From my experience, the first two stages in my pipelines for a specific service take about a minute and half. Then building and pushing the image takes another two and half minutes. Overall about four minutes. If the unit tests were incorporated into the Docker build, then it could possibly shave a minute or more off the first three stages in my pipeline.

    Would this be a bad practice to eliminate the code build and unit testing stages, and just moving unit testing into the Docker build stage?

Thanks for weighing in on this while I’m sorting it out.

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