❕NEWS – BTC price could hit $60k despite bear market | Proxies123.com

There are many that sold of f their Bitcoin recently in light of the bear market and this caused the price of Bitcoin to drop by around 20% yesterday alone, which it later regained its standing. Despite this bear market that was seen, analysts say that the price of Bitcoin is likely to increase and reach the 60k region. In fact, based on the recent trends it seems that Bitcoin markets still show an overall bullish market trend, which can be very good for investors.

wallet – Recover BTC from seed

I wonder if you can help me.

I have my 17 word seed (yes 17 words) and my wallet crypto address and I can see my crypto on the blockchain under that address.

How do I restore my wallet with the above two things because my previous device failed and is dead.

BTC investors will keep their BTC for long term if the price isn't above 10K$

A twitte’s poll/survey gathered atleast 26K BTC investor that agreed that he’ll keep the BTC in his wallet till BTC bypasses the 10K$ no matter what will happen, around 4K said that they will sell after 1 year since they don’t know what will happen, around 13% said they will hold their BTC for more three years .

signature – Sign rawtransaction with private key without running a btc node

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bitcoincore gui – aftet sending btc with bitcoin core can i exit after wards?

Once successfully broadcast, your transaction will be entered into the mempools of other nodes on the network, and it will eventually be confirmed in a block when it’s fee-rate becomes competitive. This will occur whether or not you keep your wallet/node online in the meantime. So once your transaction is broadcast to the network you can exit the program without any issue.

transactions – Need help to recover sent Litecoin (LTE) from Bitstamp to a BTC address in Coinbase

I have foolishly entered a BTC address into my LTC destination address last night when withdrawing funds from Bitstamp to Coinbase. At first an error message appeared saying:

“Unable to withdraw to multisig address. We have automatically converted your multisig address. Please copy and paste the converted address in the input field if you wish to make a withdrawal. Please make sure that you are able to make a withdrawal to this address.”

The destination address then went from the BTC one that I had copied and pasted in error, which started with a ‘3’ to an address that started with an ‘M’.

The transaction went through as expected, I was asked to confirm it via email and that was it. Little did I realise that I had entered the wrong destination address. I didnt even think it would have been accepted if there was such a glaring error…..

When I checked my Coinbase wallet today expecting the funds to be in there, I realised something had gone seriously wrong. I checked the transaction in Bitstamp and it has been marked as “FINISHED”. Yet there is NOTHING showing in my Coinbase wallets.

I called Bitstamp when I realised what had happened and they told me I had to get in touch with Coinbase. I created a support ticket this evening but Coinbase replied and said there was incorrect info in my request (there wasnt). I resubmitted it and again, my ticket was rejected for exactly the same reason. I have since sent an email to their general support email address asking for help but judging by their Reddit page they dont appear to be very forthcoming in responding to queries.

I have Googled things all evening and seem to have found this article which suggests it may be possible to retrieve the coins:

How To Recover Litecoin Sent To A Bitcoin Address

I have tried to work it out myself but I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. Some of the comments Ive read on here and other forums suggest its simple to do. I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me recover these funds. They cant have just disappeared into thin air. I sent them from myself to myself, theres no 3rd parties involved. And I desperately need them back to enable me to pay bills I’ve got coming out next week.

❓ASK – Would you invest for the long term in a currency other than BTC? | Proxies123.com

For long-term investments in crypto assets, BTC is indisputably a safe option.
If ETH improves its scalability and moves to ETH 2.0, it would be another option to consider.
Another currency that I like is the competition from TRON, which emerged as the competition from ETH, taking advantage of the weakness it has at the moment

I sent BTC to an old address, Can I get them back?

I sent BTC to and old address of a friend. I`ve checked the status on blockstream.info and it is said that it has 1860 confirmations. Is is possible to get the BTC back?