[ Belo Horizonte ] Open question: Have you ever vomited from eating too much?

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and almost did it, but I kept it down. .

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Live broadcast of Brazil vs Peru, watch the Copa América final in 4k

Brazil vs Peru
Brazil vs Peru
Brazil vs Peru
Brazil vs Peru
Brazil vs Peru live
Brazil vs Peru …

Live broadcast of Brazil vs Peru, watch the Copa América final in 4k

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[ History ] Open question: Did Hitler marry a woman in Brazil when he escaped to South America?

I heard that somewhere.

The Time Zone Server Time & # 39; Official Time of Brazil & # 39; It is unrecognized

Goodnight everyone.
After using the Spring Initializr to create a project the previous error started to happen.

The problem was in the creation of the MySql database that now has to have the following instruction:

spring.datasource.url = jdbc: mysql: // localhost: 3306 / sitiusbd

Instruction to include:
useTimezone = true and serverTimezone = UTC

Complete Instruction:
(in the case that it is not in the operating system).

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Problem with the residential electric system in Brazil

A 127-volt electrical receptacle in my kitchen in Brazil seems to have a problem. It could be a coincidence, but after moving the fridge to clean behind it (never bent) and plugging it back in, a relay with a burning smell almost immediately appeared. The refrigerator was repaired, but before plugging it in again, I checked the voltage and amperage in the receptacle using an old fan that could be lost if the receptacle was defective.
The voltage looks perfect: 127 volts with heat (black) to neutral (blue); 127 volts with hot ground (green) and 0 volts neutral to ground.
The reading of the amperage seems to suggest a problem. 3.7 amps in the hot wire and 5.3 amps in the neutral.
I understand that the neutral should be 0 amps no matter what you are reading.
What am I missing?
Thank you,

How is the admob paid in Brazil?

My question is this, I registered in admob, and I'm almost sure that I put the currency for the payment in Reales BRL, but I went to take a look at my admob configuration page, and there it says that the currency of payment is I did not understand, why choose the currency for payment at the time of registering then? Someone could explain me.

I am asking if that is normal, if the currency of payment is always a dollar even for those who place real as a payment currency at the time of registration, because if it is not, then I can get in touch with the support of google.

As many here know about adMob, and they should have an account there, I think it's an easy question to answer, just "yes, it's that same, or," no, it has something wrong "

The best connection to Brazil

I am in doubt between Miami's "reliablesite and hivelocity" for the connection to Brazil, regarding the uptime and quality that someone has experience with … | Read the rest of http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1751435&goto=newpost