Xhumanity Reaches To New Heights After Enabling Bsc Staking And Farming

With the fast adoption of social media platforms and blockchain technology to promote social products and services, opportunities abound in the crypto ecosystem are certainly unlimited.

In a bid to offer better opportunities to crypto enthusiasts, the team at xHumanity is pleased to announce that new staking and BSC farming are ready and further process can be followed at https://app.xhumanity.org/

Furthermore, BEP20 XDNA deposit is also enabled at BitMart. For BSC farming, you can stake XDNA for up to 266% APY. And for staking, you can stake XDNA up to 149% APY.

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BSC Airdrop

In order to celebrate the new additions, xHumanity is very happy to announce that we are going to do a Giveaway (Airdrop) Event starting from Monday, 3rd May, 2021 with a 5,000 USD reward pool.

xHumanity Vision

xHumanity is born with the hope for a better world. Based on blockchain technology, xHumanity is an application that supports community building and social cross-interaction in both online and offline environments and distribute equity rewards.

The mandate of xHumanity is to revolutionize the present-day social media landscape, by reinventing human values and algorithms to create a better and more transparent social community where each member would be able to vote in the direction of a project.

xHumanity looks to leverage the power of blockchain technology as it is a technology that looks set to have the potential of contributing to the evolution of the Next Generation Internet and a viable tool to achieving high levels of Distributed Trust seamlessly and unobtrusively.

About xHumanity

xHumanity is an innovative blockchain project and a social community where users are empowered to leverage on the gains of social media marketing. Whether you are a new user or you have been on the xHumanity protocol for some time now, the project helps to interact with like-minded individuals, freely air your views, and network with celebrities.

xHumanity directly connects to centralized social networking platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Investors looking for where to earn a decent ROI can farm, lend, and stake their capital to earn xDNA tokens.

More Information at:

Website: https://xhumanity.org/

ETH Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8e57c27761EBBd…b92CeB51a358AbB
BSC Explorer: https://bscscan.com/token/0x80dba9c32b7ab54…5522e24c0ba4c24

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BSAI starts a great BsaiCoin air launch event
06.20 2019 Verified BSAI Team Bsai Blog

Event Airdrop BsaiCoin
Start: 2019/06/21 00:00:00 UTC + 8
End: 2019/07/23 23:59:00 UTC + 8

Win the BsaiCoin prize pool:
The initial group of BSC is 2,000,000 BSC,
Increase + 100 BSC in group for each participant
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Pool winners:
Each winner can claim free BSC (5% * of the final prize pool).
The 20 lucky winners will be selected at random when this event ends.
The result will be published on 2019/07/24. And the BSC award will be sent directly to the winner's ETH address.
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BSC Airdrop Affiliate
Reference program:
We add reference system for this event. If you have joined the prize pool, you can also invite your friends to join him. We reward you +200 Bsaicoin / reference (Once your reference sends the ETH address successfully using your link).
The BSC rewards will be added directly to your bsai balance on 2019/07/24.

Frequently asked questions
How to participate and win prize pot?

The visitor who has only been invited by other people can participate and is allowed to send the ETH address. If you are invited and can not see the pop-up window, try to close your VPN / proxy network. Click here to join

How to obtain my reference link?
1. Click on "My clog"
2. Click on the Image button
Then you will see your reference link and statistics.

1. No Spam or anything unethical in your promotions.
2. False or paid references are not allowed: will be removed and this will be prohibited
3. You can only share Partner Link on FaceBook, Twitter, Telegram, Vkontakte, Youtube, Skype, WeChat and some other famous social networks. All other traffics are prohibited and invalid.