photoshop – Is it possible to re-focus (recover) an intentionally blurred image?

I work in data security and follow some data security news, images with data hidden by bluring and other image manipulation are “broken” all the time.

Digital filters in software work by taking the image data, doing some math on it and producing the modified image.

Unlike images that are shot out of focus in camera, with digitally blured images we know exactly the math formula the software used – and often we can reverse the formula and get the original image back (sometimes with some quality loss)

I have no idea what Picasa soft focus uses and I don’t know if it’s reversible, also I’m not going to analyze it, treat this answer as a general warning not as a review of Picasa’a soft focus filter’s security

Even if we can’t un-blur the image often it’s possible to recognize the blured person/object/text/whatever by bluring sections from other images and comparing them (because if we take two similar image and apply the same math to both we get two similar changed images).

So, your bluring method will stop the casual surfer but not anyone who really want to get the data, never use it to hide really sensitive data (especially not text or numbers), be careful and if you want to hide something just paint over it with a solid color (and check it’s also hidden in thumbnails, preview images, undo histories and such).

Yahoo dail is blurred out

I am wondering if anyone has seen this before. Using a browser (have tried Chrome and IE) the email list is blurred out. Cannot read, delete or navigate when this occurs.

Thanks in advance.

Yahoo List

visual studio – WPF button displaying weird blurred colors after mouse over

I am just starting out with WPF, and I’m having an issue with the button not displaying properly.

At first I thought it might just be in debug mode, or something I accidentally changed in the project. However, I have created a new project, and the only thing I did was drag a Button from the Toolbox to the display. In addition, I built the release version, and executed the executable directly, and still had the same issue.

In addition, I also tried updating VS to 16.6.5 and am still having the same issue.

What is happening is that the button displays normally at first, but as soon as I move the mouse over and off of it the color gets blurred and weird (see picture). In addition, in my original project I also had some radio buttons, for which the button part wasn’t displaying after the mouse moved over it as well, although I suspect this issue has the same cause as the button so I’m concentrating on that for this post.

I’m using Windows 10, and have Visual Studio Community 2019 v16.6.5 installed. The project is a WPF .Net Core C# project.

Here is the XAML code for my project, in MainWindow.xaml, although I haven’t actually edited it, just simply dragged a button onto the display:

<Window x:Class="TestButton.MainWindow"
        Title="MainWindow" Height="450" Width="800">
        <Button x:Name="button" Content="Button" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Margin="320,160,0,0" VerticalAlignment="Top"/>


Here are images of what the button looks like before, during, and after the mouse is moved over it:
Button displays normal at first
Button displays normal still with mouse over
After mouse out, button color gets weird

Blurred product images in wordpress – woocommerce [closed]

I am using the X-store theme in WordPress and the woo-commerce plugin. See my website [enter the link description here] [1]

[1]: I face these blurry images how do I fix it

Bokeh – Why does the first electronic curtain shutter affect the rendering of blurred backgrounds?

The reason for the phenomenon is that at wide openings with good light that require a fast shutter speed, most of the exposure comes from a very narrow travel slot between the first and second curtains.

However, the curtains before and after the slot are not at the same height.

The electronic curtain travels where the photos are.

The mechanical shade travels a significant distance from the sensor. In particular, there is an anti-aliasing filter and perhaps some protective glass on top of the sensor, and only then the shutter curtain.

Because the curtains are at different heights of the sensor, the parallax effect becomes significant. The faster the shutter speed, the smaller the scrolling slot, and the problem becomes more pronounced.

To solve the problem, the shutter speed must be slowed down. Firstly, if the camera is not yet at its lowest ISO setting, the ISO should be lowered to the lowest ISO. Secondly, if the shutter speed is still too fast and causes the effect to appear, an ND filter could be used.

However, the best solution is to use blinds that are at the same height as the photosites. So if the second curtain is mechanical, the first curtain should also be mechanical. Unfortunately, with all cameras, this is not possible.

front end – Image is blurred in version 12.1

Case 1

When I use the screenshot from the screen capture software and paste it into the Mathematica notebook interface,
The image size seems small and difficult to adjust.

enter the image description here

Case 2

When I rasterize Graphics object in image list, then use ListAnimate or Manipulate to do animation, it looks blurry.
enter the image description here

I am using Windows 10 1909.

magento2.2 – mobile display image quality as blurred in product list and detail page magento 2.2.4

Blurred image quality issue on mobile view product list / view page. magento ver is 2.2.4. I found the reason for this problem. Have a 2MB image file and a loaded product on the administrator side. So I can see the image size as 200kb only. The use of the image adapter is Gmagick graphics. Actual product image size 1000 x 1506 px. PNG / JPEG format. For now I have uploaded high resolution images as retina images.
I tried to make the product loaded in the administrator-side image size be larger than 8MB and the size would be 3527 x 5290 px. After the product images loaded, we can see more image size and weight differences.enter the image description here I used a high resolution image

How to avoid / control automatic compression after uploading the product image?
Anyone shares the solution.

theme – Blurred text when position: sticky and top: X

I can't post to Stack Overflow, but maybe it could be related to Drupal.

#block-stickysidebar {
    position: sticky;
    position: -webkit-sticky;
    top: 7em;

Left normal, right blurred

Left normal, right blurred

I tried all the solutions of that question but still have the problem.

Graphics are blurred in SFML

I am working on a 2D game using SFML and many textures (which I am loading from PNG files, created with Gimp) that I use seem to be blurred. They are drawing without any scale and transformation, and I have confirmed that smoothing is not enabled for textures, so I am not sure what could be causing this or how to fix it.

The image I try to draw is on the left, and what I see in its place is on the right (both are very focused). blurry versus correct

How can I make SFML draw exactly the content of the images and not apply this effect?