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Binance Clone

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Binance CEO Urges People To Use Brave Browser | Proxies123.com

Many many people have recommended the browser to me, so I decided to check it out. Overall, the browser is really nice but I still prefer Google Chrome, this is just my opinion though. Considering the earning, yes you can slowly earn Bat Tokens but cashing them out is a complicated task.

cryptocurrency – binance macd script in python language

def initialize(state):
    state.counter = 0


if state.counter < 4:
state.counter += 1
state.counter = 0

 if counter == 4: (every four hours)

macd = data.macd(12,26,9)
signalLine = macd(‘macd_signal’)

- Check if bot has position

has_position = has_open_position(data.symbol, truncated=True)

import numpy as np

def initialize(state):

state.counter = 0

@schedule(interval="1h", symbol="BTCTUSD")

def handler(state, data):

angle = 0

macd_ind = data.macd(12,26,9)

if macd_ind is None:


signal = macd_ind('macd_signal')

has_position = has_open_position(data.symbol, truncated=True)

balance_base = float(query_balance_free(data.base))

balance_quoted = float(query_balance_free(data.quoted))

buy_amount = balance_quoted * 0.80 / data.close_last


if state.counter < 4:

state.counter += 1


state.counter = 0

if state.counter == 4:

lastsignals = signal(-4:)

# calculating the slope of last 4 candles

slope = (lastsignals(-1) - lastsignals(0)) / 3

angle = np.rad2deg(np.arctan(slope))

print("slope: ",slope)

print("angle: ",angle)

plot("angle of signal",angle,"BTCTUSD")

if angle > 30 and balance_base<buy_amount:


print("Checking for buying possibility of {}".format(data.symbol))

print("buy amount:",buy_amount)

print("buy price:", data.close_last)

create_order(symbol=data.symbol,amount = buy_amount)

elif angle < -30 and has_position:


print("Checking for selling possibility of {}".format(data.symbol))

print("sell amount:",balance_base)

print("sell price:",data.close_last)


The first state.counter = 0 should be indented. But aside from that I have this error message:

> Engine error:   File "bot.py", line 19.
> Engine error:     if state.counter < 4:.
> Engine error:      ^.
> Engine error: SyntaxError: invalid syntax.
>   File "bot.py", line 19
    if state.counter < 4:
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

The script is meant to be used on binance for automated trading. The point is to look at the slope of macd line on a 4 hour macd candle interval. This was given to me as a pseudo code so I guess there are some things that need to be changed. Thank you

binance – Sent old ERC-20 THETA tokens to mainnet wallets

I recently sent my old Theta token to Binance as well as the Theta Wallet online (wallet.thetatoken.org), and have yet to see a balance in either wallet despite confirmations. I realize now that I sent the old tokens that hadn’t been swapped to mainnet wallets. Is there any hope of recovering my old tokens and swapping them for mainnet THETA and TFUEL?

transactions – How can bitinfocharts.com know the changes in BTC deposited to Binance?

I find this page here, which tells me how much BTC is deposited to Binance. How does this (or a similar) page work?

When I deposit BTC to Binance, I am given an address, which I am fairly sure it’s unique (since it doesn’t ask other information to be supplied, so if it is not unique, I wouldn’t be able to be identified).

How can I check that bitinfocharts is right? I know that on blockchain.com I can check the balance of an address, but what balance should I use if I am interested in Binance’s balance?


A function which takes a given block, and computes the net flow of BTC to each address:

import requests

def netbtcflow(blocknum):

    r = requests.get('https://blockchain.info/block-height/'+str(blocknum)+'?format=json')
    data = r.json()

    transactions = ({} for x in range(len(data('blocks')(0)('tx'))))
    for transactionindex, eachtransaction in enumerate(data('blocks')(0)('tx')):
            for eachrecipient in eachtransaction('out'):
                except KeyError:

            except KeyError:
            transactions(transactionindex)('to')=(address, amount)

    netflowdict=({} for x in range(len(transactions)))
    for txindex, eachtx in enumerate(transactions):
        #if eachtx('from')!='KEYERROR':
        if True:
            for recipaddress, recipamount in zip(*eachtx('to')):
                if eachtx('from')!=recipaddress:
                    netflowdict(txindex)=(recipaddress, recipamount)

    netflowdict=(each for each in netflowdict if bool(each))

    netflowdictunique=dict((each(0),0) for each in netflowdict)
    for each in netflowdict:


    return transactions, netflowdict

There are problems with this, for example this one. Would be interested in how to do the method outlined in this answer exactly (ie I would need the Ptyhon script). The above code might be helpful, will update the post if I get it to work.

binance: the purpose of USDT (and other stable currencies)?

Any institution that trades cryptocurrencies is not classified as a financial institution by definition. Therefore, any cryptocurrency related exchange only it is not subject to financial regulation and control (just like in-game currency and computer games). However, I suspect that if an exchange lists BTCUSD or BTCEUR, then they are dealing with a currency issued and regulated by a central bank and therefore subject to financial regulation.

I am correct in concluding that the purpose of currencies reflecting the real world currency, such as the USD, is to allow an exchange to deal exclusively with cryptocurrencies and to avoid falling into the realm of financial regulation, but to have a cryptocurrency (in this case, USDT) that is closely linked to a real world economy (US and world economy)?