Unity oven lighting – stained shadows, bleeding and / or pitting

I have spent days trying to make the lighting look good. I use a simple low poly style. No matter what I do, I get this kind of effect (stained shadows and odd dark lines):

enter the description of the image here

Here are my settings:

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

enter the description of the image here

Baking a scene takes about 4 hours, I'm not sure I can increase the resolution anymore without Unity crashing during baking. I am doing something wrong? I feel like I tried everything.

Bleeding vs temporary HP

When you receive a damage that causes bleeding but the initial damage only affects temporary HP, do you really get the bleeding condition because you have not lost any HP? I ask because the poison for injuries does not work when, for example, it does not cause damage due to DR.

route finder – Why a bleeding sorcerer crossed with a blaster instead of being a primary sorcerer?

Because the Crossblooded archetype is BAD For primary sorcerers.

Sorcerers automatically gain higher spell levels one level later than wizards. This is an important penalty, but it can be overcome. The cross-bleeding archetype causes a sorcerer to know one spell less than each level of spell; From the first time you access a new level of spell, you only know one spell of that level, the cross-indent reduces you to know. zero Spells of that level. This effectively puts you in getting spells two levels later than what an assistant would do, which means that you're forever the use of spells that are a spell level lower than what a wizard could use.

The compilation you're talking about is a level behind a single-class assistant (since it has a level one drop in sorcerer), but that's basically the same as being a regular magician. It has the strong benefits of the blaster being an orc / draconic cross-blood sorcerer without the penalty of the usual cross-blood spell level.


  • full assistant = baseline
  • normal sorcerer = complete assistant – 1
  • Assistant with 1 dip level = complete assistant – 1
  • Crossed Blood Sorcerer = Complete Wizard – 2

Is automatic bleeding possible in the LaTeX paperwork editor?

I'm using the LaTeX Papeería web editor and I'm very satisfied with it, but I'm missing a feature: I can not make Papeería's automatic indentation my LaTeX code.

It's possible?

I am a free user, is it included in the premium plan feature?