Secrets of placement of producers and creators of rhythms for $ 20

Secrets of placement of producers and creators of rhythms

Today there are many Beat producers and producers trying to do it. But the reason why many of them do not do so is because they are not applying the right strategies to win. It takes more than just having a good track to get locations. Creating a good rhythm is only half the battle.

If you want to succeed and scale your career as a producer to the next level, you must have the right connections.

There are many producers and creators of rhythms that are very talented but lack the tools and resources they need to be seen and heard on a larger scale. Many things usually fail due to this.

Most of the creators and producers of rhythms generally create multiple tracks a day that accumulate without having a way to make the artist record them or great labels to listen to them.

I understand how it feels to be blessed with a gift and, at the same time, lack guidance and resources to help boost your career. My goal is to help future producers launch their careers faster and more efficiently and with this great tool they will do it. . This is the perfect cheat sheet for any producer at any stage of the race. For producers and creators of rhythms, having this tool of tricks for producers is of the utmost importance. When you are ready to send your music and relationships with leading artists, AnRs and record labels, this list of current and active contacts is what you will need.
These are some of the contacts you will get using my personal list:

  • More than 200 email contacts from important artists
  • over 100 emails and phone numbers from A&R
  • More than 50 main email contacts and phone numbers.
  • Direct contacts of the manager


  • Email subject lines that increase a high open rate.
  • Email scripts that increase a high response rate.

If you are too lazy to sit down and send your production via email and connect with people who can change your life, then there is no hope for you. That may sound hard, but it's true. This is only for serious producers.


Can a permanent resident of the US be denied? UU With a Philippine passport that beats Mexico?

I am a permanent resident of the United States with a Philippine passport and will travel from the United States to Mexico City on March 13. I just looked at my Philippine passport and saw it expire on March 14, a day after landing in Mexico. Will I have problems to leave / enter the United States or Mexico? I read online that you may not need a valid passport to enter the US. UU Due to my permanent residence card and that Mexico does not require a valid 6-month passport only valid at the entrance. I'm just wondering if anyone here can have answers. Thank you!

Nano Beats Xrp in a recent Binance deposit speed test



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During the Bull Race last year until the beginning of this year, many operators shared notes on which cryptocurrency was the fastest when funds were fired through exchanges to capture the commercial action. As the volume of global trade increased, many traders discovered that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) networks were becoming congested, delaying cryptographic transfers.

The cryptographic merchants soon discovered that Litecoin (LTC) was quite fast and started using it to transfer funds through exchanges. The use of LTC is partly the reason why the digital asset reached a peak of around $ 372 at the beginning of this year.

XRP used to transfer funds through exchanges

As time passed, operators soon discovered that XRP is a faster option when funds are transferred between exchanges. The XRP community has an ongoing campaign to add the digital asset as a base currency in the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

NANO takes first place when transferring to Binance

In the most recent exchange rate test performed by, NANO has surpassed even XRP to become the fastest digital asset by transferring funds to Binance. Stellar (XLM) is in second place, with XRP in fifth position. The list is constantly updated per hour.

Could it be because Binance is a representative of the NANO network?

Investigating further why NANO might be working so well in the deposit speed test, we discovered that Binance is a representative in the NANO network. Along with the fact that the NANO currency is fast (less than 5 seconds to complete a transaction), we understand why it tops the list.