Do you think TRUMP is doing a good job of managing the coronavirus crisis, or would you rather have Bernie or Biden in their place?

Managing the coronavirus? It is a virus No one can "handle" it. There is nothing that anyone can do to stop the spread of a virus, and nothing that anyone can do to cure it.

The virus will spread through people like any other flu virus and it doesn't matter what laws or systems we establish. We are all fooling ourselves with latches, hoarding, or hand washing. The virus can be detected and transferred with just one person touching any surface. Therefore, avoiding crowds of people is pointless unless you are quarantined for the rest of your life. What no one can do.

About more things. This virus is not as dangerous unless you are an "at risk" person. Which is not the vast majority of the population.

Therefore, to answer your question, you couldn't beat up the rat that's in office. It would make no difference at all.

Does anyone seriously doubt that Biden, Bernie, Hillary or Obama would not lead a much more effective response to the coronavirus than Trump?

If Obama were president, there would still be no travel restrictions, as he considered travel restrictions to be "racist". Recall that Biden was Obama's vice president.

Sanders said Tuesday that there should be no travel restrictions as they are "racist".

Hillary Clinton has said nothing.

[ Politics ] Open question: Is it over for Bernie after Tuesday night?

Should I grant Joe Biden? Is there any chance that I can still win the nomination? PS Not everyone wanted socialism. Some do and others do not.

[ Politics ] Open question: Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Jim Clyburne and Beto Rourke support Biden. Ilhan Omar, AOC and Marianne Williamson support Bernie?

[Politics] Open question: Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, Jim Clyburne and Beto Rourke support Biden. Ilhan Omar, AOC and Marianne Williamson support Bernie?

What would you do if Bernie Sanders won?

Well, I wouldn't be happy, that's for sure. However, he would not have a sibilant attack and would remain a lunatic for four years as the Democrats did after Trump was elected.

As with other presidents in the past, with whom I did not agree or vote, I would smile and endure it (and write to my representatives, urging them to continue protecting the Constitution) until it is rejected and prayed that it cannot. Too much damage while in office.

That said, I don't think Bernie has a chance to win. Yes, you will get many votes from people you don't know better, but IMO is not enough to win.

Comrade Bernie is a millionaire. Why not share your wealth with the poor and oppressed?

How do you know he doesn't, dear? Have you seen a list of your charitable donations?

He is not a communist, honey, and we don't use "Comrade" in the United States, as you know. I realize that you think you're being pretty, but it's a pretty banal effort.

Is there a big difference between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders?

If you look at what they promise and how they plan to "pay it", their platforms are quite similar … and that was largely by design.

From the beginning, it was quite clear that the entrenched Old Guard group in DC named Warren and Harris as their hand-chosen candidates … but as has been their custom in recent years, they completely overestimated their own intelligence and greatly underestimated the level of voter sentiment against them …

Warren was supposed to be "Eligible Bernie" … someone who made all the promises right while sounding less "nuts" and appealing to established voters in the Northeast … Harris was supposed to attract voters from the West and the youth vote in general .

However, their calculation errors have now put them in trouble. Harris left a long time ago, Biden … once called "the favorite to beat Trump" … he may have left for this week next week … the notion of a Warren VP position may be a proposal to lose / lose for both Bernie and the old guard …..

First, Bernie is astute enough to know that he needs a balanced ticket to overcome the "crazy old socialist" label … Warren is only 8 years younger than Bernie and may seem "too much of the same."

The Old Guard, on the other hand, probably sees a Bernie nomination and a defeat to Trump in November as an emerging scenario of "best case" … allowing them to do what they do best: fan the flames of anger and division until it can be manipulated in your favor.

[ Politics ] Open question: Do Republicans believe that Bernie is a Nazi or a communist?

[Politics] Open question: Do Republicans believe that Bernie is a Nazi or a communist?

[ Politics ] Open question: Is Bernie Sanders a pinko?

[Politics] Open question: Is Bernie Sanders a pinko?

Why do Bernie supporters and socialists in general never talk about facts and details of the plan and only use vague and broad statements?

There is a very simple reason for this, most Trump supporters lack the intellectual capacity to understand how the plan, for example, Medicare for all, will actually cost less. Even when a conservative inclined group showed through its analysis that the plan will save billions in the long term, Trump supporters still complain. They present false calculations such as @No Chance Without Jesus (a totally unreal name since following Trump means going against the teachings of Jesus) that presents a totally false image of taxes. The rate given in that false meme would only come into effect in the income exceeding $ 10 million dollars annually, far from the figures used in the meme.

The facts are that the United States currently spends more per person on medical care than countries with universal medical care, a fact carefully ignored by most Trump conservatives and supporters / worshipers. Despite his campaign promises, Trump has done nothing to reduce health care costs and, in fact, has worked with large pharmaceuticals to extend his control of medications and, therefore, the high costs charged by them. .