Would World War II have happened if Hitler had never been born?

Since, of course, we have no access to the alternative universe where Hitler was never born or, for example, became extinct during World War I, we cannot say anything for certain.

But, in his absence, it is difficult to imagine that another leader of his party is able to gather the sustained rhetorical charism that was the key to his electoral successes, which then placed him within reach of the government over Germany, and then held him in WW2

Now, was public opinion in Germany in the 1920s very, very unhappy with the limits imposed by the Treaty of Versailles? A lot, yes. But, there was no other top leader who had the charisma of taking that unhappiness to the highest position.

Then, we have to go beyond that, since World War II was not just about what Germany wanted. Italy was starting wars of conquest as early as 1935, and Japan as early as 1931. But, it is fair to say that without a powerful Germany, those other two aggressors could be arrested in much less time and with much less cost than it is. He ended up really drinking.

history – What kind of photography would describe a woman born in the late nineteenth century as deployed in the sun in glass frames?

Most of the cameras of that time were not loaded with film but with a coated glass plate. The coat, called emulsion, had little sensitivity to light, so most of the images were taken outdoors.

Once the picture was taken, the glass plate was removed from the camera. The next step was to take the glass plate now exposed to a dark room and mix it with chemicals that caused the plate to become a negative image. This was a negative image, what is white in the subject is black in the negative and what is black in the subject is transparent glass. In other words, this negative black and white image is useless as an image until it is printed on paper.

The negative glass plate, in the dark room, was placed on a piece of white paper. A wooden frame with a glass window cover kept the negative and the paper pressed together. This device was brought to sunlight. The negative protected some areas of the paper from light. Other negative areas were less opaque and sunlight could play in the role. After approximately 5 or 8 minutes a "solar impression" was observed. In other words, sunlight obscured some areas of the paper and some areas remained white or several shades of gray.

In any case, this solar impression is a positive image; It resembles black and white images commonly produced today. Once the solar impression was made, the paper was removed from the frame and chemically treated to make the image permanent. Such printing methods lasted until the late 1950s.

[ Politics ] Open question: Would you marry a woman who was born a man?

[Politics] Open question: Would you marry a woman who was born a man?

dnd 5e – Can a changeling be born from a father Tiefling?

I am considering that my next character will be a change with a typhoid father. Since the child has a 50/50 chance of being any when born of a human. Can a changeling and tiefling have a changeling child? Considering tiefling is almost always the end result of a human / teifling pair. (Also, could his & # 39; true form & # 39 ;, just look, be that of a tiebreaker but have the powers and statistics of a changeling?)

Why do whites deny being born in privilege?

Not all of them are. There are many poor people who are white. But, honestly, anyone born in the United States is quite privileged in the sense that their country protects their rights. For example, the entire Constitution (amendments, due process, etc.), social benefits, homeless shelters, etc. Other countries are not so lucky. To put this in perspective, in a third world country, such as Saudi Arabia, women were only granted the right to drive about a year ago. Also, if a woman taught a child to read, they would kill her and the child, because they feared that women would educate themselves and share that education. In a second world country, like Thailand, if you drop your money, you can't chase it, because if you step on it to catch it, it's like stepping on the royal family and you'll go to jail. Even in other first world countries, such as South Korea, people (including children) are overworked. They go to school 6 days a week, from 8 am to 9 or 10 pm and when they get home, they study another 4 hours. In other words, they have a 16-hour school day. Also, if you're overweight / not attractive, you can't even be hired for a job, which is why plastic surgery is so common there. Because of all the stress, the suicide rate is EXTREMELY high. In addition, men in South Korea are required to join the army. Women don't have to do it, but they can do it if they want to. Another thing is that I saw a video of these people interviewing a single father in South Korea. Single parents are VERY despised, even when compared to single mothers. Most people pressure parents to leave their children in orphanages, instead of taking care of them. If a father is legally single, he cannot even register the birth of his son, only the mother can do it. So, if a child was born out of wedlock and the mother decided to get up and run and leave the baby and the father, the child cannot become a citizen. However, if the father and mother are still legally married, but the woman ran away, he and his son would consider themselves lucky to be able to become legal citizens. In addition, in general, there are children, currently, starving around the world while we sit here discussing who is more / less privileged.

And instead of donating them to help them receive their BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, you sit here writing on the Internet about how your life is SO hard and oppressive. Trust me, if I really were so oppressive, you wouldn't say that. You wouldn't even be on the internet. So, as an American, I say:

Check your privilege.

Edit: Also, if we are on the issue of whites being systematically privileged, not all were like once slavery ended and we began allowing immigration, many of the white immigrants were treated as badly as blacks. In fact, once the Irish arrived here, whites and blacks treated them EVEN MORE THAN blacks.

Sources): My opinion.

Are there any adults born in the ‘00s?

Yes. 18 is the legal age in most states. In Mississppi, the age of majority is 21 years, so Mississipians born in the 21st century are not yet adults. The only residents of Alabama and Nebraska who were born in 2000 that are not yet legal are those who have birthdays from tomorrow (12-27) until New Year's Eve. On New Year's Day, anyone born in the year 2000 in the USA. UU., Except Mississippi, is an adult by law.

Does a child born in Russia need an exit visa?

My son was born in Russia but we are not Russians. I will obtain the citizenship of my country and he will have the passport.

Do you need an exit visa in your passport to leave the country?

If so, what is needed and how long?

Thanks in advance

[ Politics ] Open question: How many billions more people will be born before the world finally realizes that genocide is the only solution?

to overpopulation and pollution? Stupid and weak first, gas chambers are preferred.

How was the Tiefling race born?

That's right, I know that they originated from a demonic pact made by noble humans who sought to conquer territories. This covenant was a sin, and left remains to the descendants. But I really didn't understand why and how. I did not understand if there is something about the demon whose pact could be placed at the bottom of the character. Or if there are some characteristics that could be variable. Not physically, but about some spells or abilities. Could you clarify me?

dnd 5e – Can a Tiefling be born of two human parents?

It may seem like a silly question on the surface, but listen to me

Background of my Tiefling

So I made a deep enough background for my sorcerer who intertwines deeply with the bard at the party. His family has a long-standing pact with Graz & # 39; zt and because of this, every two generations, a tiflin is born; a "blessing" from Graz & # 39; zt for the service and devotion of the family.

We decided that we wanted our characters to be twins who had a good relationship. Originally, we were both doing tieflings, but he decided that he wanted to make his bard a human, and he still wanted my wizard to be a tiefling, the DM didn't seem to have a problem with that and approved the characters. (Honestly, it was good that they already knew each other and didn't have trust issues with half the party)

Advance so fast until the characters meet, introduce yourself / describe yourself (Human Bard, Witch of Tiefling, Elf Ranger, Half-elf Barbarian)

Once it is established that our characters are not of the same race, but are fraternal twins, the barbarian (who is an outsider to a tribe of the plains and has never seen tieflings before and has an INT of 7) immediately speaks about the logistics of how that cannot be possible, and denies that they can be more than half brothers. And then he left the character to tell us that The tieflings are of their own race and cannot be derived from two human parents.

So this is what the PHB says on p. 42:

"Tieflings are derived from human lineagesand in the widest
possible sense, they still look human. However, their infernal
has left a clear mark on his appearance. "

I understand that they are their own race and tiefling + tiefling = tiefling, human + tiefling can = tiefling, and in some cases devil + human = tiefling.

But especially this scenario, with a line of blessed (or cursed) blood, can human + human = typify?