javascript – Foreach only works if the matrix is ​​inside brackets

Something very strange is happening, I'm using foreach to add values ​​directly by the ID, only the odd one and that the function only works if the matrix is ​​inside a bracket.

var elements1 = document.getElementsByClassName ("rating1");
var array1 = ["9.0", "9.5", "7.1"];

(var i = 0, i <elements1.length, i ++) {
elements1[i].innerHTML = array1[i];

var elements2 = document.getElementsByClassName ("rating2");
var array2 = ("9.0", "9.5", "7.1");
(var i = 0; i <elements2.length; i ++) {}
elements2[i].innerHTML = array2[i];

Here it works perfectly

It does not work here

This is just an example of what is happening.

The problem and the next, I'm using the imdb plugin to capture the rating of the movies.

When I make the request the system returns the data, I think it is in JSON, all the qualifications that have been requested come together within a value called "rating".

and in the case that it is not in the system,

var array1 = rating;

Only instead of working as in the first example, for some reason the second example remains the same.

fonts – Problem showing the brackets and the Greek alphabet

In Ubuntu, I have the problem that Mathematica 11 does not correctly display the brackets and Greek letters.

I have already installed the fonts-Mathematica package. I attached a screenshot. This affects both the parentheses entered by me and the output of Mathematica. It would be great if someone could help me here 🙂
enter the description of the image here

How to get rid of the brackets that appear in non-commutative multiplication?

I'm getting output as


How to get rid of the brackets that appear in the output?

I want my exit as -T1T2T3T4T5