Manually Edited Word Files Created From HTML Documents Stored in Doc Libs Have Black Image Placeholders

I have an app in SharePoint that builds HTML markup containing an image (logo) inserted in the markup using base64-encoded and then creates a Word (doc, not docx) file in a SP document library

You can open up the file from the standard view of the doc lib and the Word file text and image are there.

Now open the Word file from the doc lib, do some manual editing of the file, save and close.

Re-open the Word file from the doc lib, and the image of the logo has an image placeholder area and the background is solid black.

Something happened between Word editor and SharePoint during the manual editing that it saved everything else in the Word file but not the image. Playing around with Word doesn’t recover the image. File=>Inspect Document does not report anything. Continued editing actually causes the image part to disappear, with Word reporting that “header.htm” is missing

Why would Word lose data like that?

7.0 nougat – My phone screen keeps randomly going black

(If there is another post which can answer my question please feel free to direct me to it.)

Recently my phone has started to go to a black screen for a few seconds before going back to normal. The closet question I could find which was similar to mine is this one

However I don’t have any magnets near my phone. If anyone is having a similar issue or nows that cause of this I would be glad to know. Thank you!

(The image from the previous link is similar to what my phone looks like when the issue occurs)

boot – Ubuntu black screen problem problem after upgrading from 18.04 to 20.04

I was upgrading from ubuntu 18.04 to latest stable 20.04 and at the end of the upgradation and clicking (dual boot,another one is windows 10) in to ubuntu my ubuntu got stuck on black screen. I followed and did exactly what was said in temporary soln :
i) adding “nomodeset” in the place of “quiet splash” and then ii)”ctrl+x”
But then I got stuck into this:
enter image description here

Which is saying:

Stopping User Manager for UID 122…

(Ok)Stopped User Manager for UID

Stopping User Runtime Directory /run/user/122…

(Ok)Stopped User Runtime Directory /run/user/122.

(FAILED) Failed to start docker Application Container Engine. See
‘systemctl status docker.service’ for details.

(Ok) Reached trget Multi-User System.

(Ok) Reached target Graphical interface

(Ok) Started Stop Unreadahead data collection 45s after compiled

Starting Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes…

(Ok) Finished Update UTMP about system runlevel changes

And just keep stuck there. Now what should I do? I should be applying this temp soln and then after login the permanent. How can I disable this docker engine error now?
Thanx in advance for any help.

display – MacBook Pro 13 inch mid 2012 black screen

I have MacBook Pro 13 inch mid 2012 model..

Earlier MBP is running with macOS mojave … later I upgraded with latest version “catalina”

I found strange after upgrading macOS…few flickerings are started on the screen and Later vertical 8 cm width white patch came on the screen…

Presently total screen black and no display…now I am using MBP with second display to tv screen.

Is macOS can disturb screen display..??

Please help me..

Ubuntu ocasionally 70~80% cannot boot up, stay at black screen. However, sometimes has no problem at all

I tried add in nomodeset to see the message pop up during boot up. This is it. Anyone has idea what is going wrong here? The ubuntu I am using is 20.04. It can be booted ocasionally, but mostly of the time it just cannot…This is the image of error message

hardware – Ipad Pro 12.9″ black screen of death

Last Friday, after an usual work day with my iPad in side-car mode, I disconnected it from my macbook pro and let it sleep.

Today, when I wanted to use it again, the screen remained black. I tried the force-restart (volume up button then volume down button then power button during 5-10 sec, even 30…) with no success.

I also tried to charge it but still pitch-black.

Any other idea before Apple support…

Ubuntu 18.04 on dual boot PC on starting shows black screen with messages

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emui – Force black navigation bar

The navigation bar at the bottom of my screen adapts with the app I’m using at any given time. This would be nice if it actually worked, but for some apps even while using dark theme the bar would turn into a bright white, which just looks distracting. I’d prefer to have it be all black at any given time, but I couldn’t find any system settings for it. Is there a way to accomplish this using ADB or something?

I’ve got a Huawei Mate 20 X with EMUI 11.

Also here’s an example screenshot of an otherwise dark app having a white navigation bar:

enter image description here

reactjs – Sharing React Native Component as a “black box”

Looking for a way to share a react native component with 3rd parties without having to share the actual source code.

Something like a .jar in java or a .dll for C#.

Is this possible?

Ideally i want others to be able to

import CustomComponent from '...myCustomComponent';

but not being able to look in the actual code.

Any thoughts are welcome.

windows 10 – External monitor goes black randomly

Any external monitor where I connect laptop goes randomly going black. First only blinking. Now barely come online.

  • Dell Inspiron 7577
  • Windows 10 64bit
  • Integrated GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630
  • Dedicated GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • Connection: HDMI (laptop)-HDMI (monitor 1 HP 24uh), HDMI-VGA (monitor 2)

Was working correctly before. Didn’t change anything manually until this started happening.

  • Tried another monitor (2). Exactly same issue. Even used a different cable.
  • Other laptop works with both monitors and cables. This proves problem is in this laptop.
  • Physically moving the adaptor or moving the laptop doesn’t seem to do anything. Appears to be software.
  • Have latest Windows updates.
  • Have tried rebooting.
  • Have removed battery, and shut down computer.
  • Tried extend, duplicate, using monitor as single monitor
  • Disable both GPUs and problem persists.
  • Uninstalled both cards and removed drivers. Problem persists, so it appears it’s not either GPU’s fault either.
  • Have latest HD 630 drivers. Tried first from Dell then from Intel.
  • If I extend displays, it’s as if it was there. I can click on things. Just the monitor is black.
  • Ran 30min test on Dells support website, passed every test.
  • BIOS has latest Dell’s update.
  • Refresh rate set in Advanced display settings is within the monitors refresh rate.

No idea what else to try.