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Is anyone watching a Google update? Big changes SERP?

Is anyone watching a Google update? Big changes SERP?

Some sites were launched … any ideas? Share big or small news about yourself

Site Name: Tingvy
Type: Forum
Site information: is a platform to share big or small news about you.

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Big Invest – – HYIPs

I do not own or manage. The information has been published here for discussion only.

Start: November 11, 2019

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Big invest is a fairly young and fast-growing company in the world of cryptocurrency mining. Our company owns two new mining data centers for mining Bitcoin and altcoins. Our mining data centers provide optimal operating conditions for mining platforms, constant temperature and are protected and protected.

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dnd 5e: How can I run a realistic open-world game with big power differences, without resulting in constant TPK?

I would like to run a game with an open world, where the party can explore without restrictions. I would like to do it in D&D 5E, but the differences in power are very marked between levels. How can I make the world realistic, without climbing everything as players advance their levels (therefore, first only elves everywhere, then suddenly orcs, etc.). On the other hand, I don't want a TPK every two sessions, just because the players misjudged the danger.

I am familiar with conducting open-world campaigns in other games, where differences in the level of power are less marked (and can reduce the power gap through intelligent and personalized tactics and planning), but I am upset about achieving this at levels Heavy game like D&D.

[ Politics ] Open question: Trump is in big, big trouble … right?

[Politics] Open question: Trump is in big, big trouble … right?

lost 30% big volume keywords falls

Last update, I lost:
30% – binary options / forex trading blog
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up to 25% dating website

my main keywords fell, but the long tail remained stable

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