External SD: files on the mounted ext4 SD card are not displayed in the file browser

used to

mount -t ext4 /dev/mmcblk1p1 /storage/emulated/0/mounted_dir
chmod 0777 /storage/emulated/0/mounted_dir

(chmod is to ensure that the folder is visible on the entire phone) to mount my formatted SD card ext4. However, your files are not visible in the file browser, and they are not visible when accessed through ls -l /storage/emulated/0/mounted_dir. However, when I run ls /storage/emulated/0/mounted_dir, the files are displayed.

How do I fix this so that the file explorer application can see the folder?

rest – Calling the SOAP endpoint in the browser using the Angular API libraries / React http?

I want to call SOAP endpoints in the browser using the Angular / React libraries.

It seems that it is possible to do it as shown in the example here. If you have done so, list the problems you have faced. Also, advise if I should take another approach to communicate with SOAP endpoints.

rest: call the SOAP APIs in the browser

I'm just reading about SOAP vs. REST.

I have used REST quite a lot on the client side. For SOAP API communication: I have communicated with third-party APIs using HTTPClient on the server side.

My question is: has anyone done SOAP API communication in the browser? is that possible?

Audio: Edge browser does not detect external speakers / headphones

(Windows 10 / 64bit)

I use Edge (newer) as my usual web browser.

However, when playing multimedia files (YouTube, etc.), Edge only plays the video but not audio when connected to external speakers / headphones (wifi / wired). Play audio on the internal speakers of laptops.

However, Chrome plays audio from multimedia files well through external speakers / headphones.

I tried to verify the Edge settings and I could only find in Edge Settings-Advanced -Media Autoplay that was already configured in "Allow".

Are there any other settings to make external speakers / headphones work on Edge?

browser: What source (s) does Google Chrome use by default?

When designing websites, I realized that Chrome and Firefox have different default fonts, or at least, they look different in some way. Instead of serving fonts to all users, I think what I would like to do is use Chrome's default font and serve it to Firefox users. What font (s) does Google Chrome use by default when websites do not specify a font?

Also, sorry if this question doesn't fit here, I wasn't quite sure if UX includes UI development.

browser – How do I get rid of the SmartSite tab (www.zlnav.com) in my Google Chrome?

Every time I open my Google Chrome browser, a tab SmartSite it opens alone, which has the address www.zlnav.com, which I suspect is a phone / Trojan / adware virus. I have tried the following so far:

  1. Scanning my phone using Malwarebytes.

  2. Checking the phone settings.

  3. Reinstall Google Chrome.

  4. Uninstall all suspicious applications.

However, I could not get rid of this problem.

Prevent Google Chrome from requesting to be my default browser every day

It seems that lately I receive a notice in the notification area of ​​my system almost daily that says "Configure Google Chrome as your default browser". I don't want Google Chrome to be my default browser. How do I prevent it from bothering me?

(If someone from Google is reading this, I consider it abusive. I hope notifications are really important things!)

I've reviewed all the settings in Google Chrome and none of them seems to address this, unless I'm missing something.

To be clear, I do not do it means how stop Chrome is no longer the default if it is already set as the default. It is not my defect.

I would uninstall it completely (if that is possible), but I actually use it sometimes, so I prefer to keep it installed, but I just keep it from bothering me.

The phone is a Galaxy Note 4.

javascript: browser time takes less than 4 milliseconds to run setTimeout () the first few times

While studying Async and Performance of "You Don & # 39; t Know JS" I tried this little code snippet,

For the first time, the browser (I used Chrome) took less than 4 ms to call foo and later it took just over 4 m in the description of the image here.

I wanted to ask you, even though setTimeout () creates a task, why does the first 3-4 times behave like microtask?

kindly help me
Thank you.

browser: are cookie IDs recycled?

Once a browser deactivates or deletes a cookie ID, can the cookie ID be recycled? For example, if user A is tagged with CookieID A that expires in about 30 days, can the same user B be assigned the same CookieID later?

I guess a better question could be & # 39; How is a CookieID generated? & # 39;