adnd 1e – What are the hit points for a Low Born Cavalier Paladin?

I believe that the caption for the hit point table is actually a typographical error that was never caught/rectified, with the following reasoning:

From the description of the Cavalier on page 14 of the Unearthed Arcana (Emphasis mine):

Such a character must be sponsored by a higher authority of greater status, and begins first as a 0-level Horseman (a retainer for a Knight), then a 0-level Lancer, and finally becomes a 1st-level Armiger of the cavalier class. The 0-level Horseman starts at -1500 experience points and has ld4 + 1 initial hit points. The Horseman becomes a Lancer at -500 experience points and gains another d4 roll for cumulative hit points. The Lancer becomes a 1st-level cavalier at 0 experience points, and gains another d4 in hit points. In contrast, a character whose social standing qualifies him or her for immediate
entrance into the cavalier class begins as a 1st-level Armiger with 1d10 + 3 hit points

Additionally, in the subtext under the hit point table for the Cavalier on page 15, appears this:

If qualification for 1st level required progression through the two 0-level grades, then hit dice for 1st level are 3d4 + 1, but in all other cases 1d10 + 3 applies.

Under the description for the Paladin, it states:

The powers, abilities, and level advancement of the paladin as described in the Players Handbook remain unchanged. In addition, the paladin gains the abilities and powers of the cavalier class, including weapons of choice, parrying ability, horsemanship, saving throw bonuses, and immunity to fear.

The only place that I can find the reference to a 12 sided die for HP is in the table heading, leading me to believe that it is an error that was never noticed or rectified at the time. Even leading forward into 2e, the Paladin remains at 10, and Cavalier has changed into a kit as a subclass of fighter, so uses a d10 for hit point determination.

Checked Dragon magazine #72, and in both places that it references hit dice, it refers to them as d10:

begin{array}{c c l}
textbf{Class} &textbf{HD Type} & textbf {Maximum HD} & textbf{Spell Ability} & textbf{Level Limit} \
text{Cavalier} & text{d10} &text{10}^1 &text{no} &text{none} \
_{text{— }^1 text{Initial hit points for a 1st level cavalier range from 4-13 (generated either as d10+3 or 3d4+1), due to the }} \
_text{necessity of having to attain the social status necessary for 1st level.} \

The HP chart also has a heading of 10 instead of 12 for the hit dice.

dnd 5e – Can tieflings be born without tails?

In general: You’re the DM…the rules and setting details exist to enable you and your friends to have a good time playing the game together. If there are things that you don’t like, you are free to change them.

To this specifically, there are no mechanical features of the Tiefling tied to their tail–it’s purely cosmetic. So there will be no change to gameplay on account of a player deciding their Tiefling doesn’t have a tail. Additionally, there is a sourcebook that sets a precedence for Tieflings looking different from others.

Your tiefling might not look like other tieflings. Rather than having the physical characteristics described in the Player’s Handbook, choose 1d4 + 1 of the following features: small horns; fangs or sharp teeth; a forked tongue; catlike eyes; six fingers on each hand; goat-like legs; cloven hoofs; a forked tail; leathery or scaly skin; red or dark blue skin; cast no shadow or reflection; exude a smell of brimstone.

From the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

So…you’re only changing cosmetic details (not mechanics) and there is a precedent for Tieflings looking different from the baseline described in the PHB. So…go for it. There’s no reason a Tiefling has to have a tail.

Visas – Applying for a Green Card as a British citizen born in Albania?

I was born in Albania. If I apply for a Green Card (through the Green Card lottery) and I am unsuccessful, would I have problems later if I just wanted to travel to the United States as a tourist? Could they deny me entry if they thought I would stay there indefinitely due to the lack of a green card visa? I wouldn't, I have a pretty comfortable life in the UK working as a software developer, but I always wanted to work in Silicon Valley.

I visited America once for a few weeks (in an ESTA) and really enjoyed it. It would be a shame not to be able to go there as a tourist again.

visas – Applying for a Green Card whilst I’m a British Citizen born in another country?

ok so i was originally born in Albania and was wondering if i applied for a Green Card and was unsuccessful would I have issues further down the line if I just wanted to travel to the US as a tourist? as in, could i be refused entry if they thought i was gonna stay there indefinitely because of the unsuccessful green card visa (i wouldn’t, i’ve got a pretty comfortable life in the UK working as a software dev but always wanted to work in silicon valley)

i visited america once for a few weeks and enjoyed it a lot (on an ESTA), would be a shame to not be able to go there as a tourist again if this were all to somehow unfold


this is for the green card lottery (thanks kina)

Indian citizens – Child born outside the US USA for the green card

I am a US green card holder. USA I am married to an Indian citizen (and I am also an Indian citizen). My wife resides in India and I started her green card process a few years ago. We are almost in the final stages. We are waiting for an interview at the US embassy. USA In India, it is currently closed due to a greedy pandemic. My wife is currently pregnant. The baby is likely to be born in India because he will not be able to travel to the USA. USA Before delivery. What are my options for bringing my child to the US? ?

dnd 5e: Can a humanoid creature, specifically a player character, be born on the astral plane?

I've been looking at the "This is your life" tables of Xanathar's guide to everything, and in particular there is an entry in the Birthplace table on page 62:

98 On the astral plane or the etheric plane

However, the DMG says this about the astral plane on page 47:

Creatures on the astral plane do not age or suffer hunger or thirst. For this reason, humanoids living in the astral plane (such as githyanki) establish advanced positions in other planes, often the material plane, so that their children can mature.

So it seems that it would be impossible for an embryo to grow inside, say, a Githyanki mother, so that does not make giving birth on the astral plane impossible?

[ Politics ] Open question: Was Donald Trump born orange with a creature on his head?

[Politics] Open question: Was Donald Trump born orange with a creature on his head?

dnd 5e: What happens when you banish an elementary creature that formed / was born on the material Plane?

Background: in one of our campaigns we have enough Elementals that are being formed in the material plane, instead of being formed in an elementary plane. The elementals are identical to those that appear in the Monster Manual.

We are reaching the levels where some of us can choose the 4th level spell Exile like a spell I was wondering if to cast Exile in an elemental formed in the material plane a) it would banish it to an elementary plane and it would not return b) it would only be banished temporarily to a demiplane and would reappear in the material plane when the spell ends.

The way I see it is that it would have to do with the interpretation of what is "airplane native" and "airplane of origin" in this case.

The description of the Exile the spell (PHB, p. 217) says:

You try to send a creature that you can see within reach to another plane of existence. The target must succeed in a Charisma saving throw or be banished.

If the goal is native of the plane of existence in which you are, banish the target to a harmless demiplane. While there, the target is disabled. The target remains there until the spell ends, at which point the target reappears in the space it left or in the nearest unoccupied space if that space is occupied.

If the goal is native from a different plane of existence to the one you are, the target is banished with a slight burst, returning to its plane of origin. (…)

I suspect that he would banish these elemental creatures from homegrown to a demiplane in the case of our campaign; unless we were in another plane, in which case it would be banished to the material plane since this is its "plane of origin".

There is this question that gives a kind of answer:
What determines the native plane of a creature for the Exile spell?, But I would like a more concrete answer if possible to the scenario presented above.

United States – Complete ESTA application – Country of birth where I was born abroad but in sovereign territory

You were born in Germany

The United Kingdom makes do not have sovereignty over their military bases in Germany. They are still part of the host country, but under extraterritoriality, similar to embassies. For most purposes, Germany has no jurisdiction there, but still claims sovereignty.

There are separate questions about any previous or current nationality.

Why should I be required to tolerate Trump supporters who ignore pigs and honestly believe that Obama was a secret Muslim socialist born in Kenya?

Regardless of what you choose to believe, you must admit that Obama's background is a bit unknown. He seems to have had more names than enough and has a social security number from a state in which he has never lived. How does that happen?

He has a birth certificate from Kenya and also has one from Hawaii. The Hawaiian took months to locate.

The Kenyan does not have exactly the right details and the Hawaiian seems to have been made of several other certificates that have been merged.

The copy on the .gov website was layered as if it had been gathered from several other documents. How weird. Unfortunately, it is not possible to ask the person who located him because he died in a very unusual accident.

Well, actually, she survived the accident and looked good, but she was the only one of the passengers who subsequently died. She was also a friend of Obama's mother, if I remember correctly. What a coincidence.