keyboard shortcuts – Disable “Press `/` to jump to the search box” in Google

Recently I’ve been getting the message on the bottom left on Google whenever I press Ctrl + L to put focus the omnibar (“Press / to jump to the search box”).

message "Press / to jump to the search box" on Google

While the animation only slightly annoys me, I would like to turn off this message if easily possible.

Apart from using an adblocker to remove it, is there a setting to do this?

lighting – How do I create a more natural look for watch photography using a Light Box?

You’ve done a great job for being ‘fairly new’. I agree with Steven in the things he said, so experiment with those.

Edit: Your focus, depth-of-field choice, composition and exposure are spot-on.

Here’s what I can see that really stops the shot from being where you want it:

  • There’s a green cast. This is probably from the type of lights that come with the kits. If your camera has the ability to white-balance, use a white card and color balance before shooting instead of relying on auto-balance. This also causes your blacks to shift, which adds to the next point.
  • The contrast is too thin for a product close-up.
  • There is lint/dirt/fibers/spots in the background. Although they are individually very small, the brain picks up all these things and it feels ‘like something’s off’.

Also be aware that the blue in the example shots provides natural contrast to the brushed silver watch, which is helping that photo ‘pop’.

Here’s your shot after some correction in photoshop:

enter image description here

What was done here was color-balance correction, black-level correction, some ‘de-hazing’, and a slight increase to the highlights. All these adjustments were fairly minimal, except the black-bump, which was a good bit.

The background was cleaned up with a spot-healing brush. Because you mentioned that you wanted to preserve some imperfections, I only healed/cleaned up the background and left the watch untouched.

As far as the reflections in the watch face, its tough. Use a polarizing filter to cut the surface reflections down. You will want to play around with it a little if you want to preserve some of the light reflections on the face. Also, try moving the lights at different angles to each other, and if possible, different power levels.

Modern PnP Search Box Refreshes Search Results Page 2-4 times

I have a PnP Modern v4 Search Bar on the homepage. I’m using the Method = Query string parameter and Parameter name = q (and tried k).

When I search, it redirects to my custom search page with Modern Search Results web part. The results are filtered based on my search query from before.

The problem is it loads the page initially and then reloads the page 2-4 more times. If use the Search Box on the custom search page and do a search, it doesn’t reload the page like from the homepage. Seems like the only difference I see is that from the homepage, I send to a custom page whereas from the custom search page, I stay on the page.

Error when loading a kali linux image into Virtual Box

When starting the virtual loaded with kali linux then I get the below dialog box
enter image description here

When I go into Settings to investigate the error a warning message says to disable hardware virtulisation as below
enter image description here

What should I try next ?
Are these errors related to one another ?

permission – Impossible to downgrade admin user — “Allow user to administer this computer” box greyed out

I am trying to remove the admin right from my personal user account. To do so I created another admin account, but the checkbox in System Preferences > Users & Groups remained greyed out. Then I tried from the root account (screenshot below), to no avail. I also tried to use the command line with this command,

sudo dseditgroup -o edit -d RemiLePriol -t user admin 

but it did not work either. I do not know what else to try. Any idea ?
users and groups menu

photoshop – Creating a more natural look for watch photography using a Light Box!

A light box/tent provides extremely flat lighting; that’s the opposite of what you want for showing scratches/textures. I don’t know of anyone who does high level product photography that uses one…

But to start, use just one light off to the side at more of an angle to show the textures (up to 90*). And place it right against the fabric in order to make it smaller/harder. That’s about the best you will do with the tent setup for showing texture… then combine it with these setups/results (i.e. add other lights).

For highly reflective subjects I find it is easier to think of creating the environment the object will reflect rather than lighting per se. I.e. if you want an area lighter, place something lighter colored there (lighting); and if you want it darker, place something darker there (negative lighting).

As far as the frontal image and lens reflection… you did well creating the white mask. The next thing to do is the make the reflection much smaller by using a longer lens from much farther away. Then the reflection may be small enough to easily edit out, or you may have to intentionally place the reflection slightly off to opposite sides in two image to combine in post.

When should a search box be added to dropdown lists?

At what point does it make sense to add a search box to a dropdown list, and does the styling of the list affect that decision?

For example: Is 15 elements is a good number when each element has a height of 50px?

product identification – What’s this roleplaying game that came with a video and a box?

I seem to recall an introductory D&D box from the mid 1990’s that had a video.

There were several D&D boxes with audio CD’s; One was a starter set, called “First Quest” (The others were supplements.)

The Dragon Strike game was released by TSR, has a hybrid play mode (That is, it’s a board game but uses a GM, and can be used as an RPG; to the non-RPGer, it can be easily mistaken for an RPG. THis is the most likely one to be so confused. It has a “Learn to Play” VHS cassette.

The DragonRaid RPG also has an audio CD to assist new players. There was, at one point, discussion of a VHS cassette showing as well as telling, but I don’t know if it got off the ground. (And while not a bad game, it’s definitely very focused on a Christian allegory mode similar to Narnia, but more obvious about it. (My copy predated the CD version, and had audio cassette.)

Il gioco di ruolo di Ken il Guerriero was sold bundled with the VHS of Fist of the Northstar in Italy; the Game doesn’t use the video, but is based upon the video.

WHMCS Alternatives – Low End Box

As you may have read yesterday, WHMCS has ended support for owned licenses.  For a lot of shops, this is a significant financial hit, given that the cost of moving to a monthly subscription is significantly greater than the cost of paying annual support.  Additionally, WHMCS announced a price increase as well.

So will providers now migrate en masse to alternate software?  Probably not immediately.  Customer management software is the heart of most enterprises, and there are often integrations, automations, and business processes deeply tied to how the software works, which makes moving to a different platform painful.

However, if you’ve decided that WHMCS’s cost is too high for you or if you are looking a new “green field” startup where there is not a lot of legacy work tying you to WHMCS, here’s a brief rundown of alternates for you to take a look at.  For comparison, WHMCS pricing is $18.95/mo ($227.40/year) for up to 250 clients, $29.95/mo ($359.40/year) for up to 500 clients, and $44.95/mo ($449.50/year) and up once you go past that, topping out at a staggering $1299.95/mo ($15,499.40/year) if you go unlimited.

Blesta is billing software with a long list of features.  It’s not as feature-rich as WHMCS but is certainly more affordable, with a $250 one-time owned, branded option ($39/year renewal) or a one-time $750 perpetual support option.  It’s also as cheap as $12.95/mo on a month-to-month basis.

BillingServ was developed by LowEndTalk’s very own @Jord (spoiler alert: an interview is in the works!).  It’s cloud-hosted, so there’s no upgrades for you to manage or server to maintain.  On the other hand, you have security, availability, and confidentiality considerations.  BillingServ is priced at £12/£18/£28 per month for 250/1000/unlimited clients with no branding.  You can also get started with a basic £50/year option that is branded for up to 50 clients.

Clientexec has been around a very long time and starts at $11.95/mo, which includes unlimited clients.  For $3/mo more you can remove branding.  They also have a lifetime single-payment option and a SaaS model.

BillingFox is a new entrant (and one recently discussed on LowEndTalk).  Their pricing starts at only $2.99/month for up to 250 customers, and tops out at $10/mo for unlimited customers, with a one-time payment option available as well. Some comments on LET indicated that it still looks a little rough but it’s certainly the cheapest alternative on the list.

Finally, there’s HostBill and Ubersmith, though these are substantially more expensive than WHMCS.

There are some excellent threads on LowEndTalk to read more on this topic:




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reactjs – Sharing React Native Component as a “black box”

Looking for a way to share a react native component with 3rd parties without having to share the actual source code.

Something like a .jar in java or a .dll for C#.

Is this possible?

Ideally i want others to be able to

import CustomComponent from '...myCustomComponent';

but not being able to look in the actual code.

Any thoughts are welcome.