bitcoin core – transaction malleability

I've been reading about the malleability of transactions, it still doesn't make much sense.
Is there a script I can use to test it?
If the attack changes the transaction that is malleable, how is it possible that the two transactions are still in the blockchain and the miners still choose the TXID attackers instead of the legitimate one?
Why we legitimate transaction not seen by miners?

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private key: basic Bitcoin question, initialization vector

I am reviewing the source code of Bitcoin Core. I am following the code that says take a double sha 256 of the public key to get the IV and use the master key for the encryption key for the encrypted wallet.dat file. So I have completed the following:
1. Set passphrase for my walltt.dat file.
2. It took a Double sha 256 for the compressed public key
3. Place the master key as the encryption key
4. Place the encrypted private key as input data.

I don't get the already calculated private key that is shown in my dumpwallet file. Did I miss any parameters for the previous calculation?

I also recovered IV and Key from the compiled program running github. The values ​​do not match those calculated manually. Thanks for the help in advance.

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blockchain: cheap way to attack the bitcoin blockchain

The blocks are not orphaned at the level of the entire network unless there has been a successful attack of 51% (which, thank God, it is definitely not cheap since you must have the majority hashrate of the entire network). To make a single node have an orphan block, you must isolate it from the rest of the network long enough to extract a block with its current hashpower, which is presumably much less than 51%, and which must also be very large or will take a lot, long time.

You can do this on testnet or test networks without so much hash power in a much more reasonable time, however, that is not considered the main Bitcoin network.

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blockchain: which of the following bitcoin scripts will generate a TRUE result?

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transactions – payment of the central bitcoin problem

Where is my bitcoin money, when the download fails?

Your money is in Blockchain (generally speaking). It is not affected by the state of your wallet. When your wallet finishes collecting your own copy of the public Blockchain (synchronization), it can show you the amount of money it controls.

Some explanation:

A wallet does two things. First, create a local copy of Blockchain and keep it updated. Second, it stores a secret number that gives control over some money in Blockchain.

Everyone who has a traditional "full node" wallet has their own copy of Blockchain. This is just a list of all transactions. A transaction records changes in control over the amounts of money.

Bitcoins are not really sent to wallets and are not stored in wallets. As long as you have a secure copy of the secret number (private key) or a wallet recovery phrase, it doesn't matter what happens to the wallet. If necessary, you can create a new wallet and regain control of your money.

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Checking my bitcoin wallet after two years, I find that my bitcoin (0.5 bitcoin) is gone

After verifying my bitcoin account after two years, 0.00010757 of a bitcoin remains, although I explicitly remember that I have half of a bitcoin left. My first thought was that someone stole it somehow. But after reviewing my transaction history, it seems that there were additional transactions made along with the transactions that were made before. Below is a graph of my last three transactions made in CoinBase:

enter the description of the image here

The three transactions highlighted in green were the ones that were supposed to happen, but I noticed that these other mysterious transactions made alongside them also had the same ID as the intentional transactions. The three that are not highlighted add up to the amount I remembered I had two years ago, appx. 0.50055605 bitcoin. I am not sure what these random transactions are and I am not sure why after two years, my bitcoin .5 simply disappeared. I thought the matching IDs would give me some kind of clue and it seems that these random transactions are going to a different address. Were they supposed to be returned to my wallet or something?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Here are the three IDs respectively:

I am also currently using the Bitcoin-Qt client.