docker window: Why does message 110 appear: Connection timeout error, the service of a blank flask via nginx and uwsgi?

I'm trying to serve a flask application using nginx and uwsgi, through a ubuntu docker container, while the host is also an ubuntu 18.04 operating system.

This is the conf file for the nginx server, for which I created a symbolic link in / etc / nginx / sites-enabled:

server {
listen 1611;
real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For;
servername localhost;

Location / {
includes uwsgi_params;
uwsgi_pass unix: /var/www/html/step_service/socket.sock;
uwsgi_modifier1 30;

The file `uwsgi.ini & # 39; is the following:


base = / var / www / html / step_service
app = app
module =% (application)
callable = application

start =% (base) / venv
pythonpath =% (base)
socket =% (base) /socket.sock
toma de chmod = 777

teacher = true
processes = 5
threads = 5
die-on-term = true
autostart = true
autorestart = true
harakiri = 30
logto = / var / www / html / step_service / log /% n.log

The uwsgi records seem to indicate success:

    * Application "application" of Flask (lazy load)
* Environment: production.
WARNING: Do not use the development server in a production environment.
Use a WSGI production server instead.
* Debug mode: off
* It runs on (Press CTRL + C to exit)

The nginx server logs (in particular error log) is:

2019/04/18 16:23:30 [error] 6729 # 6729: * 1 wait time upstream (110: Connection timeout) when reading the response header from above, client:, server: localhost, request: "GET / rec / 1/1 HTTP / 1.1
", in ascending sense:" uwsgi: // unix: /var/www/html/step_service/socket.sock ", host:" "

Any idea would be more than welcome!

formulas: look for previous cells that are not blank, but without a specific range in Google Sheets

I have found many formulas to find blank cells within a certain specific range, but it seems that I can not solve this / find an answer.

I have a spreadsheet like this:

enter the description of the image here.

Where column A is empty, except for these header bars, and there are many sections that go around the sheet with these header bars.

What I'm trying to do is have a formula that can find the row in the header of cell A from within a section, but for the formula to work in any section.

So on the previous "sheet", let's say it was in cell B52. Maybe there is a formula to see A52, and if it is empty, keep going up until you find that cell A48 was the first cell up which had a value and returned the value as 48 (the row).

I also hope that this can be done with regular formulas and avoid using gas if possible so that it can stay dynamic.

Any ideas?


Apparently, it is not clear enough. I made another sheet to help illustrate more in depth how the data looks and what I look for:

enter the description of the image here

I expect a formula that when placed in cell B32 as highlighted, will return A28, or just 28, as in the row in the previous cell that was not blank, but ideally, the same formula could be placed anywhere else, say, for example, B46, which would then return A37 as the previous cell that is not blank in column A.

WordPress Media Library rendering blank images

Problem: I have been experiencing an error with all my images on my site. When I navigate to my website in any browser, none of the images is being displayed. When I log in to my admin portal and browse through the media library, all the images show blank thumbnails. When I make FTP on my site and see the directory of my uploads, all the images are there and I can see them very well.

I am running in WordPress 5.1.1, I only use a single site installation. This week I have not updated any add-ons or published anything, so I am perplexed as to why this problem occurs.

Problem solving:

– Disabled each complement one by one to see if they were interfering, however, this did not produce any results.

-Verified my permissions in my upload directory. Folders: 744. Files: 644.

Topic updated. No change.

-Changed to different topic. No change.

– Restored site from a previous backup. No change.

I am currently working with my hosting provider and will be restored from a backup that was further back.

Does anyone have any other troubleshooting tips they can do in the meantime?

c # – Set and get blank values

I am creating a library to collect values ​​from and send them to the datagrid of a form, using set and get, but when inserting the data, they appear blank.

public string EstablishDomestic
                return dom2;
                dom2 = value;


fraud: Can a magnetic credit card writer encode a blank card based only on a credit card number?

Could someone write single Your card number to a blank card? Yes. But would that allow them to impersonate you and charge your account by slipping that card into the point-of-sale machines in brick and mortar stores? No. Mainly because, when a transaction is sent from a point-of-sale machine to a card processor for validation, they require data in addition to the card number (as mentioned for online transactions). Those other required data elements are also written to the mag band, in addition to the account number, on a valid card.

The magnetic strips of credit cards contain three clues: the first two are essentially standard and describe your account (including account number, expiration date, your full name, the country code, etc.). Those two clues are what are used to process a transaction when the card slips, and essentially replicate the information you're used to writing when you use your card online.

The third track is not widely used, and when used, the stored information varies from bank to bank, sometimes including things like PIN numbers or identification numbers associated with rewards programs, your maximum credit line or other information . However, it is essentially unimportant in the case of validating a transaction in a point-of-sale machine.

How do I get rid of the blank line when I use UNIQUE in Google Sheets?

enter the description of the image here

used to only… the result is in column B, but I want the results to look like column C. So what should I do to achieve it?

How do I get rid of the blank line when I use UNIQUE for googlesheets?

enter the description of the image here

I used unique results, it is B, but I WANT RESULTS AS C. So, what should I do to achieve as C.

How traffic exchange sites simulate http_referer (blank sender)


I am working on a project that is similar to the traffic exchange or ptc site (but not to the 100% ptc traffic exchange site). Where people will open sites like ptc or traffic exchange sites, but the problem is that the URL of my site is forwarded as reference URL for open sites.

Many traffic exchange sites offer hide http_referer. I want to know how they do it so I can add this function in my script. This method should work for all browsers.

Please help me.


magento2 – Customized management grid that goes blank again

I have a custom module in my installation of magento 2. The problem is that when I access the administration grid, it is returning a blank page, just with the title of the page, as in the following image.

enter the description of the image here

I have already tried to clean and empty the cache, but I have not succeeded.

My driver / Adminhtml / Fat / Index.php

resultPageFactory = $ resultPageFactory;

public function run ()
$ resultPage = $ this-> resultPageFactory-> create ();
$ resultPage-> getConfig () -> getTitle () -> prepend ((__ (& # 39; Fatures & # 39;)));

returns $ resultPage;


etc / adminhtml / di.xml

                PereiraTech  Faturamento  Model  ResourceModel  Fat  Grid  Collection
            PereirTech  Faturamento  Model  ResourceModel  Fat

etc / htmladmin / route.xml


see / adminhtml / layout / pereiratech_faturamento_fat_index.xml


see / adminhtml / ui_component / pereiratech_faturamento_fat_listing.xml

                Novo faturamento
            Magento  Framework  View  Element  UiComponent  DataProvider  DataProvider
                    Magento_Ui / js / grid / provider
                    Magento_Ui / js / grid / tree-massactions
                            Delete message
                            Are you sure you do not want to delete the selected items?
                    text range
                    CPF / CNPJ
                    date range
                    Magento_Ui / js / grid / columns / date
                    date range
                    Magento_Ui / js / grid / columns / date