puzzle – How many Triangles in a Chess board

So I saw a question about how many rectangles in a grid of squares that looked like an L and got me thinking about if we have an 8×8 grid how many triangles is there. However, this has its own issue of what angles the triangles have, so to be precise how many triangles is there when you can only creating diagonals only. you can check attached for example triangles which are possible. Triangles embedded in each other, flipped, or sideways

Invision Power Board – Self Hosted License/Account | Forum Promotion


I have recently purchased a Invision Power Board self-hosted license. I originally bought it for $200 and I am willing to discuss the price with the person that interested.

I would honestly love to get the $200 back, but I am willing to go to $100.

Please note you will also receive the following:

1. The IPS Account along with the license. (I can change the password and email for you to whatever you need it for.)
2. Hosting can and will be included. (I paid until August 2020. It’s BlueHost)
3. Two premium skins (one valued at $15 and another at $40)
4. I think I have five or six applications I paid for too.

Please do let me know if you are interested!


boot – How to choose a mother board which is compatible with all the old components

So my system is quite old, around 9 years old, and recently I have been facing some weird issues that I can’t find solution to

1 : At times while I am working on my system, the screen completely freezes, no response, it does not restarts on its own, but if I force one there is just black screen and no booting

then I have to plug in and out my CPU and do power on and off several times before it finally boots and pops some “Your pc ran into a problem” and restarts

2:At times when I am working, it restarts on its own

3:At times when I wake up in the morning and try to switch it off, the fans dont start and there is just black screen, it starts after switching on and off, power cables and doing random trials

This is my mother board

I am guessing my motherboard maybe an issue becuase it even has some swollen capacitors, I dont know if thats the case correct me please if thats so.

**So all I wanted was to know what are the things i should consider to buy a new motherboard such that it is compatible with my old processor, ram and every other component**

web applications – Architecture of Online Chess (2-player web-based board game)?

I’d like to try to create an application where 2 players can play chess online. The (possibly) novel feature would be that the process for joining a game would be similar to how Typeracer works. The first player creates a lobby then shares a link. The friend can then click the link to join the session immediately.

However, I’m a beginner when it comes to how information is shared over the internet. I’ve only created a few REST APIs and games in Java/Python so a lot of this would be new to me.

The first question I have is how/where would I actually implement the logic for this game? Would everything be done client-side (I’d probably use React so I’d then have a js library to hold all game rules) Or is everything done on the server?

Also, how would I keep the player’s game clients in sync? I’ve heard about websockets but any elaboration would be helpful.

Lastly, how could I go about implementing the feature where users can share their game link to get the other player to join?

For context, I have quite a bit of experience with React for UI, I’ve used NodeJS on the server, and I’m currently learning about how to create web APIs with ASP.NET web API (C#). I figure that I’ll be able to create the board UI in React and handle any animations with CSS. If that’s not a good idea let me know!

Overall I’m not really sure how I’ll tie this all together so a big picture view might help; and I’ve love to hear about any frameworks or tools that might make this job easier; thanks for the help in advance!

heatsink – Is it possible to swap passive for active cooling on this supermicro board?

I’m looking to buy this Supermicro Mini-ITX board for an upcoming NAS build:

The only thing is, it has an integrated CPU with passive cooling – has anyone had success swapping the passive for an active cooler on these boards? I’m a newbie when it comes to supermicro – just wondering if this is a regular thing to do.


Air travel: can I board with a passport about to end its valid time? (To my country of origin)

My girlfriend came to visit me in London, and managed to enter with her visitor visa (6 months), so she decided to stay for more than 3 months. Then, the coronavirus happened, the flights canceled and everything …

Now that your passport is about to expire its valid time, can you board with your valid passport for less than a month and go to your country of origin to be able to renew it there?

Transformer Message Board | Forum promotion

I have this message board that I am more than happy to offer affiliation with, please note I will add it after it has been added and at this time; We will not affiliate with message boards on similar IE Transformers topics (although websites are welcome).

Try to keep affiliations small, preferably the 88 x 31 standard, almost all other types of sites are welcome in digression of the owner (mi).

Transformer Message Board:


Total Transformers

Thank you.

Linking two lists together, one job board, the other field staff and get a continuous schedule on Sharepoint

I have been tasked with creating a field work board for my company and was wondering how to integrate two separate lists. One has all the field jobs: location, time to get to work, field worker sent, job end time, and job status. I am trying to create another list where you will have the field personnel in order and sections based on their status, if they are in the field, on days off and available. I also want them in order of last completed work, those go to the end of the order of the available section. What would be the best way to do this and link the two so that when you enter a name for a job, you automatically enter information in the personal field list?

How do I enable the rating for SharePoint 2016 discussion board and not send an email notification?

I have a SharePoint 2016 site with a discussion board. We want to enable the Like option, but not send an email notification to the person who posted the topic.

Here are the 2 scenarios that I see at the moment.

  1. Allow items on this list to be sorted? = No
    There is no Like button below the discussion or reply topic.
    When a user replies to the original post, email notifications are not sent to the person who posted the topic.

  2. Allow items on this list to be sorted? = yes > I like
    There is a Like button under the discussion or responses topic.
    When a user replies to the original post, email notifications are sent to the person who posted the topic.
    The email that is sent appears to be based on the default settings for Email Notification on the user's website.

What we want is:

  • Enable the I like button
  • DO NOT send the email notification to the person who posted the topic.

Any ideas on how to configure the discussion board to meet our needs?

python – How could I send audio from a nodemcu board to a computer. using a wifi network?

The idea of ​​this personal project is to be able to have a device that transmits voice packets over the local network to a computer that is waiting to receive that data through python scripts.

with the nodemcu board that has wifi configuration. and an analog port.