Active Directory: How to exploit the user I own according to Bloodhound?

During a pentest, I managed to compromise a user with few privileges.
As it is a domain user, I decided to run BloodHound based on your credentials to verify if there is a route from this user to domain administrators.

I have own privilege on another active directory account, which means you should be able to change your attributes, such as userPassword, which I did, using ldp.exe. Unfortunately, Active Directory does not seem to allow authentication based on this LDAP attribute. Then I needed to find something else.

I would like to use the MMC Active Directory Users and Computers but I need to log in as a member of the domain, which I can't, since I would need to integrate my PC into the domain (I prefer not to)

What tool can I use to act / impersonate this user that I should have?

Thank you;

call of cthulhu – Is a bloodhound of Tindalos stopped by a curve if it has already materialized?

The restrictions on the arrival of a bloodhound in the present day outside the flow of time are clear: it can only materialize through an angle of 120 degrees or less. A completely curved environment, which hides in a hollow sphere, Perspex, for example, will prevent it from manifesting. Except, what if the hound materializes? outside The sphere (through a corner)? Is there anything in literature (game or not) that says whether or not the dog can simply pass through the sphere using his physical strength? In other words, does the "no curves" rule apply simply to the materialization of the Dog, or is the creature stopped by curves, period?