[ Politics ] Open question: Do all men really prefer big breasts?

[Politics] Open question: Do all men really prefer big breasts? .

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FTC sends signals that it is ready to divide Big Tech if necessary

The Federal Trade Commission, Joe Simons, clarified that it could divide large technology companies if the other solutions do not work.

Adcash.com (cash traffic) is a big scam with proof (warning)

This affiliate network & # 039; Adcash.com & # 039; I just scammed 500 euros and close my account, and he didn't pay me for my work, and when I ask them, he doesn't want to answer me, so I went to a support in the name of MSN Live Chat & # 039; s (Maxime) and then, I ask here why he did that and the answer was to block me.

See attached file 70282

and here my account is suspended for no reason :(

See attached file 70283

I send them in about 5 messages and no response :(

Warning: don't trust this …

Adcash.com (cash traffic) is a big scam with proof (warning)

JB Capitals is a fraudulent company to avoid them big time [on hold]

JB Capitals is a fraudulent company to avoid them big time. Has anyone else had problems with them?

The domain of the host with a false address: how big is a red flag?

Hm I guess it depends on your priorities.
If self-preservation is your reason, keeping your own backups will solve any problem.
If it's about not supporting shady people, then I think it makes sense.

My personal priority is to support people, not large companies, in which case they are likely to use a post office box. Box or something similar to hide your address. Many people are working online from quality companies that run at home.

Find the $ lim_ {x to infty} Big ( frac {x} {e} – x Big ( frac {x} {x + 1} Big) ^ x Big) $

$$ lim_ {x to infty} bigg ( frac {x} {e} – x Big ( frac {x} {x + 1} Big) ^ x bigg) $$

I got the answer to the previous limit by applying the hopital twice taking first $ x $ outside and then dividing it to make the shape limit $ frac {0} {0} $

I want to know if there is any other method to solve this limit.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Necessary comments about something big

Hi guys!
There is something that brings me back to Digital Point.
Today, it's about the launch of a teaser video about my new company.
Could you share your comments about the video?

Thank you.

What is something your kitchen is not big enough for?

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