bitcoin core – How to develop a crypto exchange leveraging on third party API like coinbase,

I got a request as a developer to develop a bitcoin exchange site like or I am to leverage on third party API like Coinbase, blockchain, it could be anything reliable API.

Users will be able to buy and sell bitcoin. For instance USER A makes an offer. USER B is interested in USER A’s offer. When USER B clicks a button, with be a switch from USER A’s wallet to USER B’s wallet. Before the EXCHANGE is done. USER B is prompted to make payment in local currency.

I have been looking at I dont know how to go about it.

Is there any other better ones to work with?

There will be some other endpoints like

Where users get list of their orders
check wallet etc
I will appreciate your contribution

transactions – Bitcoin sent , no confirmation on receiver’s or sender’s end

Transaction ID: f6132f9d9e1b80d0c852a40a172d870a3f3d4a5a8f6706300a91bc704731cf96

I do not know what is going on. I have sent the bitcoin to the receiver’s address on the same wallet and the receiver has not had any confirmation and it’s been a week now.

My bitcoin address: 38xkJbwjZ3LRbqxZoF65E9mWULejrDL8f5

bitcoincore development – Should I always run “make clean” between building different PR branches of Bitcoin Core?

You could always run make clean between builds but a lot of the time it won’t be necessary and it is slower.

Pieter Wuille usually doesn’t run make clean and only runs it when the build fails.

If it still fails after that he runs git clean -dfx. Warning: This deletes everything and resets your work directory to a fresh checkout. You’ll need to again.

(Glen Willen suggests running git clean -dfX instead of git clean -dfx as X only removes ignored files, x also removes locally added non-ignored files, including e.g. new code you did not yet call git add on)

make clean is only necessary when the configuration changes. This could be because you run ./configure with different flags or it could be because there are substantial changes to the autoconf/automake scripts when changing branches. Of course the act of changing branches isn’t relevant as the build system doesn’t know or care that you are using Git. The build system just sees some code and/or configure scripts changed and re-runs them as necessary. Without make clean it will just see existing .o files not realizing that the rules used to build them have changed

Jon Atack usually doesn’t run make clean but does if there is slight weirdness or if switching to fuzz build or back.

Thanks to Pieter Wuille, Jon Atack, Marco Falke and Glen Willen for answering this question on IRC.

Transaction taking a long time to confirm, now it doesn’t even show up on Bitcoin Explorer

So, I’m trying to spend a small amount of bitcoin on a website (not relevant) and I send over 0.0010346 BTC with a fee of 0.0000543 BTC ( 30.2 sat/byte ) and it’s been almost 24 hours, and it still hasn’t confirmed. The website stated it saw my payment, and will convert my BTC into balance once the BTC gets confirmed, and it’s stressing me out because I’m afraid my BTC was lost somehow… I’m generally new to BTC so any help is appreciated.

The transaction used to show up on Bitcoin Explorer ( which is what my wallet (electrum) directs me do, and now it doesn’t?!? Really stressing me. Transaction id is c4bea179e5e772b131c475f9030088b67dea5054a545713dc32458829fa61598

reward schedule – Combine multiple Bitcoin balances into a new wallet?

Yes, you can do that.

It is recommended to use a new receiving address for each transaction you receive.

Later, you can send all of the funds from that wallet, to a new address if you would like. But note that doing so will link your 4 transactions together, based on the common input ownership heuristic, so it is not great for your privacy.

If you need to send $1000 worth of BTC to someone, there realistically isn’t much of a reason to first send the $1000 to yourself though. You can just send that transaction straight to them.

Note: there are a number of scams which ask you to purchase BTC through an ATM, and then send it to the scammer. Beware of these scams, it is often best to just ignore them, and not pay the scammer.

replace by fee – On my first shopping via bitcoin I get “The fee for this transaction seems unusually high. (20%)” What to do about it?

I have some bitcoins in a local Electrum wallet and wanted to do my first shopping with bitcoin from a shop offering payment via bitpay for an item costing (in USD) 20 dollar.

So I went through the payment process with bitpay (Bitcoin amount is around 1.8 mBTC), disabled in Electrum as they had suggested Replace-By=Fee and then pasted bitpay’s payment url (bitcoin:?r= into Electrum.

I got to the send screen. But here I received the following warning: “The fee for this transaction seems unusually high. (20%)” as shown in this screenshot:

Electrum warning

Why is the fee so high and how can I reduce it to an “normal level” like with credit cards (say 0.5-5%)?

Restoring bitcoin core wallet – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

I am trying to restore my bitcoin core wallet, but I only have the bitcoin private key and passphrase, I don’t have any wallet. dat file.

I tried with importprivkey privatekey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

it is giving me Rescan is disabled when blocks are pruned ( code -4 )

Any help is appreciated.

Indian hodl

exchange rate – What would be the most reliable historical Bitcoin USD value data in JSON or CSV format? (Without any API/registration.)

As always, either there is zero data or there’s so much data that it’s impossible to know where to look or what to trust.

I can easily find a trillion websites showing all kinds of Bitcoin value charts and stuff, but I can’t find a single one which actually provides this easily and neatly in a JSON (or CSV) blob simply stating data like this:


(Dates and prices are made up in my above example.)

Basically, I’m trying to reliably populate my local Bitcoin price database with the values for each day since Bitcoin was created. I do keep track of the current price, as well as the “all time high” price, and have been for several years. However, for whatever reason, I have not been storing those figures. Probably because I knew that it would likely be possible to fetch a “full history” at some future point anyway.

Note: Other Stack Exchange questions about this, such as this: Historical BTC data in JSON … just contain broken links.

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