reinforcement learning – Game stats for A.I. Bot

So I am trying to create an A.I. Bot for Brawlhalla using Reinforcement Learning and honestly I have no idea where to start. The first thing to do is to try and extract the game state or important game data, such as health, player position, etc. My question is the following: Is there any solution to extract the information from the memory instead of capturing and processing the screen?

I can surely use computer vision to extract what I need but It will take so much time, and the processing won’t be in real-time.

javascript – How do I make a Discord bot react to the last message of someone I tagged?

I’m trying to make a js Discord bot that will custom react to the last message of the person I had mentioned within a server. I’ve only tried my hand at javascript for the past day, so I apologize for the noobness. I tried looking for similar solutions and applying logic to no avail. This is the idea

> User1: I just ran a marathon!
> User2: !goodjob @User1
> (Bot reacts to 'I just ran a marathon' with multiple reactions like :happy: :1thumbsup: and/or a custom react)

Here is what I have so far, however this only makes the bot react to the person who initiated the command (without the 3 lines that start with # that I put now in the example)

if (cmdName === 'goodjob') {
  let mention = message.mentions.users.first();
  #function getUserFromMention(mention){
  #const matches = mention.match(/^<@!?(d+)>$/);
  #const id = matches(1);

I am not very skilled so I probably messed up the logic somewhere. If the solution was elsewhere I’m sorry! Any and all guidance is appreciated!

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performance – Reddit bot in Python

I have created a Reddit bot that goes through an “x” amount of posts. For each post it pulls all the comments from that post into a list then a data frame and then it loops over a CSV look for words that match a ticker in CSV file and then finally it spits out a sorted data frame.

is there anything I could improve / more object-oriented code?

autho_dict structure

autho = {
'app_id': '',
'secret': '',
'username': '',
'password': '',
'user_agent': ""

The rest of the code.

from vaderSentiment.vaderSentiment import SentimentIntensityAnalyzer
import re
import os
import praw
import pandas as pd
import datetime as dt

class WallStreetBetsSentiment:
    def __init__(self, autho_dict, posts):
        self.__authentication = autho_dict
        self.__posts = posts
        self.__comment_list = ()
        self.__title_list = ()
        self.__ticker_list = pd.read_csv(
            os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))) + "\dependencies\ticker_list.csv")
        self.__sia = SentimentIntensityAnalyzer()

    # creates instance of reddit using authenticaton from app.WSBAuthentication
    def __connect(self):
        return praw.Reddit(

    # fetches data from a specified subreddit using a filter method e.g. recent, hot
    def __fetch_data(self):
        sub = self.__connect.subreddit("wallstreetbets")  # select subreddit
        new_wsb =  # sorts by new and pulls the last 1000 posts of r/wsb
        return new_wsb

    # saves the comments of posts to a dataframe
    def __break_up_data(self):
        for submission in self.__fetch_data:
            self.__title_list.append(submission.title)  # creates list of post subjects, elements strings

            for comment in submission.comments.list():
                dictionary_data = {comment.body}
        return pd.DataFrame(self.__comment_list, columns=('Comments'))

    # saves all comments to a csv document saved in 'logs'
    def debug(self):
        save_file = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))) + "\logs"
        return self.__break_up_data.to_excel(save_file + "\log-{}.xlsx".format(
  "T%H.%M.%S_D%Y-%m-%d")), sheet_name='Debug-Log')

    # loops though comments to find tickers in self.ticker_list
    def parser(self, enable_debug=bool):
        ticker_list = list(self.__ticker_list('Symbol').unique())
        # titlelist = list(df2('Titles').unique())
        comment_list = list(self.__break_up_data('Comments').unique())
        ticker_count_list = ()

        for ticker in ticker_list:
            count = ()
            sentiment = 0
            for comment in comment_list:
                # count = count + re.findall((r's{}s').format(ticker), str(comment))
                count = count + re.findall((' ' + ticker + ' '), str(comment))

                if len(count) > 0:
                    score = self.__sia.polarity_scores(comment)
                    sentiment = score('compound')  # adding all the compound sentiments
            if len(count) > 0:
                ticker_count_list.append((ticker, len(count), (sentiment / len(count))))

        if enable_debug is True:

        # ISSUE: the re.findall function would return match on AIN if someone says PAIN
        df4 = pd.DataFrame(ticker_count_list, columns=('Ticker', 'Count', 'Sentiment'))
        df4 = df4.sort_values(by='Count', ascending=False)
        return df4

python – making a discord bot print coloured text using the css code format

Hi i have a simple bot that takes a command:

@bot.command(name='repeat', help='help me to understand bots')
async def test(ctx, *lines):
    for line in lines:
        coloured_lines.append("```css n"+ line + "```")
    await asyncio.gather(*(ctx.send(line) for line in coloured_lines))

You write to it a command like $repeat “green text is cool”, and you should get an output like:

enter image description here

instead you get enter image description here. My intuition is that this is because something is happening with the ` character – although i am not sure what, or how to fix it.

seo – Google bot is trying to get crawl a URL of another website on the same machine

I am running multiple websites on a Linode VPS server. I use webmin/virtualmin to manage the websites.
Today when I look at Site A’s apache access log, I found that there is a record showing Google bot is trying to crawl a URL that doesn’t exist in Site A, however the URL looks very familiar and later I found out that this URL actually belong to another website that is running on the same machine under same IP address.

Why is this happening? And does this mean there is some misconfiguration on my server?

googlebot – If I hide some scripts from Google bot, will it be considered as cloaking?

I have a website built with Gatsby.js. After building it, I receive a lot of static HTML files, with React app bound to them. All content is in HTML already, JS is needed for some fancy transitions, forms and analytics. What I want to do, is loading only some (or maybe even none) of the scripts when Google bot requests the page.

As I read here, you are fine as long as you’re producing similar content for Google bot and for real users (and HTML content is exactly the same for both in my case).

But it is also said (sorry, cannot find the link where I saw this) that your tactic may be considered shady if you have any sort of conditions like if (userAgent === "googlebot") then ... else ... in your code (and this is actually my intent).

So my question is, will Google ban me for this or not?

decision tree – Rummy Card Game Bot

in my beginner’s computer science class, we are asked to create an bot for a variant of rummy. It has to make logical moves as it needs to beat other very simple bots. I wanted to know how you would go about coding such program. From what I’ve seen in a few Google searches, people seem to rely heavily on decision trees, but I feel like there must be a more efficient ways of dealing with this kind of problem (without completely ditching the trees). I’m not looking for any code, I’d just like to learn how to address this kind of problem.

Thank you

How to best store the password for Keepass for a python bot that runs in Windows?

I have a python bot that runs in Windows 10 and accesses Keepass with a password.
I’m wondering what would be the correct way to store and access this Keepass password.
Currently## Heading ##the Keepass password is encrypted and decrypted with a key.
However the key is available to the python bot and therefore to anyone.

Am I missing something?

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