blockchain – Can I recover my Bitcoins bought in 2009?

I am a complete novice to the whole Bitcoin thing. Can someone advise me please? I bought Bitcoin in 2009 when it was first launched. I had downloaded the wallet(been told it was a Bitcoin qt wallet)to my desktop back then but no longer have the computer now. I do not remember the 12 word phrase, but I do remember the email address and the password. The email service provider shutdown in 2017, so I can’t access the original email. I only did one transaction and that was to buy Bitcoin. My questions are…

Would the transactions be recorded in present day Blockchain? Or are there many different Bitcoin Blockchains at present or just one Bitcoin Blockchain?

Can I recover the Wallet ID just by knowing the email address and password?

Are my Bitcoins lost forever?

I am getting lots of people telling me different things, so confused at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

economics – What happens if Bitcoins are lost

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In summary:

1) A “lost bitcoin” is any unspent BTC balance in an account for which the private key has been lost. Without the private key, that balance cannot be spent again. If you lose your wallet file, you are effectively losing all the private keys for the accounts (addresses) created by that wallet. It doesn’t mean that the balance cannot change, since the “lost” account can actually receive new funds (if funds are sent to its public address), but without the private key those funds will become equally inaccessible.

2) It’s impossible for the network to know when a private key was lost. A balance can remain unspent for a very long time, but it could be by the owner’s choice. So there is really no way to tell. No one can flag a wallet/account as lost, even the owner. This is because without the private key you cannot prove to be the owner anyway.

3) The Bitcoin price is simply a result of current demand/supply for it. You could say that the more lost coins, the less supply there is, so the prices will naturally rise, but that is simply a by-product of normal trading.

❕NEWS – Eterbase Exchange Plans To Get Back Stolen Bitcoins |

European digital currency exchange Eterbase was hacked and around $5.4 million worth of crypto was stolen. The funds were most likely transferred to other exchanges and so Eterbase decided to seek help from those reputed exchanges like Binance. If the exchange company decides not to accept those stolen funds, then the hackers won’t be able to get access to it and the funds may be retrieved for good.

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I do not trust exchanges they robbed me

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❕NEWS – About 1 Billion dollars in bitcoins have disappeared into thin air … |

Exactly the sum corresponding to 964 Million $, was located at an address that could be associated with the former Silk Road darknet market, which has been closed since 2013. The wallet has been considered “dormant” since 2015, as the owner has not since any movement performed.
Anyway this high sum in Bitcoin was once subject to attacks by various hackers and for this reason, the possibilities for moving bitcoins are only two:
The first is that the anonymous owner has finally decided to take back the sum.
The second, and perhaps more likely, is that some hacker managed to carry out the virtual robbery.

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time – I used a local honey badger bitcoin atm to buy 250.00 CAD worth of bitcoins, where did it go?

Ok, so it’s not my first time buying/using bitcoin. However, this is the first time I’ve used my own wallet and purchased bitcoin solely for myself. I downloaded the app Bitcoin_wallet and used a HoneyBadger bitcoin atm to purchase 250 CAD of bitcoin. After I inserted the cash and pressed the done button I printed out a receipt which listed the transaction ID, the address of my wallet, the cash rendered (250), the exchange rate plus FEE($20198.9 + 0.00010007), and the bitcoin purchased amount was displayed. I assumed this information was confirmation that my purchase was complete. However, I still have not Recieved the funds in my wallet…. I guess what I’m getting at is “Does anyone know how long it should take for the bitcoin to show up in my wallet?” I realize that it is not an instantaneous process, but I don’t know how long I should wait before contacting honey badger? If it makes any difference I am located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.