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bitcoin qt setup – BFGMiner doesn’t allow CPU mining

When I compile bfgminer like so:

./configure --enable-cpumining 

It doesn’t support CPU mining i.e. using this:

./bfgminer --cpu-threads 3 --algo c --generate-to 1Fasdfasdf --url localhost:8332 -u rpcuser -p rpcpassword

What else needs to be done to enable CPU mining with BFGMiner?

tor – Bitcoin Core Onion Service created unexpectedly

Why is Bitcoin Core onion service created when I have not mentioned anything related in bitcoin.conf?

bitcoin.conf in Windows (data directory):


bitcoin.conf in Fedora (running bitcoind)


/mnt/hgfs/mainnet -> E:Core-Backupbitcoin-mainnet (Shared folder in VM)

ls /mnt/hgfs/mainnet
anchors.dat   blocks      fee_estimates.dat     peers.dat
banlist.dat   chainstate  mempool.dat           settings.json
bitcoin.conf  debug.log   onion_v3_private_key


2021-06-12T01:19:40Z tor: Got service ID 64randomchars, advertising service 64randomchars.onion:8333
2021-06-12T01:19:40Z msghand thread start
2021-06-12T01:19:40Z addcon thread start
2021-06-12T01:19:40Z net thread start
2021-06-12T01:19:40Z AddLocal(64randomchars.onion:8333,4)

proof of work – Why isn’t Bitcoin using PoS instead of PoW?

First and foremost, the decision to use proof-of-work was a historical one. To build a network with a proof-of-stake, the underlying cryptocurrency already needs a certain value to achieve a sufficient level of security. Second, the network must also have a high entropy, meaning that the coins must be distributed as evenly as possible so that no attacker has the opportunity to obtain the majority of the coins. This was not the case with the Bitcoin launch, so this option was out of the question at the time.Furthermore, Bitcoin places a very high value on security and also on the decentralized approach of the network. It is also helpful to read the Bitcoin whitepaper to understand why Satoshi introduced PoW. There is no fully operating proof-of-stake network yet, so the technology is experimental. Those who claim that they are operating on proof of stake are still in some respect centralist.

An exception here is maybe the PoS approach of Ethereum. Their goal is to reach an truly decentralized version of PoS and have launched a PoS chain in parrallel, but the actual hard work is still done through the PoW chain. The main problem is the so-called “nothing-at-stake” problem, with Proof-of-Stake, which means that the validator has no incentive to mine only one possible fork of the network, since unlike PoW, this does not incur any costs. Therefore, with PoS, one has to introduce additional penalties for validators who mine more than one fork, which makes it difficult to implement. Another possibility are master nodes with more authority, but this contradicts the decentralized approach of a blockain.

What is a bitcoin investment website in australia?

Amityfinanceltd is an online bitcoin investment platform in australia that guarantees decent profits even to those members that have nothing knowledge about bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency trading.

bitcoin core – How can try CPU mining, just as a benchmark of CPU performance?

I don’t care about profitability even in the least.
I just want to try CPU mining as a benchmark.
I compiled bfgminer with CPU mining enabled (via ./configure parameters) however when I try to run it with this feature, pressing the M and + keys, bfgminer is unable to find the CPU as a mining device.
Then I compiled cgminer, and its minerd seems unable to even talk with bitcoin-qt.
Any ideas?

bitcoin core – Payout address format has changed?

This is a BIP173 native segwit address.

If you unselect the “Generate native segwit (Bech32) address” checkbox in bitcoin-qt, you’ll get a P2SH 3xxx address instead. Most senders these days support sending the BIP173 addresses though, which are cheaper for you to use.

The GUI no longer supports creation of legacy 1xxx addresses by default. You can override this by starting bitcoin-qt with the -addresstype=legacy command-line option. There is no reason for preferring these, except for test purposes.

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address – Creating multiple bitcoin receipt wallet

Suppose I want to send 10 000 sats to 10 different “receipt” address so that I own the 10 private keys associated with these addresses and can distribute them, the fact that the receiver know that I know these private key does not matter

I was thinking about simply creating an electrum wallet, send 10 000 sats to 10 addresses from this wallet, then export the private key of those 10 wallet on a text file and then give them one by one, the receiver being able to then create his own wallet and private key to store safely his coin whenever he want.

Could this work, and is it safe ? when I go to export on electrum to see the private key I read “Exposing a single private key can compromise your entire wallet” I could create 10 wallet but it is tedious and what if I want to do more, or is there a better method ( without lightning network ) ?


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