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What equipment is needed for a basic product shoot studio?

Those things you must have in your list for a basic product shoot studio are that:

  • White background
  • White bounce cards made of foam
  • Table
  • Tape
  • Plenty of lighting
  • Table cloths
  • Binder clips
  • Props

Regarding backdrop, about the same number of consumers (38%) say they’re most likely to buy a product if the images have a plain white background as the number who say they want to see photos contextually (37%). That means you can’t please everyone. So, try different backgrounds, isolate the image, set the stage with lots of props, play with the lighting, and shoot from different angles.

array – Basic binary search in python

I just started learning to code during quarantine and while learning Python, I created this program for a binary search. This is really basic, so I guess there is a much easier method. If anyone knows how I can simplify this path, I would appreciate your help.

list = (1,15,37,53,29,22,31,90,14,6,37,40)
finished = False
target = 37
while finished == False:
    n = len(list)
    if target < list(int(n/2)):
        for items in range(int(n / 2), n):
        print('Item is too large.')
    elif target == list(int(n/2)):
        finished = True
        print('The item has been found.')
        for items in range(int(n / 2), n):
        print('Item is too small.')

category: can we show the lowest price of & # 39; advanced price & # 39; instead of the basic price?

Using Magento 2.3.2.

I sell plants on my website and we have set advanced prices on items for discounts & # 39; Multibuy & # 39 ;.
Buy 2, get 5% discount, buy 3 get 10% discount, buy 4 or more and get 20% discount. So far so good.

Is there a way to display the price on the category pages as the lowest priced option?

So instead of showing, say, a standard price of £ 2.99, Magento will show & # 39; From £ 2.39 & # 39; (standard price minus 20% as configured in & # 39; advanced pricing & # 39;)

Any suggestion would be gratefully received.

docker – error in basic ci implementation in gitlab fatal: remote reference could not be found

I set up the new gitlab docker, then I set up a broker docker with the docer performer based on microsoft / dotnet: last
then i added a simple project to gitlab just a dotnet core hello world
then i create a ci file as follows:

image:  microsoft/dotnet:latest

  - build

  project: "ConsoleApp"

  - "dotnet restore"

  stage: build
    build_path: "$ConsoleApp"
    - "cd $build_path"
    - "dotnet build"

so in pipleline I get this output:

Preparing environment
 Running on runner-vtysysr-project-2-concurrent-0 via e189cc9d1c60...
Getting source from Git repository
 Fetching changes with git depth set to 50...
 Reinitialized existing Git repository in /builds/root/gitlabcitest/.git/
 fatal: couldn't find remote ref refs/pipelines/18
Uploading artifacts for failed job
 ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

I looked for an error, but all the answers are about projects that have branches, but I have no branch, just a simple hello world project.

❓ASK – Basic SEO Tips | Proxies123.com

Here are the basic SEO tips for site / blog owners:

1] The keywords are chosen very well, run the keyword finder, ahrefs and see what the top 20 in Google are ranked for in your competition. Try to rank first for low competition keywords first.

2] If your site has a few days, make only 1-3 links per day, be really easy with it. If you have an old site, you can create more links.

3] Be sure to follow a combination of follow and don't follow links.

4] Use anchor texts, discovered urls to diversify, use at least 3 keywords so as not to over-optimize.

5] Avoid a pbn dollar that will damage your site.

6] Guest posting and forum posting is a good way to get traffic and ranking

7] Make sure your keywords are on h1, the image has alt tags, the sitemap has been created and submitted.

8] Use the https sites and configure the country you are going to in the google web master tool.

dnd 5e – Basic Inspiration "Continuous"

Assuming the Bardo still has the same number of Bardic Inspirations per break, this is one much Stronger homebrew, and balance isn't the only problem.

Balance Math

For this example, let's take a level 3 Bard with a Charisma of 16. For RAW they have 3d6 inspiration dice for extended rest. At an average of 3.5 per die, that's a total increase of 10.5 per long rest.

Its variant changes the d6 to a flat +2 profit, this means that for any given roll, on average, it will be a smaller profit than the RAW method. However, by granting a +2 to all rolls for a duration of 1 minute per use, the total benefit is much greater.

Assuming an average combat duration of 3 rounds, any target you use this on is likely to make 3 attack rolls and 1 save shot per combat (this is conservative). +2 per roll, 4 rolls per combat, 3 fights per day, adds to a total benefit of +24 per extended rest. That's more than double the benefit of the RAW method.

The gap only widens as you level up, at higher levels there are more spins per round and therefore the constant profit is even higher.

& # 39;But wait!& # 39; you say & # 39; This variation does not allow you to choose the important rolls. Right, it doesn't, it applies to all of them, so you never have to choose whether it's more important to use it in this attack, or save it for your next save. This is positive for power and is not balanced.

Static Bonuses

It is very rare for a feature to grant a static bonus in the 5th edition. A bonus equal to a skill score (for example, Paladin's Auras), advantage, or an additional die (for example, RAW Bardic Inspiration) are much more common. This is part of the design of the fifth edition and I generally advise homebrewers to stick with the existing examples unless they really know what they are doing.

Complicates other features

It is unclear how this would interact with the other uses of Bardic Inspiration, features like cutting words use Bardic Inspiration dice in a particular way. Would this home brewing rule also apply to other uses?

It's been like this before

The system you are describing is very close to what exists in Pathfinder 1e and 3.5e D&D. The Bardo would go through an action to start the Barda Inspiration and then be able to hold it for free, up to a certain number of rounds per day. While active, it provided a & # 39; morale bonus & # 39; static to allies within 30 feet. This bonus increased as you level up. There were other ways it could be used, but they are less relevant.

If you're determined to change this, maybe consider how it worked before, and consider how it could be adapted to fit the design philosophy of the fifth edition.

users – Basic UI / UX designer, a few questions about my portfolio

In my personal experience, 35 pages is a way of much content to digest by a single recruiter.

Here are some good references to refine your existing content:
Helpful tips to guide you in creating your portfolio content

About the index template, I suggest you treat your portfolio like a UX project and do some research on who will review it, maybe create a draft structure and validate with them.

Finally, the sections you mention may be great to mention, but in my personal experience, you don't need to add all the documentation. List all the process carried out to solve the problem / s, but do not include all the documentation.

Basic Google Adwords

Google is one of the most popular things on the Internet. Google dominates the field of search engines. According to a recent study, Google is responsible for generating more than 70% of the clicks to web pages that are searched through search engines.

Google has also come up with a way to take internet marketing to a whole different level. Due to its dominance in the market, you have the ability to set up a new pay-per-click system that aims to match sellers and buyers. Google has developed what is not known as Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is one of the most promising advertising opportunities in the Internet. It is a pay per click system that advertises websites that have the highest offers for a certain search word or phrase.

If you look at an Internet browser window and search for something in the Google search engine, you will see a section containing "sponsored links" on the right side of the screen. These are the Adwords ads. These are websites that pay to display each time a certain phrase or word is searched for through Google.


Companies bid on their preferred keywords when using the Adwords system. For example, a company that sells laptops may choose to bid on search phrases like "laptops for sale," "cheap laptops," if applicable to its products.

The offers in the Google Adwords system to obtain the first places are mainly based on two factors: the percentage of clicks and the amount of the offer. The amount of the offer will depend on the bidder himself. Offers can be as low as a penny per click up to fifty dollars per click. The bidder must know how much to spend because the system charges the bid price each time the website is clicked through the Adwords system. Another factor is the click-through rate or the rate at which people click on the website. Generally, the top three sites displayed on the Adwords screen are the most popular and have the highest offers.

How to participate in Adwords

If you are looking to use the Google Adwords system as an advertising tool, you can read the guidelines and terms of conditions through the Google website. There are a few steps we could take to get started with Google Adwords.

The first step is account creation. Google will guide you through this process. However, there are several things that one should keep in mind when creating an account. You should consider the different strategies that you would like to employ from the start in terms of keyword selection and keyword combinations in order to maximize returns from participating in this effort.

You should also target the correct market in terms of selecting the correct language and countries in which you want your ads to appear. If you are selling products that would not be useful to citizens of other countries or if the option of exporting the products is not available, you could also keep your own country. You would not like to charge by generating clicks from people who do not belong to the target market.

Creating an ad group is also a basic step in using the Google Adwords system. One should be able to conceptualize and design an attractive ad and select the correct combination of keywords.


Google will ask an advertiser what they would like to put in their ads. The ad must contain a title line and a body. The title line is made up of a maximum of 25 characters and the body must contain a maximum of two lines that contain 35 characters each.

The real challenge in ad design for Google Adwords is to effectively attract customers and click on the website. A concise but eye-catching ad is particularly efficient in attracting the attention of surfers.


When a potential customer clicks on a website through the Google Adwords screen, a continuous set of efforts must be made. The link in Adword should not necessarily be the home page of a website, but should be a web page where you can find information that is important to it. The link, perhaps, may be the "products" section of the website.

These are just a few of the basic things one should be able to digest to get a general idea of ​​what Google Adwords is all about. One must be diligent in studying the different aspects of this system in order to make the most of it.

basic xml font migration problem

I am trying to figure out how to write a simple migration from an XML source that is in a separate URL.

I have tried several different settings for the selector and so far nothing has worked. Migration and source example are below.


id: xml_test
label: xml test importer
migration_group: p_migrate
    # List here the name of the module that provided this migration if you want
    # this config to be removed when that module is uninstalled.
      - p_migrate
  plugin: url
  data_fetcher_plugin: http
  data_parser_plugin: simple_xml
    - 'http://localhost:8888/test/source.xml'
  item_selector: /root/row
      name: title
      label: title
      selector: root/row/title
  #  nid and vid commented out will allow them to autoincrement. Safe as long
  #    as nothing else is referencing them.
  #  nid: nid
  #  vid: vid
  #  type: type
  title: title

  plugin: 'entity:node'
  default_bundle: article


    Lorem ipsum
    Feeds Migrate is awesome!

This is the error I am currently getting:
Invalid argument provided for foreach () SimpleXml.php: 79
Invalid argument provided for foreach () SimpleXml.php: 79