spells – With Form Of A Beast, if you use Strength Of A Bear, what damage do your attacks do?

The basic spell description on p179-181 is a little contradictory to the sample transformations sidebar. The main description says your abilities are unaffected and you gain the 4die attack, and doesn’t even mention the sidebar options at all.

The way I read it is the default is no stat changes, and you get a 4 die attack, modified by your normal Melee damage bonus. If you choose one of the specific forms in the sidebar, then those overrule the default, giving you stat bonuses as well as specific attacks.

Note that the specific forms also have higher difficulty and Resolve costs, and that momentum spends also let you get the stat bonuses. In theory, you could also stack the momentum spend onto one of the specific forms – if you cast Strength of a Bear with 5 successes, you could take a 6 die increase to your Brawn, as well as use the bite attack of the Bear, at a cost of 3 Resolve.

dnd 5e – The DM allowed me to use two shields, how can I get the most AC and HP, as Bear Barbarian?

To increase your ability to survive in combat

The only question that was found above was in its header, so I get out of that: how to get the most AC and HP as Bear Barbarian. But I'll also focus on making that AC and HP work for you – specifically to help you take less damage in the first place, and give you some partial healing skills.

The first tip I would give to increase your CA is raise your skill up to 20 as soon as possible. This will give you an AC of 10 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 2 = 24. (With your Defense without armor and two shields). From there, you may want to see if you can grab some magical items like the Protection layeror Protection ring, which add +1 to your AC and saving throws. And naturally, a pair of Magic Shields cannot deal damage, as many of them increase their AC without requiring tuning (credit to daze413 for this point). But some of the best defense bonuses you can get come from multiclassesone.


The best trait of your barbarian bear to help him survive is his resistance to all damage, when he is furious (other than psychic). But fury will not allow you to cast or focus on spells. Therefore, any additional help for your defense will be based on routes other than casting spells.

For being hit less / taking less damage from hits:

Counterintuitively, you may want to take multiple levels in Rogue or Monk. With your AC so high, you're unlikely to get hit much harder than spells. By taking up Level 7 in Monk or Rogue, you will win Evasion:

When you're subject to an effect that allows you to make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half the damage, instead you take no damage if you succeed on the saving throw, and only half damage if you miss. PHB p-96

Since the barbarians already have the advantage on saving throws of Dexterity (Sense of Danger), this could add considerably less damage to you. Not to mention, the "half damage" guaranteed by this ability would build up with your "stamina", causing you to take a quarter damage overall, in the worst case (if you're furious).

The rogues' main combat advantage is their sneak attack, which you cannot use unless your DM considers shields to be fine weapons (unlikely). But you would also get Uncanny Dodge's fifth level Rogue ability, which would allow you to use your reaction to halve the damage of one attack per round (with your Reaction) that manages to hit you (which would mean you would take a quarter damage in general, since the Rogue's ability is not "resistance", and would accumulate with your current resistance to damage while Rage).

Monks, on the other hand, gain the ability to dodge as a Bonus Action at level 2, at the cost of a "Ki" point. If you reached Monk level 7, you could do it seven times for a short break, which would be quite effective in preventing you from getting hit. You would also gain some control and damage ability with the Monk's "Stunning Strike", and the Monk's "Totality of Body" healing ability (if you choose the Open Hand Path as your Monastic Tradition).

Adding to your HP / Being a Damage Sponge:

You have requested "avoid magic classes". I don't know if it means that you want to avoid classes that require spellcasting (which makes sense due to your Raging restrictions), or if you opposed classes that have spell slots in general. If not the latter, a good option could be Moon druid.

Technically, transforming into an animal is not a "spell," so you can still hold an anger in a transformed form and transform into (and out of) as bonus actions while continuing the anger. This would give you all the HP of the beast you changed into, which would effectively double as you will still take half damage while raging. Additionally, you can still use the druid's spell slots to heal yourself while transformed.

Also, while Wild Shape transforms you, you can use a bonus action to spend a spell slot to recover 1d8 hit points per level of the spell slot spent. PHB p-66

Nor is it a spell, it is compatible with your Raging, allowing you to take half the damage and heal yourself.

The disadvantage of this construction is that the transformed form is unlikely to be very high AC. Even using your "Defense Without Armor", most beasts would still have a CA of 15 or less. Still, it's one of the tallest survival constructions out there, and when the HP beast falls, you return to your high AC with full HP.

I personally recommend Barbarian 5, Monk 8 (ASIs on Dex), Moon Druid 2 for your level 15 character. It would provide a combination of incredible evasion (dodging most rounds) and a great HP damper, which can be replenished in a short break. You would only get 3 rage per day, but that will give you plenty of time where you are an unstoppable and unstoppable steel skin damage sponge.

one Small multi-class annex: Barbarians get the most hit points in each level per class. Therefore, all of these multiple classes will cost approximately 20 hit points to their normal HP, as Rogue, Monks, and Druids gain 2 less hit points per level than the Barbarians. But between the 74 short rest hit points you get (transforming into a Dire Wolf or Dire Tiger twice, at 37 HP each), and the extremely increased damage reduction you'll get from Monk (dodge almost constantly and 0 damage from succeeding on an extremely common save shot for which you have an advantage), I firmly believe that you will get ahead.

dnd 5e: how much damage can a wild shaped druid bear on a spider without dying instantly?

The relevant rules are Wild Shape on pages 66-67:

It reverses automatically if it falls unconscious, falls to 0 hit points or dies.

If you reverse as a result of falling to 0 hit points, any excess damage is transferred to your normal form. For example, if you receive 10 damages in animal form and you only have 1 hit point left, you reverse and receive 9 damages. As long as the excess damage does not reduce its normal form to 0 hit points, it is not unconscious.

The other relevant bits are in 197:

When the damage reduces it to 0 hit points and remaining damage remains, it dies if the remaining damage is equal to or greater than its maximum hit point.

If it receives 18 damage from an attack, it is reduced to 0 hit points, but 12 damage remains. Because the remaining damage is equal to its maximum hit point, the cleric dies.

There are two ways to interpret the rules of instant death:

  • Instant death is fundamentally a unique, atomic operation. You apply the damage and then, under certain circumstances, the target dies. Any sequence in the description is purely to help understand the process.

  • Instant death is a series of steps. "Remains" implies a two-phase process: apply the damage and then verify what is left. Nothing "remains" unless "remaining after" something else. The example is also done in very different steps: the cleric receives damage, is reduced to 0 hit points, then the remaining damage is verified and then the cleric dies.

If you subscribe to the first interpretation, a spider-druid dies when it takes 2 damage. They take damage, it is instantly fatal and they revert their form. There it is an explicit special case to prevent unconsciousness, but there are It is not One to prevent death. The druid is dead.

If you subscribe to the second one, then the spider-druid can suffer a normal amount of damage before dying. It reaches zero, returns to the druid, instant death is checked against its druid hit points, and the special case against unconsciousness goes into action to keep it standing.

Ultimately, there is no way to solve the atomicity of the instant death process, except for the "Word of God" of a developer.

For my table, I like the Druids to use their skills as more than a combat cooldown. But if becoming a sparrow to serenade the innkeeper's daughter means that you die instantly when you fail to control your perception to see your cat Boots … Well, you're not going to have many druids turning into things other than Tigers or bears.

Thus, I must rule for interpretation two. Because he is the only one who admits my style of play. Your table may vary.

One last piece of food to think about:

The 4th level Polymorph spell uses the same mechanics as the druid's wild form ability. So, if you decide that instant death is very fatal for the shapeshifters, hope that your players never realize that they can start turning the bad guys into box turtles and stepping on them.

dnd 5e – As DM gave our dwarf cleric a bear cub as a companion, what can I do?

So I'm with 2 PCs, playing the D&D essentials kit. Most of the time we follow the plot, we add some additional things there and here and, of course, we improve a bit. I try to follow some of the rules, but not always, to make it more fun.

The PCs recently found a big brown bear and killed him. A bear cub appeared and they managed to persuade the cub to go with them and they have it now. I applied wolf statistics (I didn't give them the card yet, should I?). So now I'm thinking what this bear could do. I don't want to mobilize him as a combat partner, but to make him more passive in battles and simply help them with their perception and some other things.

I was thinking:

  1. Make the bear cub not grow over time, but rather give him an article to make the bear stronger in terms of constitution.

  2. He mainly follows them and will not run away by himself unless he is in danger of death.

Edit: Question: Does my colon make sense and what statistics should I include some other mechanics that work with this relationship between dwarf and bear? Should I allow the bear to mount once it grows?

edit2: what statistics and information can I reveal to my PC?

Monsters – Do owls bear hibernate?

There are two sources for this, one is the second edition of the reference book. Monstrous manual, which has this about the ecology of the owl bear:

Ecology: Owlbears has a lifespan of 20 years. They are warm-blooded mammals, but they lay eggs. They take advantage of anything from rabbits to bears, trolls, snakes and reptiles. Owls bears prefer temperate climates, but some thrive in subarctic environments. Like a hybrid of two animals, one daytime and one nocturnal, they have an unusual active time, wake up at noon, hunt active animals during the day and then hunt nocturnal creatures before going to bed at midnight. Owls bears are active in the summer months and hibernate during the cold season. There are rumors of Arctic white owl bears, a cross between Arctic owls and polar bears, but specimens have never been caught.

This is also corroborated by a tweet (unofficial) by Chris Perkins:

Whatever works for your world. Personally, I think they hunt like owls at night and hibernate like bears.

So, essentially the last part of what he said. You can go with the official tradition of the past and have them hibernate, or not hibernate, or any intermediate variant. If you decide to hibernate, there are previous publications that support that position.

dnd 5e: How long is the temporary HP of the Totem Spirit of the Druid Bear Circle of the Shepherd?

The totem function of the spirit of the Druid Pastor's Circle allows the Druid to summon a spirit that creates an aura with a certain effect. An option for the type of spirit is the spirit of the bear (XGtE, p. 23):

Bear Spirit The spirit of the bear gives you and your allies their power and resistance. Each creature you choose in the aura when the spirit appears gains temporary hit points equivalent to 5 + your druid level. In addition, you and your allies gain an advantage in Force controls and Force save throws while in the aura.

The PHB decision says that, unless otherwise indicated, the temporary HP may last until the person receiving it takes a prolonged rest. Now, I plan to use the Bear Spirit before short or long breaks to provide my team with some temporary HP. My fear is that it could be too much OP.

How long is the temporary HP of the totem Spirit of the bear of Druid Pastor?

Mining theory: what would be the effect of a very long bear market in the Bitcoin economy?

I don't mean being a prophet of the end of the world or spreading FUD, but I need to know if Bitcoin investors (or any PoW currency) should worry about the following scenario:

Assume that Bitcoin enters a very long bear market that makes mining unprofitable and causes the bankruptcy of many mining companies / individuals. As I understand it, the difficulty of the network will continue to increase when the "target" block is removed, regardless of the number of miners (yes?)

  1. Bitcoin price falls too low for too long
  2. Mining becomes even less profitable
  3. More miners go bankrupt and are forced to close and sell their coins at any price they can get.
  4. The massive sale causes the price to fall further due to the sudden oversupply (back to # 1). This could cause a deadly spiral (or "depression" if desired).

And on top of that:

  1. New miners cannot join the network, because the difficulty is already too high and needs substantial investment to set up a profitable mining platform. The least investors would be willing to risk due to price movements.
  2. Because more and more miners are disconnected, the network will become increasingly congested, expensive, less distributed (small investors will be eliminated first, leaving wealth in fewer hands), more risky (the 50% attack will be easier ) and, ultimately, investors could lose faith in the system.

Also, from what I understand, if there are still very few miners left, the system ceases to have value since the transaction fees will be too high and too congested for any transaction to be practical.

Is this scenario possible and is there such a threat or is something missing?

If yes, is there any way to recover?
If "no", what would protect the system?

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