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blockchain: how to verify if a bitcoin address received a new transaction programmatically?

You can configure a bitcoin core node to observe new transactions and notify you about them.

This is a preferable solution, since you will not have to trust anyone to provide you with the correct information (what if they lie or are incorrect?), And you will retain your privacy (why bother with the addresses that you are interested in, to the API provider and to anyone else who listens to your connection?).

You can configure the command -walletnotify= in your bitcoin.conf file and write a bash script to alert you of the transaction in question, however you prefer (write to a log file, send an email alert, a light flashes, etc.).

For a slightly deeper tutorial on how to configure this, see this question: How do I use walletnotify?

What application software can be used to simulate the Single-Node Work Test algorithm in Bitcoin?

What application software can be used to simulate the Single-Node Work Test algorithm in Bitcoin? I want to get results like the average extraction time to get a block and I want to be able to change the nonce size and specify the block size.

Bit-Coin store –

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Start: February 27, 2020

Bit-Coin Store


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bitcoin core: blockchain save destination folder

I will activate a full Bitcoin Core node on my PC. When selecting a custom folder in which to save the blockchain, I receive the error message:
"There was a fatal error. Bitcoin can no longer continue safely and it will close."
The only button I can press is "OK", after which the Bitcoin Core application crashes / closes and restarts, the same error appears again every time. Is it a mistake or is it something that developers want to not be able to change the blockchain save destination folder?
My operating system is Ubuntu 18.04, my version of Bitcoin Core is (Snap).

Thank you.

json rpc: is it possible to skip blockchain data verification when using bitcoin core?

I just want to save my bandwidth

Running a node in pruned mode will not save you bandwidth during the initial download of the block (synchronization), you still need to download all the blocks and validate them, even if you do not store them in the long term (pruning reduces disk space requirements) . However, you can adjust your data load limits in the bitcoin.conf file.

Most RPC calls will work with a pruned node, although some will not. For a quick search of some examples, see:

bitcoin core: configure esplora to point to the IP address of the bitcoind servers – Part 2

Continuing with this publication: configure esplora to point to the IP address of the bitcoind servers

Trying to run cargo run --release --bin electrs -- -vvv --daemon-dir ~/.bitcoinbut kept saying that the .cookie The file is missing. I created the .cookie file with user:pass and now I receive the following error message:

enter the description of the image here

Any idea how to correct this?

Bitcoin Core: do you need to recover your BTC from the scam?

The investment scam is everywhere in recent times and, due to greed, people are daily victims of false promises. Can I tell you that 100% of the people or companies that advertise investments, like 2%, can guarantee the result? The rest are simple contemptuous artists who just want to take your money. Thread with caution!

This is also a signal for all regulatory authorities to fasten their belts. You should know that if cryptocurrency is prohibited in your jurisdiction, you have no business with it. The reason is that when there is a problem or abuse, the investor lacks government protection.

If you feel you are being disappointed by an investment company, here are some steps that could help you recover them if you have all your investment evidence and conversation history. The following are the process:

First, if cryptocurrency is regulated in your jurisdiction, as in the United States, file your complaint with the SEC. Why file with the SEC? Some of these companies are registered and the SEC has a duty to regulate them. The presentation will make the SEC investigate and demolish the company. Generally, this is not the case, as we have experienced in our quest to recover money for fraud victims. Virtually all companies are not registered and are generally operated by fake people with false identities. Therefore, informing the SEC may not do justice.

File a report with any law enforcement agency in your jurisdiction, such as the FBI in the United States. The essence of this is for the investigation, but it is generally not easy since most of them operate with false identities and the FBI investigation is usually very slow. Doing that before the investigations concluded, the contempt would have emptied the wallet.

The following is that if the amount lost is what you can bear, please do not support it and do not invest more.

The last option is that you should try using virtual asset recovery companies. However, I should strongly advise you to exercise caution because most of these investment companies now pose as recovery companies and are there to steal from you. This is due to our experience in the recovery industry.

Some people have been let down twice because they went to the wrong place for help. Do not despair. When you submit your claim to cryptofundrecovery (search on google), the company will review your claim to make sure you really invested in these companies and, if the same is successful, the company will proceed from there. And I am 100% sure that your funds will be recovered

bitcoin core – How to remove witness data from the block in json / hexadecimal format?

I have a JSON format block (Height: 500000) here. As you can see here, it is a segwit block and its actual size is 1048581 and the stripped size (without witness data) is 981404. I want to strip the segwit fields of the entire node and convert it into an inherited node using any built-in or implemented solution method. (To my knowledge, it cannot be done by downloading previous versions of Bitcoin Core Client and using JSON-RPC requests, because it has the problem of still having fields since the Segwit update). Or I simply want to deal with block data as inherited nodes see it. Can I download block data the way inherited nodes see it in JSON / hexadecimal format using any API or JSON-RPC call?

Bitcoin Square .NET –

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Bitcoin Square .NET

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