Proxies dont work, if i check them with Goog. But if i check them with Bing or ProxyJudge, they work

Proxies dont work, if i check them with Goog. But if i check them with Bing or ProxyJudge, they work
Can someone help? I already opened 8000 port and changed proxies from another vendor

advertising – how to get conversion tracking code in bing? says “To get started, click the Campaigns page, and then on the left pane, click Conversion Tracking“:

enter image description here

Only problem: I’m not seeing a “Conversion Tracking” link when I click on “Campaigns”:

enter image description here

If I do Ctrl + F I get no results back.

Any ideas?

azure – Lower response times for Bing Search APIs

I’m using Azure’s Cognitive Services, more specifically Bing Search APIs, but after thoroughly testing request/response times from multiple locations around the world, I notice that the response times are averaging times above 600ms for each call (!).

I’ve gone through the docs where the different Service Tiers are listed and apparently ours (S1) is already the one that offers the highest number of requests per second as well as included services (search endpoints).

Am I missing something on the Cognitive Services configuration that would allow for better response times? FYI: the endpoint’s location is currently shown as “Global”.

Best regards

High SEO error Bing webmaster tool

I recently tried to index my website with Bing but I found Errors that I don't know how to resolve, the error message was :

Remove redundant <h1> tags from the page source, so that only one <h1> tag exists.
These pages have more than one <h1> tag. Multiple <h1> header tags might confuse search engine bots and website users. It is recommended to use only one <h1> tag per page.
My website is a forum, and the front page shows my forums
please help.
thanks in advance?

I will send 40000+ real active human visitors from google, yahoo, bing etc for $5

I will send 40000+ real active human visitors from google, yahoo, bing etc

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Bing results in keyword tracker stopped updating

A few days back, I noticed that all my Bing keyword results started showing “No results available”. After poking around in the script a bit and dumping the results, it looks like the xml returned from Bing by curl indeed does not contain any results.

If I request the same URL in my browser, it works fine.

An example URL:

Visit that in your browser and you’ll see results. If the tracker script requests it instead, there are no results. Are they blocking curl? Blocking by IP? Anyone else having issues?


wordpress – Sudden drop in the number of indexed pages on Bing

So I hired a developer on Upwork to do some tweaks on my WordPress site to improve my Core Web Vitals scores. She Improved the CWV scores but my site’s index coverage on Bing plummeted from 109 to 37 indexed pages.

All was fine up until the 21st of January when the developer finished her work.

I am getting this message when I try to inspect one of the affected URLs in Bing’s Webmaster Tools:

Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools shows me these errors:

BWT Errors

Below are some of the affected URLs:

It is hard for me to say what exactly the developer changed on my site but it had something to do with caching and how the CSS and JS are delivered. My site’s indexation on Google didn’t change.

Any idea what could have caused this drop in indexation? I would very much appreciate any input.

How do I add a blog to Bing?

I am running a WordPress blog. It shows up for Google search with my name, but it’s not indexed at all by Bing. Can I add it somehow to Bing? I added it to Bing Webmaster tools, but it doesn’t see a sitemap.

EDIT: I tried to submit the sitemap, but it silently fails.

EDIT 2: I succeeded with submitting the sitemap. It now shows as „Pending”.

What’s going on with Bing search results

Hi all,

Over the years we see that Google constantly tweaks it’s algorithms, but the search results are more or less consistent and predictable. As for Bing – I did not notice many updates and the results usually were like 10 year old SEO techniques still working. Now I noticed that Bing results are completely scattered with low traffic sites on the top (it’s localized search). What are your experiences at this point?


Is there a tag to prevent Bing showing the whole contents of a page in results?

If you go to Bing and look up say “trance gemini”,

Then when the results are shown, you’ll probably see near the top, the page for Universe Guide.

Bing will show the whole contents of the page rather than just a snippet. Is there a tag or a setting in Bing tools that tells it not to do that and just show meta description or just a small snippet rather than the whole page in tabs?

Anyone says de-index your page will be downvoted as that is not helpful…