dnd 5e – Can a multi-layered druid / rogue benefit from the Experience while in Wild Form?

As indicated in the part of the description of the wild shape of the druid that cites:

You also conserve all your abilities and abilities of saving throws, in addition to winning those of the creature. If the creature has the same ability as you and the bonus in its statistics block is higher than yours, use the creature's bonus instead of yours.

In addition, another bullet point in the description of the wild shape function says:

You retain the benefit of any characteristic of your class, race or other source and may use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so. However, you can not use any of your special senses, such as darkvision, unless your new form also has that meaning.

Therefore, to see if the experience class function is preserved, we should see the description of the rogue's experience function:

On the 1st level, choose two of your skill abilities, or one of your ability skills and your skill with the thieves' tools. Your skill bonus is doubled for any skill test you do and you use any of the chosen abilities.

Nothing in the description of the characteristic specifies a particular anatomy necessary to benefit from the Experience (… it would be rare if it did, honestly). Therefore, you retain the benefit of the Experience function.

Putting it all together: you still benefit from the Wild Shape Experience feature. You keep all your abilities in wild Skill, in addition to those of your new form. And if the creature is also proficient in the same skill, you use any total bonus for the ability that is greatest between yours and the beast's (for an ability in which you have experience, your own bonus is probably greater).

Object-oriented: benefit of object-oriented programming by using the attribute completely on the "temporary table"

I have problems formulating my question, but when I write in Python OOP and say, for example, I have an attribute that is a DataFrame object and I want to make transformations in that DataFrame object, is it better to do the transformation in the attribute, so .. .

self.DF = self.DF.groupby (& # 39; var & # 39;). agg ({})

or is it better to save the DataFrame in a kind of temporary variable and do the transformation in that and then re-save the attribute at the end, like …

tempDF = self.DF.copy ()
tempDF = tempDF.groupby (& # 39; var & # 39;). agg ({})
self.DF = tempDF

Is there any benefit to be made in one way or another?

Pathfinder – Can I wait until after my first attack to activate the benefit of the Power Attack feat for later attacks?

When I make a complete attack, can I choose not to activate the benefit of the Energy Attack feat for the first attack and then activate it in later attacks? In other words, can I make an attack by choosing not to Power Attack and then activate Power Attack so that all subsequent attacks are power attacks?

The Power Attack feat says:

You can choose to apply a -1 penalty on all melee attack rolls and combat maneuver controls to obtain a +2 bonus on all melee damage rolls. This damage bonus is increased by half (+ 50%) if you are performing an attack with a two-handed weapon, a one-handed weapon with two hands or a primary natural weapon that adds 1-1 / 2 times its modifier. Force. in the damage rolls. This damage bonus is reduced by half (-50%) if you are making an attack with a weapon out of hand or with a secondary weapon.


You must choose to use this feat before making an attack roll, and its effects will last until your next turn.

It does not specify that you have to choose to use the dowry before your first attack roll, just "one attack roll" in general.

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Algorithms: delete the K nodes and their corresponding subtree to get the maximum benefit.

Given a rooted tree, each node of the subtree has n node where 1st.
The nodes are the root. Each node i has some weight A[i] associate with
that. A[i] It can be negative too. Now you can remove k node from k> = 0,
In this way it maximizes the benefit.

The benefit is defined as the sum of all the existing values ​​in the root.
tree -k * X.

Where X can be any positive number.

My approach

Step 1: Create a tree where each node has the sum of its subtree.

Step 2: Find the node providing the maximum negative value.
, in terms of magnitude, that is, | -100 | > | -3 |.

yes | node.value | > | k * X | {
removesubtreeAndUpdateSubTillRoot (node);
k ++;
goto step2;
Stop processing and print the sum located in the root.

Suppose that the number of nodes is 3:
A1 = 1.A[2]= -5 and A[3]= -10.
and X = 5
And the tree is as below, Note: I am calculating the sum by inserting a new border between the nodes.


Step 1: Create a tree like this.
and the time taken will be nlogn.

Step 2 :

Now k = 0;
And it will take time O (n) to find the node that satisfies the restriction
| node.value | > | k * X | where k = 0 and X = 5.
O (n) because I need to cross the whole tree to find the match and update the sum to the root, which will take an extra time of O (log n) according to the height of the tree.

But the problem is that step 2 will take O (n ^ 2) time, since step 2 can be repeated up to the node number. Is there any way to reduce the time?

The maximum value of N can be 100,000.

magic – What is the benefit of changing the Primary Spell Factors?

I have enough experience with Mage: The Awakening, first edition, but several years have passed, and I am trying to learn again with the new Onyx Path Publishing system. In the rules about casting spells, it says that you can alter the primary spell factor of a spell by using a range.

Now I understand what it is to change the spell factor. It applies in cases where you may want to change the main factor of the spell from power to duration. My question is: Why would I want to do this?

If I can already alter the range, duration, scale and power, why would it be worthwhile to invest one of my limited limits to change the factor that is considered primary?

How to create an AMP page?

Hi guys ,

What is AMP and how to create the AMP page? What are the benefits for AMP?

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