javascript – Page speed – Processing blocking resources

I know there are some questions about this, but I was wondering where I can actually see the scripts that block rendering.

Pagespeed Insights will provide some scripts and CSS, but is there a more technical way to determine this? The waterfalls show the request time and have a duration of blocking, but it does not say which is the culprit.

Is there anything in Chrome Developer Tools that can help here? I know the Element and Network tabs quite well, but I'm not sure if there are more functions that can show them.

or it could be far away

Can anyone provide resources where I can investigate this further? I am trying to convey information about how to diagnose scripts and CSS that are blocking a developer that has a complex technology stack.

centos – Blocking logins in Drupal 7 does not work

Dear colleagues

Good afternoon!

But once, I come to seek the help of this group. Some will surely remind me, with the PhpMyAdmin problem that I ended up solving with the update.

Now, I have the same problem with Drupal (and I can't update it). I cannot get fail2ban to stop login attempts with error.

What seems strange to me is that before migrating from the server, I used version 0.9.6-2 of fail2ban on Debian 9.12 and it worked correctly.

I migrated the server to CentOS 8.1 with fail2ban in version 0.10.5-2. And after that, the lock doesn't work.

I will share the configuration files with you:



/ var / log / messages:

I understand that the correct thing would be for fail2ban to block IP after the third login attempt, but it is not happening.

Can anybody help me?

I apologize for the possible typographical errors. I am Brazilian and I have difficulties with English.

8 – Avoid hard blocking if the user searches when Solr stopped

I use search_api_solr with a server-based installation of Solr. It works well. For reasons I will not explain, the Solr service sometimes stops. If a user performs a search while Solr is stopped, it crashes with "The website encountered an unexpected error."

The error log says "Drupal search_api_solr SearchApiSolrException: An error occurred while trying to search with Solr: Solr endpoint http: // localhost: 8983 / unreachable or returned the unexpected response code" 0 "". No wonder, since the service stops.

How can I catch this error and display a "Search does not work" page instead of failing? It seems that there should be a way to intercept it, but I haven't discovered it.

bitcoind: sending transaction error with blocking time: 64: txid not final

I just found the same problem and the solution is almost stupid. Since the clue is not found elsewhere, I would add my two cents in case others step on the same trap.

It turns out that, in addition to the usual reasons related to time (for example, the time block has not expired, the sequence number is not set correctly, etc.), trying to spend an unconfirmed UTXO also causes non-final error. I didn't delve into the source code to see why this happens, but the misleading error message cost me a good afternoon.

Why would you try to spend unconfirmed products? Well, when you are busy trying things and gradually lose patience …

Applications – How to stop blocking applications from Dialer contacts messages on android lollipop 5.1.1

I have restarted my mobile phone several times, but still the Dialer Contacts message applications open in the background, but its front end closes in 3 to 5 seconds, as it is failing. I have to restart my phone, but for 3-5 minutes it stops working, but after that create problem

I searched Google and read the answers from other forums and tried all the options, but nothing worked, even after resetting and installing a common application, it is creating the same problems, the same problems happened with my other mobile sets also with the same version Android 5.1.1 but with more internal memory or RAM

I UNINSTALLED the following applications and updates, but it still gives me the same problem

  1. Google plus update
  2. Video buddy (auto installed by ISP)
  3. Clean master (auto installed by ISP)
  4. CCcleaner
  5. No battery saver applications installed
  6. No killer task apps installed
  7. Antivirus or antimalware applications were never installed
    8) WhatsApp Facebook Chrome Opera YouTube File Manager Amazon Paytm Adobe Reader installed basic applications

My mobile phone has 8 GB of internal memory and 1 GB of RAM and uses Android 5.1.1, so I have moved simple downloaded mobile applications to the memory card to have space to work on the mobile phone

Now my question

  1. How to verify which application is killing or closing forcefully the dialer contact messages and even WhatsApp, even if it remains in the process of running in the background, but the main screen closes

  2. How to solve the problem of dialer contact messages that are blocked when closed, since without them I cannot call or send a message and every time I have to call I have to restart my phone with a 3-5 minute time limit

  3. The Google Play and Google Play Store services have been updated automatically. I don't know if they are causing problems.

  4. I tried to clear the cache and application data and forced contacts to stop, contact storage dialer, contact synchronization, Google Play services, Google Play store and download manager applications , but the problem persists.

  5. I tried to delete and recreate the Google account and deactivated the automatic synchronization, but still the problem persists after 3-5 minutes if I restart the device

  6. If the RAM is low, how can I change the partition of my memory card as vertical memory or stop the phone dialer or Android contacts?

Awaiting valuable advice from anyone

Kindly, do not mark or mark duplicate, elaborate or existing questions, since I have tried all the options answered in previous forum questions, but I did not succeed

Web Host blocking emails | Web Hosting Talk

It could be that anti-spoofing / SPF checks fail in gmail causing the problem. Mail servers will check anti-counterfeit measures to see if a message comes from a legitimate source or not. It is quite easy to send as any address you want and that is why items like SPF are born. SPF is a DNS record that lists which mail servers should send mail for a specific domain. A receiving mail server will not know if it was forwarded and will verify if the mail server is in the domain SPF record. Unless the mail server changes the source address to its email address, verification of the SPF record will probably fail because your server is not in the SPF record.

As such, I would recommend changing the forwarders to regular mailboxes and using the gmail pop3 search instead. That way there is no mail forwarding and it is easier for you to see where a problem is. So, if the expected messages still don't arrive and the host won't help anymore, then change.

How can I prevent Facebook from blocking Google Drive links and my website?

In my little blog, I recently started using Google forms to share in Facebook groups.

This worked fine, but I am confused because Facebook is blocking my blog address after sharing the Google form as a Facebook group.

I used the Facebook form provided to report possible cases of false warnings, but I didn't get answers.

c # – Avoid blocking frames with dependency inversion

I am trying to understand the concept of dependency investment and I think I finally understood. However, I am now struggling with another problem, which is the selection of the framework, when implementing it in .NET, at least.

Let's say I have a business logic assembly that has the need for a data access class. For that I add an interface to the data model and the data access class in the business logic assembly (as shown in the drawing below). The actual implementation of the data access interfaces is done in a different assembly (project).

This guarantees that my business logic does not need to know anything about the implementation of data access. However, it also means that if my business logic is implemented in .NET Core, then my data access assembly must also be implemented in .NET Core.

Is there no way to avoid this, so I don't block the frame of my data access assembly, if my business logic application?

In other words, can I make the left part of my drawing in .NET Core and the right part in .NET Standard (for example)?

Dependency Investment Illustrated

SMS blocking: block calls and SMS in a really silent way

Does anyone know of a way to block calls and SMS with zero knowledge that there is or was there ever a call or text message? that is, nothing audible or visual happens on the phone, there is no record, and it does something like answer and hang up quickly to avoid sending the caller to voicemail. I don't care if the caller knows they are being blocked, but the bonus if they don't know is also possible. There should be no means to leave any indication that they called or sent text messages.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and tried several call blocking applications and what I notice is:

  • The start and back buttons light up when the call comes in
  • An icon in the status bar appears and disappears quickly when the call comes in
  • Blocked calls are logged and there is no option to disable this.

Does anyone know of anything that does this, or if possible? The phone is rooted, and I will write my own application if I have to …

Antivirus blocking website due to JS: MagentoStealer-A [Trojan]

Avast Antivirus shows that our website is infected with JS: MagentoStealer-A [Trojan] and blocks to connect it.

The website works for those who do not use Avast.

That I have to do?


Thank you!