My Bitcoin transaction has 173 confirmations but it will not happen

I'm sure I sent it to the right address. Been waiting one day now

Can Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash potentially have the same address?

Of course.

The addresses are not really a thing when it comes to block chains: they mostly only care about the keys involved (or in the case of Bitcoin and Bitcoin-based networks, the blocking script that blocks an exit can be spent only for a certain [set of] key[s]).

Since the key generation process is based on entropy and is not based on the network for which you are creating the key, it is possible and highly unlikely that two people could generate an identical key.

It is so unlikely that any wallet you know will verify the reuse of the key in the target chain. It's simply something that is not likely to happen, as long as it has a good enough entropy source.

Note that even if you end up generating (or manually copying) a key in the networks, the actual "address" may be different, since Bitcoin uses base58 / bech32 addresses, while BCH uses base58 / cashaddr addresses. However, this is simply an encoding and does not change the underlying key needed to spend the results.

blockchain – Missing transaction – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

The coin has left the shipping wallet but never reached the receiving wallet.

Although we often say (or write) that currencies are stored in wallets, it is important to remember that this is just a convenient abbreviated analogy for communication between people.

Actually, Bitcoins do not exist in wallets, they are not stored in wallets and they do not move in and out of wallets. Bitcoins do not really travel between wallets and they do not go through one wallet or get into another wallet. That's all just handwaving and a very loose analogy.

In addition, bitcoins are not stored in the blockchain. The blockchain simply keeps a list (a diary) of transactions involving amounts of money using Bitcoin as a unit of measure.

To summarize, whatever the blockchain says that happened is what really happened. After approximately six confirmations, it is very unlikely that the block chain will change its point of view. If someone's wallet does not agree with the general consensus and established opinion of the block chain, the wallet is wrong. Possibly because the wallet is not synchronized. In theory, it may be that the reception address has been entered incorrectly, but this is relatively unlikely.

Let's say you went into a store and took out a $ 20 bill from your wallet and handed it to the merchant who put it in your wallet. Then the merchant denies receiving your $ 20. What do you do then? If you are lucky there is a witness. The witness can not resolve your dispute, you have to take that to a court of law and ask the witness to testify.

The blockchain is simply your witness. The blockchain can produce evidence but can not resolve a dispute.

The transaction is still missing.

If it is in the blockchain, it is not missing.

If it is not in the block chain, you still have the money.

Your transaction is in the block chain and, at the time of writing, you have 328 confirmations. 6 confirmations is generally taken as true. It is as true as it is possible to be. Definitely not missing. The wait will not make it significantly more concrete, more visible or more indisputable. There is no possibility of it disappearing (except for an unprecedented disaster and the possible end of the Bitcoin world)

Litcoin paper miniplayer – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

I have a couple of Physical Litecoins based on Cassius Bitcoins

I have the public key and I see that the Litecoins are there: slight_smile:

Have a private Mini key under the Stamp / label that I can not import into Litecoin Core

I keep receiving

importprivkey (…)
Invalid private key encoding (code -5): frown:

Thanks in advance

Bitcoin Core: access to the destination TX ID from the TX message transaction exit

As you know, in the bitcoin protocol and more precisely in the TX messages, we have an input and output part. We can access the transaction ID of the previous transaction through previous_output in the entry part. We can also access the output address via script in the output part tx. I want to know that there is a section in the output part tx to which we can access the destination transaction ID.

Bitcoin Payment Gateway with GOlang

I was trying to create an API that integrates with bitcoind on my server. The web API can make rpc calls for the purpose of a payment gateway for bitcoin in Golang. My question is how to integrate an API with bitcoind and make rpc calls from the API itself.

Bitcoin Core: when I use importmulti with an xprv, private keys never matter. What am I doing wrong?

When he called:

bitcoin-cli getdescriptorinfo "pkh (tpv8iDvhA6eaMDbRuH3D2DTNuH6N6LvMTVrcv7z6sVxyyY v.


"descriptor": "pkh (tpubDEuxqa8tiiuGKNJq6ft3nJwCw7rrWngmCDimPPYGQFMKJBhLpqPdtYT some of the main parts of this article in English).
"isrange": true,
"available": true,
"hasprivatekeys": true

Then I call

bitcoin-cli importmulti & # 39;[{ "desc": "pkh(tpubDEuxqa8tiiuGKNJq6ft3nJwCw7rrWngmCDimPPYGQFMKJBhLpqPdtYT7fzuDbk1AppxRdYjzeUrLaVNQRP7EYghzLDBMguY2LHHHeHMtzhm/*)#0wkkha79", "timestamp": "now", "range": 100, "watchonly": false, "label": "Hot Storage", "keypool": false, "rescan": false }]& # 39;


"success": true,
"warnings": [
      "Some private keys are missing, outputs will be considered watchonly. If this is intentional, specify the watchonly flag."

I am importing an xprv because I want to import the private keys, but they are always imported as just surveillance.

Why is this? Is it intentional?

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Can you make vanity directions of altcoin from those of Bitcoin?

I created a bitcoin vanity address that has a chain "TEST" in that.

> vanitygen -v -1 -F pubkey -C BTC 1TEST
Generating BTC Address
Prefix Difficulty: 264104224 1TEST
Difficulty: 264104224
Using 16 working threads
BTC pattern: 1TEST
Pubkey (hexadecimal): 0488ee6eb5f11979685086810a148f3cc25573e6b86572e8e79fc22ec7d9dc9d561e490b7f61d438eef870343e524d1f44518ed3cc869222ccccccccccccpccpccpccpccpccpccccccccccccgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggw
Private key (hex): F0EFC073E94C15DFAF10660005B5DF0E9654636A7A9E97738524C0896092D871
BTC Address: 1TESTUYn69qjvxwmHAXWCdDL7vRDJxAo8
BTC Privkey: 5KePyu3mmr9TJxmFsqGxDR1kS8W28PKgfs4SCALi2Yf5D4UFyF8
[2.54 Mkey/s][total 184456984][Prob 7.4%][50% in 1.1min][Found 1/1]

I also want to do those for other currencies. If I could do altcoin vanity directions of the same pair of keys keeping the "TEST, "That would save some computational resources for me.

Some It seems that altcoins have steps to generate similar addresses with Bitcoin, but they are not sure if there is any case in which this idea works.

There is some If so, what coins, for example? If ever, why?

Generation of Bitcoin addresses

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