sound – HP Spectre 13-3014tu Ultrabook – Subwoofer Beats Audio not working

I have an HP Spectre 13-3014tu Ultrabook (G4X24PA#ABG) running Ubuntu 20.04, which includes Beats Audio in the form of 2 speakers and an integrated subwoofer. I can not get the subwoofer to work at all, and the sound is laughable compared to Beats on Windows 8. I have read many posts regarding this, that suggest to override the chip pin value in order to enable the LFE, but unfortunately, none of the configurations I found is applicable on my one that is the IDT 92HD95.

The image shows the pins I can see using HDAJAckRetask

Any help would be appreciated.
Please let me know if more details are needed.

Sound: Beats Solo Bluetooth headphones automatically disconnect when I open YouTube / SoundCloud

The title above all explains everything. Since this morning, every time I was going to connect my headphones to Bluetooth, everything seemed fine. Then when I open YouTube / SoundCloud / any app that contains sound the earphones disconnect. I have tried to completely reset my device, reset my headphones, turn Bluetooth off and on again and still cannot get it to work. Has anyone else had this issue? What can I do to fix this? Thank you!

Why can't conservatives admit that Obama beats Trump in almost all economic indicators?

Because it goes against your expectations and desires. Of course, as loyal Republicans, they want to believe that a Republican president is going to be better than a democratic one just like the Democrats want to believe otherwise. This will lead them to ignore the evidence that goes against this assumption.

I think he is also specifically motivated by Trump and his efforts to deal with his presidency. While some Trump supporters love, or at least claim that they love, his style, I think many of them know that he behaves shamefully. So, to justify your support for him. They have to come up with something good that balance is their bad. The only clear example is the good economy. While one might have to fight to argue that Trump is doing well on things like foreign policy, or even internal politics in general, one cannot deny that the economy is doing really well. Then they cling to the economy as if this were something new. This is helped by two phenomena. First, Trump himself, in an effort to inflate his own sense of self-esteem and electoral possibilities, has repeatedly and falsely claimed that the economy has been revolutionized during his presidency. Since Trump is the leader of the Republicans, many of them are psychologically prepared to accept his word as true. But it also has to do with how they treated the economy under Obama. For most of his presidency, Republicans say the economy was tattered. Of course, this began when the economy was really tattered during the Great Recession. But their partisan interest in seeing Obama defeated led them to continue claiming that the economy was going terrible even after he started doing good. When Trump took office, they no longer had any partisan interest in denying reality. So, somehow, the problem is not that Trump's achievements are inflating more than is really justified. Instead, the problem is really that they unfairly slandered Obama's economic achievements. If I had been listening to people like Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, then I probably would have thought that the Great Recession continued until the end of 2016. Conservative media, which does not have an incentive to report good news when it reaches the Democrats, probably did not report the real economic achievements that Obama achieved. Or, they may have denounced them but contextualized them, with some justice as mediocre. One factor that has characterized Obama's economy, now Trump's economy, is the fact that growth has been extremely stable and long-term, but also relatively low. This allowed conservatives to make a plausible economic critique of Obama without completely rejecting the reality of the numbers. When Trump became president, they were able to recognize the relative positive aspects of the economy. Because most people don't follow economic trends closely and don't have things like memorized and easily comparable job creation numbers, they can't say that the numbers published by Trump or are actually a little smaller than of Obama. This is a comparison that the media would generally have to make for someone. However, partisan right-wing media have no interest in contextualizing economic growth under Trump. At least, they don't want Trump to look worse in comparison.

App Windows – Loopmasters The Train Future Beats and Soul MULTiFORMAT | NulledTeam UnderGround

Loopmasters The Train Future Beats and Soul MULTiFORMAT | 1.24 GB

The Loopmasters are proud to welcome Him. Train the Loopmasters list, with their Future Beats & Soul offer. This is raw, emotional and expressive, with a focus on cutting-edge production techniques that come together with a timeless and touching sound palette. Going through 100% royalty free, this is one that you cannot afford to lose.

Brighton was born Luke Nyeke, also known as El. Train is known for his ability to combine hip-hop, R&B and electronic rhythms with a strong nod to the US West Coast rhythm scene. Whether remixing, producing for other artists or their own releases, you can be sure that you will always add your own characteristic sound. In recent years he has released music on labels such as Laruche Records, Darker Than Wax, Jakarta Records and most recently launched his collaborative EP & # 39; Over & Over & # 39; with singer Miki Rose on her own label Shimmy Records. He has also remixed people like Ivy Lab, J-Felix and Sinead Harnett.
The Train takes you on a beautiful journey of more than 1.71 GB of content, with everything you may need to increase your creative instincts and ensure maximum efficiency with your study time. Enter to find neo-soul drum samples, hip-hop bass loops, unstable drum samples, future rhythm music loops, FX, synthesizers, vocals and more, carefully produced and ready to decorate your mixes with a colorful touch of musicality and energy.
With loops that extend between 72-160bpm, El. The train has you covered. The named genres complement each other effortlessly with this collection, but they will also be covered for hip-hop, R&B, West Coast rhythms and any other style with attention to groove and musicality.
In detail, 1.71 GB of content is included, with all audio recorded at 24 bits and 44.1 kHz. 201 loops are divided into 42 synthesizer bass loops, 40 drum loops, 32 perc loops, 24 synthesizer loops, 11 pad loops, 11 harp loops, 10 electric piano loops, 8 electric bass loops, 7 Guitar loops, 6 drum loops, 5 hat loops and 3 vocal loops. 343 one-shots are divided into 94 drum beats, 51 bass beats, 47 synthesizer beats, 21 FX, 5 bass multis and 5 synthesizer multis. Also included are 224 Rex2 files, 118 soft sample patches (for NNXT, Halion, EXS24, Kontakt and Sfz) and 5 Kong.
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Secrets of placement of producers and creators of rhythms for $ 20

Secrets of placement of producers and creators of rhythms

Today there are many Beat producers and producers trying to do it. But the reason why many of them do not do so is because they are not applying the right strategies to win. It takes more than just having a good track to get locations. Creating a good rhythm is only half the battle.

If you want to succeed and scale your career as a producer to the next level, you must have the right connections.

There are many producers and creators of rhythms that are very talented but lack the tools and resources they need to be seen and heard on a larger scale. Many things usually fail due to this.

Most of the creators and producers of rhythms generally create multiple tracks a day that accumulate without having a way to make the artist record them or great labels to listen to them.

I understand how it feels to be blessed with a gift and, at the same time, lack guidance and resources to help boost your career. My goal is to help future producers launch their careers faster and more efficiently and with this great tool they will do it. . This is the perfect cheat sheet for any producer at any stage of the race. For producers and creators of rhythms, having this tool of tricks for producers is of the utmost importance. When you are ready to send your music and relationships with leading artists, AnRs and record labels, this list of current and active contacts is what you will need.
These are some of the contacts you will get using my personal list:

  • More than 200 email contacts from important artists
  • over 100 emails and phone numbers from A&R
  • More than 50 main email contacts and phone numbers.
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  • Email subject lines that increase a high open rate.
  • Email scripts that increase a high response rate.

If you are too lazy to sit down and send your production via email and connect with people who can change your life, then there is no hope for you. That may sound hard, but it's true. This is only for serious producers.


Can a permanent resident of the US be denied? UU With a Philippine passport that beats Mexico?

I am a permanent resident of the United States with a Philippine passport and will travel from the United States to Mexico City on March 13. I just looked at my Philippine passport and saw it expire on March 14, a day after landing in Mexico. Will I have problems to leave / enter the United States or Mexico? I read online that you may not need a valid passport to enter the US. UU Due to my permanent residence card and that Mexico does not require a valid 6-month passport only valid at the entrance. I'm just wondering if anyone here can have answers. Thank you!

Nano Beats Xrp in a recent Binance deposit speed test



Now receive Crypto signals in the mobile application, it is not necessary. Telegram now operates from its mobile application, does not need a system to operate…

For more information on the latest news, update Crypto Currency. The encryption trade signals and the automated trading software are linked to the given telegram channel.

During the Bull Race last year until the beginning of this year, many operators shared notes on which cryptocurrency was the fastest when funds were fired through exchanges to capture the commercial action. As the volume of global trade increased, many traders discovered that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) networks were becoming congested, delaying cryptographic transfers.

The cryptographic merchants soon discovered that Litecoin (LTC) was quite fast and started using it to transfer funds through exchanges. The use of LTC is partly the reason why the digital asset reached a peak of around $ 372 at the beginning of this year.

XRP used to transfer funds through exchanges

As time passed, operators soon discovered that XRP is a faster option when funds are transferred between exchanges. The XRP community has an ongoing campaign to add the digital asset as a base currency in the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

NANO takes first place when transferring to Binance

In the most recent exchange rate test performed by, NANO has surpassed even XRP to become the fastest digital asset by transferring funds to Binance. Stellar (XLM) is in second place, with XRP in fifth position. The list is constantly updated per hour.

Could it be because Binance is a representative of the NANO network?

Investigating further why NANO might be working so well in the deposit speed test, we discovered that Binance is a representative in the NANO network. Along with the fact that the NANO currency is fast (less than 5 seconds to complete a transaction), we understand why it tops the list.