big sur – Some applications in Big Sur do not respect Do not Disturb

When I enable DND I have some applications that do not respect it, for example, Viber, MS Teams, MS Outlook, WhatsApp, Transmission, and I’m sure others as well. Messenger, Telegram, Mail and other apps respect it.

To my understanding, each non-Apple application has to implement in their codebase the ability to monitor the Do not Disturb functionality of the OS (like they do with the system’s theme – dark or light), but DND is not a newly implemented feature for Big Sur, it exists since for a while now; thus I wonder if there is any way to easily fix that or I have to wait for each app to push an update?

I’m on macOS Big Sur v11.2.2, DND is set to “Always On”, on my Catalina MacBook Pro Viber seems to respect DND sound-wise, but still bounces in the dock.

If the issue is on my end, is there any way to kind of “reset” the DND functionality in my machine?


command line – How to invoke a UEFI Shell (v2.2) on a Fusion Player virtual machine with Big Sur installed?

I am using the current free version of VMware Fusion Player (Version 12.1.0). I have created a Big Sur virtual machine to do some testing, which involves modifying NVRAM variables. This version of VMware Fusion Player has a built-in EFI Shell (v1.0), which does not include the setvar command. This command would be useful for my testing. Currently, an UEFI Shell (v2.2) is available as a standalone download or as part of a package. This shell does contain the setvar command.

For example, archlinux-2021.03.01-x86_64.iso file can be downloaded from Arch Linux to the host Mac. If this ISO file is placed in the virtual optical drive of the client virtual machine, then the UEFI Shell (v2.2) file named Shellx64.efi can be copied from the virtual optical drive.

I have been coping the shell file to the EFI volume created during the Big Sur install. I intended to involve the shell by using the built-in VMware Fusion Player Boot Manager by either adding a boot option or directly booting from the shell file. The problem is, when the shell is involved, no output is displayed. I know the shell is executing, because I can enter the exit command to terminate the shell. Also, I can have the shell execute a script where the output is redirect to a file. By viewing the contents of the file, I can verify the shell had executed.

Originally, I thought the problem was with the shell file. However, if I create a Linux virtual machine, then output is displayed when VMware Fusion Player Boot Manager invokes the shell by either adding a boot option or directly booting from the shell file. So I feel the problem lies in how VMware Fusion Player handles virtual machines built from the Install macOS Big Sur application.

My primary question is how to get the output to be displayed? I would also accept alternate methods to invoke the shell with output being displayed. Also, I desire for the invocation have zero delay and not execute the map –terse command.

Note: VMware Fusion Player currently reports the UEFI version as 2.31.

Host Stats Guest Stats
iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013) Mac
macOS Catalina version 10.25.7 macOS Big Sur version 11.2
Memory: 16 GB Memory: 4 GB
Quad-Core Intel Core i5 2 processor cores
2.9 GHz 2.76 GHz
USB 3 (5 Gb/s) Samsung T7 SSD SATA HDD

network – sshd stops working on Big Sur after a while when accessible from the Internet

My sshd is configured to accept only public key authentication and my ISP router forwards the port 22 to my MacPro so I can access it from anywhere using Internet.
This has worked for years.
Since I’ve upgraded to Big Sur, this works once I activate the Remote Login in System Preferences but after a while, the connection fails.
Once this is the case, I cannot connect using ssh even from another machine on the same LAN. The other services work fine.

If I stop the port forwarding, this does not occur.

So I installed openssh using homebrew, ran their sshd on the port 23.
Then I changed my port forwarding on the router to target homebrew openssh: extern port 22 -> macpro port 23

Same thing: after a while, it stops accepting connections with no information in the level 3 debug logs.
Of course, Apple’s own sshd continues to work.

So it seems that the failed attempt to connect to my sshd from hackers all around the world end up saturating some kernel buffer or something and only since Big Sur (currently running 12.2.2).

Does anybody else has this problem? And maybe a solution?

icloud – Photos app on mac won’t sync OSX Big Sur

I’ve searched everywhere online and cannot seem to find an answer to my issue with the Photos app on Mac. Currently the Photos app is blank with no contents, no synced photos, nothing… every page and tab is blank.

On my mac I’m signed into the same apple-id that I use on my iPhone and I have about 2GB of photos.

This is what I see on the photos app on mac:

iCloud Image

In order to turn on iCloud photos, online instructions say to go to “System Preferences” -> “Apple ID” to turn on iCloud photos

But when I go there, its already turned on:

Apple ID page in System Preferences

I’ve tried the rebuild Photos app library option by launching the app with Command + Option selected. It hasn’t worked.

My setup:

  • Mac OSX Big Sur
  • iPhone 8 iOS 14.4
  • Both signed into the same apple id with icloud photos turned on.

I feel like an insane person.. can someone help me out?

macos – Option Shift word selection dont works in Visual Studio Code on Mac OS Big Sur. Is there a way to fix this?

I can’t exectly say when this started, but from some version of Visual Studio Code Option Shift + Right Arrow/Left Arrow selection stopped working. Currently I use Mac OS Big Sur, but I am almost sure that this started before upgrading to Big Sur. Can anyone help me to fix this?

macos – Macbook Pro 16 Failed to boot after Big Sur update now I’m unable to mount the disk even in recovery mode

On reboot it showed the cannot boot from hard drive ? screen.

I rebooted into recovery mode but it fails to mount the drive. I can see the drive there with the correct details. It says the following:

Could not mount "disk0s2" ( enter error -119930868.)
I googled the error but get lots of posts relating to external drives etc. Nothing in any posts I’ve come across has helped.

When i run FistAid on the drive it get the following:

Repairing Storage System
Performing fsck_apfs -y -x /dev/disk02s2
warning: nx_block_count is 488475719, while device block count
error: object (oid 0x1): o_cksum (0xbd26e8008dccb575) is invalid for object
Checking the container superblock.
Storage system exit code is 8.
Storage system verify or repair failed. :(-69716)

Operation failed.

If i do "disk util apfs list" in terminal i get the following:
Container ERROR -69808
APFS Container reference: disk1
Size (Capacity Ceiling): ERROR -69620
Capacity in use by volumes: ERROR -69620
Capacity not allocated: ERROR -69620
+-< Physical Store disk0s2
  APFS Physical Store Disk: disk0s2
  Size: 1894999998464 B (1.9 TB)

I need some photos and files off the drive so if anyone can help it would be very much appreicated!

mac osx – Apache 403 error after Big Sur upgrade (Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access this resource)

After upgrading my machine from Catalina to Big Sur, I can no more use a custom folder for my apache Server.

I can still use the default Sites folder.

<Directory "/Users/username/Sites/">
    AllowOverride All
    Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
    Require all granted

But as soon as I change it to any other folder, like for example /Users/username/Development/Sites/:

<Directory "/Users/username/Development/Sites/">
    AllowOverride All
    Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
    Require all granted

I get a 403 error: Forbidden – You don’t have permission to access this resource.

I checked the permissions I have in /Users/username/Sites/

enter image description here

And tried to replicate them to /Users/username/Development/Sites/, but can not use system as user when doing sudo chown system /Users/username/Development/Sites

I also tried to use _www user, but it didn’t work.

My other computer that is still under Catalina, has exactly the same configuration and permissions and it works pretty fine!

What did I miss??

linux – Importing big MySQL Database

I am trying to import a 6GB database on RHEL7.
I have been reading for
Here are my main settings in my.cnf:

debug-info = TRUE
max_exection_time = 60 * 60;
read_buffer_size = 2014K
connect_timeout = 1000000
net_write_timeout = 1000000
wait_timeout = 1000000

After changing my settings I restarted the mysql service and then

mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%max%';
| Variable_name                                        | Value                |
| binlog_max_flush_queue_time                          | 0                    |
| ft_max_word_len                                      | 84                   |
| group_concat_max_len                                 | 1024                 |
| innodb_adaptive_max_sleep_delay                      | 150000               |
| innodb_change_buffer_max_size                        | 25                   |
| innodb_compression_pad_pct_max                       | 50                   |
| innodb_file_format_max                               | Barracuda            |
| innodb_ft_max_token_size                             | 84                   |
| innodb_io_capacity_max                               | 2000                 |
| innodb_max_dirty_pages_pct                           | 75.000000            |
| innodb_max_dirty_pages_pct_lwm                       | 0.000000             |
| innodb_max_purge_lag                                 | 0                    |
| innodb_max_purge_lag_delay                           | 0                    |
| innodb_max_undo_log_size                             | 1073741824           |
| innodb_online_alter_log_max_size                     | 134217728            |
| max_allowed_packet                                   | 4194304              |
| max_binlog_cache_size                                | 18446744073709547520 |
| max_binlog_size                                      | 1073741824           |
| max_binlog_stmt_cache_size                           | 18446744073709547520 |
| max_connect_errors                                   | 100                  |
| max_connections                                      | 151                  |
| max_delayed_threads                                  | 20                   |
| max_digest_length                                    | 1024                 |
| max_error_count                                      | 64                   |
| max_execution_time                                   | 0                    |
| max_heap_table_size                                  | 16777216             |
| max_insert_delayed_threads                           | 20                   |
| max_join_size                                        | 18446744073709551615 |
| max_length_for_sort_data                             | 1024                 |
| max_points_in_geometry                               | 65536                |
| max_prepared_stmt_count                              | 16382                |
| max_relay_log_size                                   | 0                    |
| max_seeks_for_key                                    | 18446744073709551615 |
| max_sort_length                                      | 1024                 |
| max_sp_recursion_depth                               | 0                    |
| max_tmp_tables                                       | 32                   |
| max_user_connections                                 | 0                    |
| max_write_lock_count                                 | 18446744073709551615 |
| myisam_max_sort_file_size                            | 9223372036853727232  |
| optimizer_trace_max_mem_size                         | 16384                |
| parser_max_mem_size                                  | 18446744073709551615 |
| performance_schema_max_cond_classes                  | 80                   |
| performance_schema_max_cond_instances                | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_digest_length                 | 1024                 |
| performance_schema_max_file_classes                  | 80                   |
| performance_schema_max_file_handles                  | 32768                |
| performance_schema_max_file_instances                | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_index_stat                    | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_memory_classes                | 320                  |
| performance_schema_max_metadata_locks                | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_mutex_classes                 | 210                  |
| performance_schema_max_mutex_instances               | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_prepared_statements_instances | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_program_instances             | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_rwlock_classes                | 40                   |
| performance_schema_max_rwlock_instances              | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_socket_classes                | 10                   |
| performance_schema_max_socket_instances              | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_sql_text_length               | 1024                 |
| performance_schema_max_stage_classes                 | 150                  |
| performance_schema_max_statement_classes             | 193                  |
| performance_schema_max_statement_stack               | 10                   |
| performance_schema_max_table_handles                 | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_table_instances               | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_table_lock_stat               | -1                   |
| performance_schema_max_thread_classes                | 50                   |
| performance_schema_max_thread_instances              | -1                   |
| range_optimizer_max_mem_size                         | 8388608              |
| slave_max_allowed_packet                             | 1073741824           |
| slave_pending_jobs_size_max                          | 16777216             |

70 rows in set (0.01 sec)

$ mysql -u user -p database_name < database_dump.sql –force –wait –reconnect

ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line 4432: MySQL server has gone away
ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line 4433: MySQL server has gone away
ERROR 2006 (HY000) at line 5707: MySQL server has gone away

big sur – Opening pdfs on firefox in a new tab

Using Firefox 86.0 on Big Sur 11.2 and I am trying to find out how to immediately open pdfs in a new tab on firefox when I am given the option to download them. This option was available as the first option on my previous windows computer under “Open with firefox” which automatically opens the pdf in a new tab.
enter image description here

However now all I get is this and even when I navigate to “other..” and select Firefox, a new Firefox window is launched instead of a tab.
enter image description here

Any fixes for this?

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