Do not invest a lot of money in your broker – Debates and help

Do not invest a lot of money in your broker without judging it properly. It is very necessary to check several things in that broker and then invest your money. At startup a trader does not even have to invest a lot of money. Forex4you broker that I selected when I was a beginner. Because they allow minimum deposits and free learning sessions on your platform. For beginners, they allow different commercial accounts, so it is very easy to choose the right one.

broker is the main part – Discussions and Help

In the Forex market the broker is the main part. That is why we must select them very carefully. When we select the broker, we face many problems because most of them are scammers. To avoid the scammers we have to select the regulated broker. Forex4you is one of the highly regulated brokers. They provide all regulated facilities. And you will never face any problem of re-quotation, slippage or dealing with them, so you can trade comfortably.

See how you will choose the best Forex and CFD broker – Debates and help

Currency trading has now become a common profession throughout the world. When it comes to Forex trading, then you have to choose a Forex broker that meets your expectations.

The regulations, commissions, platforms, minimums and fees of the account are just some of the factors that must be taken into account when choosing a Forex and CFD broker online that you must observe when choosing a broker.

The forex market is the largest financial market in the world, with a turnover of more than 4 billion dollars a day. Despite its enormous size, this market does not have a central exchange that allows operators to carry out their transactions.

Instead, Forex traders must conduct their business activities through an intermediary, the Forex broker. This shows the importance of the broker's role in the negotiation process.
When it comes to choosing a regulated broker, traders literally have thousands of Forex brokers to choose from on the Internet. But the real question is how you can be sure that the broker you have chosen is the right one for your business needs.

To help you in the process of selecting your agent, we have prepared a guide with a list of the key factors that you must take into account when choosing an agent.

The regulations

The first thing to consider when selecting a broker is if it is regulated by a competent regulator (for more information on the regulation of currency brokers and CFDs).

When doing business with a regulated dealer, you can be sure that they have complied with the operating standards established by the regulator. Some of these standard regulatory requirements include adequate capitalization and separate accounts to protect client funds.

In addition, the regulation provides protection for the fund in case of insolvency of the company and guarantees that the broker meets rigorous standards as a financial services provider.

Countries with financial regulatory agencies backed by strict enforcement include:

  • Australia (ASIC)
  • Eurozone (Mifid and local regulators)
  • India (SEBI)
  • Japan (FSA and JSDA)
  • Switzerland (FINMA)
  • United Kingdom (FCA)
  • USA (CFTC and SEC)

Negotiation platform and software.

Because the trading platform is your gateway to the market, you must ensure that the trading platform you use is reliable. Most brokers will offer merchants a selection of commercial platforms to choose from.

Most of the time, commercial platforms are provided by external suppliers of commercial solutions, such as MetaQuotes software. Some brokers have also started to develop their own trading platforms to try to differentiate themselves from other brokers in the industry.
Often, these proprietary platforms are the best commercial platforms because they are designed specifically by the broker's clientele.

But nevertheless, a good runner Must be able to provide a good selection of platforms. In fact, some merchants prefer to make transactions from the desktop and others prefer to make transactions from their smartphone.


It should be noted that the most common trading platform you will find among the different brokers in the sector is the MetaTrader 4 platform. It is estimated that at least 85% of the brokers in the sector use the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is very likely to be a of the platforms you will use.

Additional characteristics

Examine the features offered by trading platforms. They come with:

  • The complete cartography package.
  • Wide range of technical indicators.
  • Trading with a single click on the trading platform.
  • Risk management tools such as stop loss order and stop leak.

While all of these elements may seem innocuous at first, they will later play a crucial role in enabling you to experience a transparent and productive trading experience.

But when it comes to choosing a platform, it's really a matter of personal choice. Most of these platforms will have the same basic functionality.
The best way to find the platform that suits you is to test them with the demo account provided by the agent. For brokers who do not provide a demo account, they can not be newsworthy.

Commissions and spreads.

This market, unlike other traditional financial markets, operates mainly in spreads instead of commissions. This is the reason why most brokers announce that their services are without commission.

So, how do runners earn money?

They simply earn by charging the merchants. The differential is the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. For example, if the Bid & Ask price of the EUR / USD currency pair is 1.0875 / 1.0878, it means that the spread is 3 pips.

As a Forex trader, you will find 3 types of negotiation cost structures charged by a broker:

Fixed spread when the margin does not change and you know the margin amount before the negotiation.

Floating propagation This differential is variable and varies constantly according to market volatility.

Fees of the Commission – These are calculated as a percentage of the corridor margin. You must consider the amount to be paid before negotiating.

As a general rule, for marketers seeking transaction costs with certainty, fixed margins will be favored. Traders looking to pay a smaller margin would prefer floating margins. In the end, the best option will depend on your specific business needs.

The type of propagation you will receive will depend to a large extent on the type of business model in which the agent operates.

The business model of the broker.

During your search for a broker, you will find terms like "STP", "ECN", "NDD" and "Market Maker". All of these terms are actually used to describe the business model used by the broker. So, what does everyone want to say?

There are two main types of brokers: the trading desk and the office that does not transact.

Negócios Escritório

Forex traders or Market Makers process the commercial instructions of their clients through a negotiation table within their company. A transaction broker takes the other side of the transaction, which means that when you open a position as EUR / USD, the transaction will be executed by the broker and then you will be exposed to this transaction.

No negotiation desk

A non-commercial distributor (NDD) transfers the transaction directly to a third party. There are two types of NDD intermediaries (ECN and STP). Both are essentially the link between you, the merchant and the market maker or the reseller.


With the first type (ECN) by pressing "Buy" on your trading platform, your trading orders will be processed in the computerized trading system of the broker and will be transmitted through the Electronic Communications Network (ECN) without a negotiation table . the commercial term "non-commercial office" (NDD) comes from).


With the second type of NDD agent, upon receiving your transaction orders, you will send them directly to another party for execution by the market manufacturer's trading desk. In this case, the agent is called a direct processing agent (STP).

Currency brokers ECN and STP are intermediaries of several commercial offices or market managers in the global currency market. Market makers or traders will transmit their prices to the ECN or to a third party liquidity provider with the volume for which the quote is valid.


The ECN / STP, in turn, will distribute the prices to the operators / market managers linked to the system. It should be noted that the ECN / STP does not execute transactions, but serves as a channel for the transmission of commercial orders from merchants to the negotiating table where they took the price.

Because it is important?

The broker's business model is important because it will affect the type of propagation it will receive and whether the spread will be fixed or variable.

Forex broker for beginners

For beginner traders, look for brokers with the following qualities:

Comprehensive educational resources on trade: many brokers provide a variety of educational materials to help operators master their skills. These usually include webinars, videos, courses, guides and articles.

Unlimited access to the demo account for professional traders: most, if not all, forex brokers provide demonstration trade accounts to their clients. This is especially useful if you are new to the world of Forex trading or if you want to test a broker's platform before actually operating.

Easy-to-use trading platform – There are a variety of commercial platforms in the market, some more complex than others. As a novice operator, you do not need a complex platform with features like EA and complex trading strategies. This comes later, but now you should look for a quick and easy to grab platform.

Forex Broker for Professionals

For professional traders, their business needs differ considerably from those of a novice operator. In general, professional traders prefer brokers who can provide them:

Comprehensive trade tools – As a professional operator, you will now need several tools, including a commission calculator, an economic calendar and, of course, complex real-time charts to implement business strategies.

Strong leverage – not for sensitive souls, professionals will seek to use this leverage to multiply their capital. Leverage increases the risk and also increases the reward.

Low differential – If you trade a lot, you want to make sure that your spreads do not affect your capital. It is important to verify the differentials to pay before choosing a broker. In general, the higher the type of account you use, the lower your spreads will be.

Forex broker for day trading

Generally, for a day trader, most brokers will be able to meet their business needs. However, given the shorter period with day traders, it is preferable that the broker can provide a range of different instruments for the day trader to look for business opportunities.

These can include a signaling service, tools such as an economic calendar, update of market news and reports of results. As you are likely to make more short-term trades, make sure you know the spreads before trading.

Forex Broker for Scalping

The scalpers are traders who occupy their positions in the market for an extremely short period of time. Although they only have one position in the market for a short period of time, the frequency of their transactions is greater than that of the average operator.

Their objective is only to obtain a small profit in all the operations they carry out, spread over a large number of operations. Keep in mind that not all brokers allow scalping. As such, if you intend to trade as a reseller, you should always consult with the broker who intends to register if you allow barking.

Account types

Most foreign exchange brokers in the sector offer traders a selection of commercial accounts to adapt to different categories of traders.

Micro Account – The smallest trading account type is the Micro trading account, where a transaction lot equals 1,000 units of the negotiated instrument.

Mini account – The next type of business account in the hierarchy is the Mini account, where one lot represents 10,000 units.

Standard Account – The standard account is much equal to 100,000 units.

With Micro and Mini accounts, only a minimum low initial investment is required so you can start trading. With the standard account, although the minimum investment may vary from one broker to another, you will generally need more commercial capital.

Given the different minimum investments for each type of trading account, you must select the trading account corresponding to your investment capital.

Customer service

Most novice traders tend to forget to consider customer service when they choose the agent they will sign up with. They may not realize the importance of customer service in their overall business experience.

With customer service, it's not about whether you'll ever need your help, but about when you'll need your help. Because it does not matter the experience or knowledge of a merchant, it will always be necessary to appeal to customer service.

At this point, you want to be able to communicate with the support team without any difficulty. Therefore, it is important to verify if the agent you wish to register with can provide you with reliable customer service.

Check if there are several ways to contact customer service. Most brokers will provide their customers in several ways, such as email, live chat and telephone, so that their customers can communicate with customer service.


In short, you do not want to be in a position where you have to spend countless nights worrying about what your agent will do with your problem.

Value added services

In a sector as competitive as online commerce, some brokers will try to differentiate themselves from other brokers by offering additional value-added services, such as free market analysis, news and trading signals.

Most of these value-added services are provided for free, but some brokers may require you to deposit a minimum amount before you can access these services.

Questions to ask the broker

How can I choose a broker?

We are here to help with that! Take a look at our list above and choose the most appropriate agent for you.

Should I choose a regulated broker?

Yes, you should try to choose a regulated broker with whom to work. This guarantees the appeal in case of litigation or insolvency of your broker. Remember that when using a regulated broker, you will also have access to an investor compensation fund, which guarantees your deposit up to a certain amount.

What should I look for when selecting a broker?

You should consider the range of platforms that are offered and even, ideally, test the platform you want to use. Take a look at the additional resources offered by this agent, for example.

Signaling service, educational tools, business copy. Finally, do not forget to check the spreads and types of accounts before depositing a deposit.


As mentioned above, many factors must be taken into account when choosing your agent. However, with the help of this guide that we provide, you should be able to see which agent best suits your needs.

To further facilitate your search, we also conduct comprehensive reviews and verify each broker in our list of recommendations to ensure that it meets the required standards.

Once you have found the right broker to work with, you can concentrate more on your business activities and operate with greater confidence, increasing your chances of success in the market.


Broker Advice

If you want to lead a comfortable and secure business life, you must choose a credible broker that guarantees your clients' funds. That is why, since my first day of trading, I have been using LQDFX, which is the real trading platform for STP Execution and, forever, guarantees the security of funds with a wide range of trading technologies. And they do not restrict any type of negotiation techniques with scalping and coverage. Therefore, my commercial life is very comfortable.

Which broker

Based on our commercial experience, we selected our commercial strategy. Actually, a credible trade agent does not restrict any kind of trade strategies with scalping and coverage, we should choose this type of agents.

Step by step how to choose a Forex Broker. – Discussions and Help

Forex Trading Now it has become a common profession for many people around the world and forex brokers play a very important role in online forex trading. Many operations do not know how to choose the best broker for them.

So, today I am going to discuss some amazing ways step by step. Then, before choosing, any broker, just read the guide.

Therefore, without losing time, we go directly to the points.

Step 1: Consider your trading style

Your favorite trading style or the strategy can help you determine the best runner for you. What usually distinguishes your different negotiation styles is the time a position takes, the frequency of negotiation and the way in which inputs and outputs are taken into account.

This is SIMPLE and it works.

Commercial styles also tend to fall into two broad categories: intraday negotiation or position negotiation. If you are a long-term trader and operate infrequently, you can select a broker with a wide range of assets and excellent information and educational offers.

You may not need to choose one with the most tight trading spreads, since you do not make transactions as often.

In addition, traders who are very active in the short term are much more sensitive to the management of spread widths. In addition, if you plan to use stop loss orders frequently, skid orders can make a significant difference in your final balance as an active trader.

Choose a broker with guaranteed orders to avoid this problem.

Another factor of the negotiation style could involve the election of a broker with negative balance protection. If you intend to put your account at risk, avoid situations in which a negative balance could indebt you if a commercial position moves you away.

Therefore, you must be careful about it.

The most common business styles are listed below:


This style of active negotiation in the very short term implies a rapid entry and exit from the market to obtain small benefits. Scalpers need brokers that offer the most tight trading spreads possible.

Day of change

This intraday style involves closing all positions at the end of your trading day. While this style can encompass a wide variety of strategies and business plans, it avoids the additional risk of holding positions overnight.

Most active day traders benefit from a broker with adjusted trading margins.

Swing Trading

The objective of this impulse trading style is to buy cheap and sell expensive, whether you need to stay overnight or close during the night.

Alternative traders often use technical indicators such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to indicate when exchange rates are oversold or overbought and can move in the opposite direction.

They can also use support levels to buy in advance and resistance levels to sell in advance. Because they tend to trade less frequently, alternative traders do not need their broker's narrower trading spreads, but they must be able to hold positions overnight.

News commerce

This set of fundamentally based trading strategies usually involves taking advantage of the volatility that press releases can create in the forex market. Most commercial information positions are taken intraday immediately before and after press release events.

Since sliding orders can be a problem at those times, a broker that guarantees order levels can be advantageous to traders. You will benefit from a broker who will provide a flow of financial information of the highest quality, which will allow you to receive the latest news as quickly as possible.

Trend Trading

You can take advantage of the extended directional movements in the currency markets and generate impressive returns with trend trading.

Trend traders use quotes to protect their accumulated earnings. Trading spreads are rarely a problem for this type of trader because they rarely leave the market.

Carry Trading

This style of long-term trading involves capturing interest rate differences between two currencies by choosing a short-term high-yield currency for a lower-yielding currency.

They also like to receive foreign exchange earnings. This style of negotiation is not very sensitive to bid / offer differentials, but it requires an attractive display or an exchange price.

Step 2: Make a list of the features you need

A quick overview of the services provided by any subset of companies that offer online brokerage services will convince you that they will not all forex brokers They are comparable or regulated.

Therefore, make sure that all brokers with whom you decide to create a partnership provide a secure place for your security deposit and offer the specific services you need for your preferred trading style.

Type of broker, commissions and differentials.

Market-creating brokers tend to have wider spreads and no commission, while brokers that offer access to the electronic communications network (ECN) tend to have very tight spreads and charge a commission.

Regulatory supervision

To ensure the security of your deposit and the fact that an agent treats you fairly, you must be supervised by an important regulator. Exchange operators based in the United States should be regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Website and customer services

Make sure that the broker's site is available in the language of your choice and that your customer service offers the kind of support you need.

Most brokers provide access to support staff by phone, live chat and email.

Market analysis and learning materials

If you are a new trader, it can be very useful to get good quality teaching material from the broker.

Many operators, regardless of their skill level, will also appreciate a high quality market analysis that will give them new ideas.

Online trading platform

Be sure to check a broker's software to see if you can use it easily and that it meets all your requirements. You can search the popular MetaTrader 4 or 5 platforms of the SGT markets.

Step 3: think about your budget

An important practical aspect of Forex trading and choosing a broker is to take your budget into account.

For example, check if the trading margins, fees and commissions (if applicable) charged by a broker are appropriate for your preferred trading style. The most active traders will want to choose brokers with lower transaction costs that can accumulate over time and have a negative impact on their results.

Also, make sure you have sufficient funds to meet the minimum margin requirement of the broker you would most like to do business or plan to choose. Ask each broker which is your minimum deposit to budget this amount or choose another broker.

Some brokers will allow you to open startup accounts with a minimum of money originally deposited, sometimes with only $ 25. Some brokers may need up to $ 10,000 to deposit, so you can use it as a margin to secure the transactions you choose to make.

Step 4: Choose your broker

Once you have selected the best Forex broker For your particular needs, visit the official website of this agent and complete an online form to get started. All brokers can verify your identity and location before opening an account and accept your initial margin deposit.

The completion of this step may take a few days before you can start operating live. Meanwhile, open a demo account, then download and start practicing using the broker's trading platform if you still do not know how to exploit it. You will also want the broker's mobile application installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Last thoughts

Choosing an online Forex broker for trading currency pairs is relatively easy today, due to the many options currently available, although merchants based in the United States have a smaller option because of the protections. local regulations. Once you have chosen a reputable broker, contact him directly to open an account.

So, was it useful? And if you have any topic in mind that you want Forex or Cryptocurrency related to cover, let me know.

When choosing a broker

In currency trading, the choice of a broker should be in the cold mind. Please, do not choose a broker in an emotional state because most brokers are scams. And despite good commercial knowledge, it is not possible to achieve the record of profits without reliable support from a reliable agent.

Transparency currency broker and cryptocurrency – News and analysis

Both financial simplicity and regulation are of fundamental importance for how pleasant you should feel with your broker. This is precisely what I feel when operating with my TenkoFX agent. As unpredictability has taken over advertising in the currency market, we have seen decapitalized brokers closing their doors with small warnings. In the remote possibility that you can understand the monetary situation of your broker, you can understand no matter if you have the ability to acclimate to future storms and instability and in the FX.

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