If leftists don't admit open borders, why does Pocahonky want to spend taxpayer dollars to tear down the border wall?

Ignoring your racist in youthful insults, I am not sure that it is true that Warren wants to spend money to eliminate the border wall. However, the lack of a border wall does not mean the same as open edges. While the term is not really defined, open borders would seem to me in a situation where there are no border controls. This is similar to what exists in much of the European Union, where goods and people can travel freely across national borders without any customs or immigration control. There is no Democrat who wants to open borders with Mexico or Canada. However, the fact that you want some border controls does not mean that you want a wall along the southern border. There are inconveniences in the wall that can make it a bad thing even for someone who wants to secure the border

What would happen if I told the border patrol that my boyfriend was unemployed?

My boyfriend comes in 6 days from Australia in the Visa Waiver Program. He has just finished college and will probably get a job as a painting / painting apprentice, since he went to college for that. We wonder if it is okay to say that he is a freelance painter. He has found random works and painted before many times. His father is an independent painter and also painted with him. He will not lie to the border patrol. So, would it be okay to put an independent painter or would it be a lie?

customs and immigration – In transit at the Ukrainian railway border station without papers for Ukraine

As we speak, I am sitting in Chop's "sterile" waiting room: there are border control booths there (for those who embark / disembark here) as well as controls on board trains (for others).

enter the description of the image here

Upon arriving in Chop, I got off immediately and was taken to the waiting room. There, I presented my identification and the train ticket to a woman border officer, explaining that I will go to Hungary on a train that leaves in 2 hours. They asked me to sit down and, after 30 minutes, a male officer came with the documents, as well as an entry rejection letter for me to sign. They told me (in surzhyk) that I could relax here and board the train as soon as I arrived, and show the rejection letter instead of a Chop-Záhony ticket (although I bought hryvnias in Cierna nad Tisou waiting to buy). a ticket in Chop, apparently not expected to do so).

In summary, although obviously you are not supposed to do this, in practice it is not a big problem for them. I'm not sure how much it has to do with me being a "low risk" national and / or the fact that there isn't a soul here apart from the officers (and there was only one person besides me on the train from Slovakia)

python – networkx digraph with border attributes for csv

I have a Networkx DiGraph with edge attributes.
I cannot write the network in a csv as an edge list in the following format

# node1 node2 attr1 attr2 attr3
1, 2, color, time, weight

networkx.write_edgelist can write the border list, but the attributes are written as a string representation of the attribute dictionary that is not what I want.

Algorithms – Complexity of finding an alternate Hamiltonian route (x, y) in complete two-color border graphics

Leave $ G $ Be a simple complete graphic with a 2-colored border. An alternate Hamilton (x, y) route is a Hamiltonian route that begins at the vertex $ x $ and ends at the vertex $ and $ such that the colors of its edges alternate along the way. In (1), J. Bang-Jensen and G. Gutin pose the following problem:

Problem 5.14 Is there a polynomial time algorithm to find an alternate (x, y) -hamtonian route in $ G $ with $ x, y $ dice?

Does anyone know the status of this problem? I think the problem is in P if the endvertices are not specified.

(1) Bang-Jensen, G. and Gutin, G., Alternate cycles and paths in multi-colored border colors: A Survey, Discrete Mathematics 165/166 (1997) 39-60

Pakistan: What do I need to do to see the Wagha / Wagah border ceremony from the Pakistani side?

The Wikivoyage article about the Wagah / Wagha "Shock Removal" ceremony mentions that I can take the minibus n. 4 from Lahore to the Pakistani side of the border, but the section on how to sit for the actual event only seems to cover what to do on the Indian side. He mentions that the Pakistani side attracts a smaller crowd.

If I want to see the border ceremony from the Pakistani side as a foreigner, is it acceptable to simply appear before the ceremony, or do I need to do something, such as buying a ticket or obtaining a travel permit?

To be clear, my nationality requires a visa to enter Pakistan, but that is not part of the question. Assuming I have (or can get) the right visa, can I simply travel from Lahore directly to the border and expect to be seated as a spectator?

css: border inside the bottom

Look, I want to make a border (css) stay inside the bottom, within the width and height limit. When I make a border, it adds pixels to the height and width, making the html object larger, so I want to leave it inside the background so that the html object has the size defined in css (in my case, 64px tall and width).

Is there a way to conditionally format border styles in Google Sheets?

The title says it all.

I have some conditional formatting rules, it seems that I am limited to some basic formatting options;

Formatting style

Is there a solution to apply other formatting options (such as the border)?

python: how to pass the edge attribute as the distance from the border to nx.closeness_centrality ()?

Suppose I have a graph defined by this matrix:

test = np.array(((0, 0, 4, 0),
                 (0, 0, 6, 0),
                 (4, 6, 0, 10),
                 (0, 0, 10, 0)))

import networkx as nx

test_nx = nx.from_numpy_array(test)

Next, I would like to calculate the weighted proximity centrality for each node of this graph.

nx.closeness_centrality(test_nx, distance="edges")

I get:

{0: 0.6, 1: 0.6, 2: 1.0, 3: 0.6}

However, this is clearly not considering edge weights. I guess the reason is that I am not passing the "distance" argument correctly.

According to the documents:

closeness_centrality(G, u=None, distance=None, normalized=True)

distance (edge attribute key, optional (default=None)) – Use the
specified edge attribute as the edge distance in shortest path

Can anyone advise me how to pass edge weights to this function? My desired result would be a dictionary of proximity centrality values ​​(one per node) that considers that these edges have weights and are not simply binary.

Fujifilm: why is there a border box on certain photos in the Capture One workspace?

When you switch to a different tool, the part of the image you have selected (that is, the part inside the border box) expands to fill the space. The part that you have not selected (that is, the part outside the crop that you have selected) is no longer displayed.

If you have not selected a crop, the camera has done it automatically. Many mirrorless cameras will do this at wider angle focal distances to reduce the amount of geometric distortion, vignetting and other aberrations that are more pronounced at the edges and corners.

To make the lenses used with such cameras smaller and lighter, manufacturers have chosen to use less optical correction in the lenses and make more correction through image processing. The practice is very common with the Micro Four-Thirds system cameras, but it has also begun to appear in cameras without APS-C mirror and even Full Frame.