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If you have Hashrate in your investment recovery group, whoever registers with your referral link will instantly get 1TH / s of free hashrate for 10 days of extraction, but you must pay an electricity fee to verify the hashrate. After they pay the electricity fee to verify, you get the same amount of free hashrate recovery days for mining.
For example, Alice has 20TH / s in her investment recovery group, which means that 20 people can get free hashrate after registering using their referral link. Bob signs up with his link, he can get 1TH / s for 10 days of extraction instantly, but he has to pay an electricity fee, which is $ 0.2 per TH / s per day, to extract his hashrate. Once she paid the 10-day electricity fee, Alice will instantly get a 1TH / s hashrate return for 10 days of mining.
What are the results of mining? Mining production is determined by the bitcoin network and is always changing, the estimated income of 1TH / s per day is 0.00002790 BTC ($ 0.3) when the article is written, you can see a real-time estimate at, which It is our mining group partner. Then, Alice and Bob get more than 30% of their investment earnings.
How to increase your investment recovery group? It's easy, follow the steps:

  1. Tweet about why investing in bitcoin mining in VeryHash is a better option than other platforms and make sure to @veryhash.
  2. If your tweet is genuine and original, and you do a good job explaining VeryHash cloud mining, your tweet will get a like from our official account.
  3. Once you receive the similar message, send an email to your veryhash account, we will reward 50TH / s in your recovery group.

The fast route to fortune is to collect as many bitcoins as you can before splitting in half, so get on VeryHash bitcoin express and enjoy the trip!

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to register and get 1T of free hash rate for 10 days.

Hashbitmining – Bouns -150 Gh / s / Min Invest – 0.0015 Btc / Min Withdrawal – 0.0003 / Instant payment / Day 0

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HashBitMiningBonus -150 GH / S / Min invest – 0.0015 BTC / Min Withdrawal – 0.0003 / Instant payments / Day 0

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