pathfinder 1e – Building and Pricing a Collapsible Lance

I have a player who has specced out to use lances while riding as one of his preferred methods of fighting. He has an efficient quiver and would like to be able to store his lance in the third slot (from the rules it can hold the following):

The third and longest portion of the case contains as many as 6 objects of the same general size and shape as a bow (spears, staffs, or the like).

Obviously the lance is too big for this section so he asked if it was possible to give it a “collapsible” property, which would effectively allow it to go from the size of staff to the size of a lance in a swift action. As the DM I’m okay with this, but since it’s a unique item I want to roleplay him getting this from a smith, and a large part of that involves specific pricing.

The way I see it, it can either go closer to the price of a masterwork item or it is effectively treated as a magical weapon and requires the +1 before it can get the “collapsible” trait. Not entirely sure which would make more sense for this case, looking for any insight.

game design – 3D World; how do I deal with the thickness of walls on a grid to create a tile based building system

I want to develop a tile based 3D building system as a foundation for an game. But there is a question which is cracking my mind a bit.

I am grateful for every thought, hint, link or book suggestion.

How do I deal with the thickness of walls on a grid, respectivelly how should I realize walls?

I used the search engine, watched at other games on steam & youtube, but the result & my conclusion is not really satisfying.

What is the most common way, which causes the least problems in your oppinion?

The game-engine i want to use is Godot.

This are the 3 options which I have, at least I think this are the 3 I have:

(1) Wall as a plane
Wall as a plane

I think this option causes not much problems, but it is also the least attractive option because it doesn’t look that great to a player.

The wall is flat, the positioning of items in front of the wall, on both sides shouldn’t make problems because. The wall has no thickness, so there is no offset related to the grid.

(2) Wall in size of the grid
Wall in size of the grid

I think this option causes the least problems, but probably you get really thick looking walls if your grid is to big & with a smaller grid you maybe get other problems (performance issues or something else).

The wall doesn’t affect the positioning of items in front of the wall, on both sides. The wall has thickness, but the thickness doesn’t results in an offset related to the grid.

Currently I think this is the option I should stick with, but to get walls which are not that thick, I believe I should create a grid with a size of .5 or .25 when you relate 1 to an meter (walls in germany are about 25 till 50 cm).

Maybe I worry too much about the size of the walls?

(3) Wall overlapping the grid
Wall overlapping the grid

I think this option makes the most headache, at least for me. With this option you have a offset resulting from the thickness of the wall. Because it’s overlapping the floor tiles half the walls thickness, so you have to deal with the placement of items in front of the wall & currently I have no idea to deal with.

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design – Building blocks of API in Python

For my side-project I want to build API which does three things:

  1. reads data from request,
  2. processes data which was read and stores it in DB,
  3. based on results from 2. provides user with a response to the query.
  4. Does some prescheduled extra processing regardless of previous points.
    I expect that API will be pretty heavy on IO and processing.

Since I’m working in Python, the tools I want to use are: Flask/Fast API for request handling and routing, RabbitMQ as a queue. Now my problem is with choosing framework/approach to use for the heavy lifting part (2. & 4.). One option is to just simply write workers as a standalone scripts but this leaves more subtle load balancing and monitoring job hanging. Other option that came to my mind was to use Airflow but in that case it’s not clear for me what is the relation between RabbitMQ and Airflow.

My questions are following: which (if any) framework should I use for backend jobs? Are RabbitMQ and Airflow complementary? Can you recommend any good resources to study architecture of data processing systems?

If you require additional info to address the question please ask. Since I do not have strictly CS background I’m well aware that the info above can be a little bit convoluted 🙂

Is there a way to setup a notification from Unreal Engine when it finishes packaging / building my game?

In Unity I was able to use a post build script to send myself an email when Unity finishes building a game. Is there a way to make a script run when Unreal Engine is done packaging a game?

Or any other way to set up a notification sound or visual prompt in my Windows PC to alert me when it finishes packaging?

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Python Tic Tac Toe Building Block Function

Would appreciate any input on these building blocks functions of tic tac toe.

def display_field(cells):
| {} {} {} |
| {} {} {} |
| {} {} {} |

def analyze_field(cells):

        cells (str): a string of an XO pattern

        (str): the result of the XO field

    num_x = cells.lower().count('x')
    num_o = cells.lower().count('o')

    rows = ((cells(j) for j in range(i, i + 3)) for i in range(0, 9, 3))
    columns = ((row(i) for row in rows) for i in range(3))

    first_diagonal = rows(0)(0) + rows(1)(1) + rows(2)(2)
    second_diagonal = rows(0)(2) + rows(1)(1) + rows(2)(0)

    if abs(num_x - num_o) not in (0, 1):
        return 'Impossible'

    num_winners = 0
    for row, column in zip(rows, columns):
        if len(set(row)) == 1:
            num_winners += 1
        if len(set(column)) == 1:
            num_winners += 1
    if num_winners > 1:
        return 'Impossible'

    for row in rows:
        if len(set(row)) <= 1:
            return f'{row(0)} wins'

    for column in columns:
        if len(set(column)) <= 1:
            return f'{column(0)} wins'

    if len(set(first_diagonal)) <= 1:
        return f'{first_diagonal(0)} wins'

    elif len(set(second_diagonal)) <= 1:
        return f'{second_diagonal(0)} wins'

    # No winner
        if '_' in cells or ' ' in cells:
            return 'Game not finished'
            return 'Draw'

cells = input('Enter cells:')



Enter cells:XO_XO_XOX
| X O _ |
| X O _ |
| X O X |

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