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Recently I had a problem with my car and I took it to the dealer to have it repaired before driving a long trip for a wedding. The car had been making noise, but it started well and drove well … the noise was immediately after starting the car or parking it.

We left him on a Friday and on Saturday they told us he was the owner. Later that day, I received a call that the car was repaired and ready to be picked up. We live an hour away, but I arrived on time and my husband went home. I paid $ 648 (scandalous in my mind) and went out to start the car and it made noise! I went back to the dealership and the door slammed behind me (because that's what your door does, but it was a pleasant effect for me) and I said: "The car still makes noise and my trip has just left."

Three guys stood there with their mouths open trying to find out who wanted to deal with me. I was patient but they could say that I was not happy after paying so much money. It was closing time, so they gave me a courtesy car to drive and told me they would call me on Monday. No one called me and I had to call them to get an update and finally on Tuesday someone called me back. They said it would cost more than $ 3,500 for the repair … in addition to what we already paid and that would be more than the car was worth!

The next day, my husband and I spent the time there to talk to the service manager, who explained that he didn't think the repair would be the steering wheel gear and thought it was just the power switch. So why did we pay $ 125 for a diagnostic fee that was incorrect? He did not know. But he would fix this and I could drive the courtesy car in the meantime.

In the end, they made the repairs (power switch, another new starter and wiring) and they didn't charge us more than we initially paid them. They even finished on time so that we could take the car on a long trip without problems to arrive and return.

So, would you leave them a good review since they wanted to work with us to correct it? Or a bad review since they tried to scam us at the beginning?

sql server: is it a bad practice to automate the statistics update and re-query in a relatively small SQL Azure database?

I have an SQL Azure database that is approximately 500 MB in size. Every 2-3 weeks, the database will start to run slowly and some queries (generated by LINQ) will run out. There is no gradual increase in runtime, it only increases suddenly.

The only way to solve it is to update the statistics; Usually, I delete the consultation plans at the same time. Then return to normal.

Some of the indexes were created incorrectly with STATISTICS_NORECOMPUTE=ON at first. From changing them to OFF, the problem occurs less frequently. However, when I look at the indexes and the table creation SQL, nothing is unusual and nothing is unusual in the system. There are new rows that are added daily, but nothing unusually large or small. I read that the statistics only update 20% + 500 of the table has changed, but I have other similar databases running without problems.

So, if I scheduled the statistics update every few days at midnight, am I treating the symptom while ignoring the elusive cause? Is it a bad practice or is it the standard maintenance of the database?

usability: is it a bad practice to initiate a required change without having any marked option?

I currently have several (necessary) components in a form, in which I must select only one option (of the 2 that exist). The previous designer used a switch, however, the first time none of the 2 was selected by default, this because the client indicated that he did not want to give priority to one, so I do not know if it is a good practice and if it should change for another component, for example, a drop-down menu
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Neural networks: train mlp (input x, output y) with a black box that labels any x-y pair good / bad

The standard MLP (xay map) is trained with a set of x-y data points.

My question: What happens if there is no train data, the only supervisor leaves any x-y pair with 0 or 1. The goal is that the x-y pair generated by the MLP is always labeled 0. How to train the MLP?

.htaccess – 502 Bad Gateway nginx for a drupal subdirectory site installation

I have a default installation of drupal 8 site and a subdirectory site installation. The second Drupal site was a later thought and had to be hosted on the site's default URL in a subfolder. Both sites share the same database with the second site that has a prefix for their tables.

The problem I am experiencing with the second site, the landing page works perfectly, but any other page presents a problem, oddly enough when I see incognito that the other pages work, but when I update I get the error 502 Bad Gateway.

folder structure is as follows

 - core
 - libraries
 - modules
 - node_modules
 - profiles
 - sites
 - themes (custom default theme here)
 - vendor
 - site2 (where i installed the second site with its own custom theme)
 - default drupal files (index.php, .htaccess ....)

I didn't change anything in both .htaccess files, I also tried it in site2 .htaccess without comments and updated RewriteBase / site2 but I still get 502.

If someone could tell me the correct address regarding this problem, I searched Google and tried numerous changes to the .htaccess files.

Should I feel bad about hitting Trump with my boss who is a Trump supporter?

Please do not feel bad. It just made it much easier to decide who to fire when you have to reduce costs due to higher taxes and mandatory wage increases.

I feel lucky in one respect, I don't hire leftists at all, not in the last 10 years.


dns – Why does TELNET to my server's IP show me "connected to" a bad domain?

I have a Debian 8.11 web server configured with ISPconfig 3.1 (apache, mysql, bind, Amavisd, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, auto-update, fail2ban) installed 5 years ago following very good howtoforge tutorials, but full update every week.

But when I telnet 80, I have a bad domain "connected" but the HTTP response is good. On my server I don't notice anything abnormal …

telnet 80
Connected to
Escape character is '^)'.
  1. Can this be a sign of piracy?
  2. Can it be a sign of bad reverse DNS configuration?
  3. you have the same result when
    Do telnet 80 on my server?

Thanks for your help.

Connected to stranger

Design: Are bad programming practices typical of the software industry?

How common is this within the software industry?

Very common. Almost the same as having a plumber destroy his plumbing, a carpenter who delivers garbage or a cheap tailor who makes a suit that does not fit. That is, everything is human.

There is a good reason why this happens: people who are not really trained (or not excited) have to implement something under pressure.

This is not a problem of those people, mainly, but generally of the structures that surround software development in that company. For example, a company could have a group of interns developing their internal software; Even if those interns are bright and knowledgeable, they will only be there for a few weeks or months, and the property will change frequently.

Or someone who is excellent in the domain, but not a programmer, could hack some VBA application, etc. because it seems to be quite easy at first.

Or a well-done application ends in the maintenance phase, all good developers continue, and then it is developed by few people (the worst case: one) who know little about it, who do not have documentation, etc.

How can I make sure I am aware of the OOP and related principles? I practice in my spare time and I feel that I really need to work with a more experienced developer to improve in OOP.

There are two possible answers:

  • Or, discuss this with your boss and be sure to go into clean projects. If it is not possible, find a new boss.
  • Or: Take responsibility for this yourself. That means doing it on your own, in your spare time, or if you can, in the company, but driven by yourself (unlikely).

If the second answer sounds too cynical, let me assure you it is not. A carpenter who has a carpentry workshop at home plus no doubt he will be a better carpenter than one who does not.

For example, it is absolutely possible and a much It is fun for some people, for example, to delve into a new language like Ruby, learn not only the syntax, but also deepen the special OO aspects of that language and really deepen. All in his spare time, without having any connection to his work. It will only be a hobby, but since you are the trained professional you are, it can be as effective (or more) as sitting next to a leading developer and trying to follow what they are doing. This will be strictly for your personal development and your own fun. If you do not have fun doing this, or if you find that you simply cannot achieve any understanding, scratch that and return to the first answer.

That main developer that is training you has quite You probably learned those things exactly this way …

electrum – Recover the electron wallet with a bad seed phrase

Once I created a bitcoin wallet with Electron using a handmade seed phrase (using the words from the list of valid words that time).

Now I thought it was a bad idea, although it is possible to create wallets for abitatorial seeds, a version number is encoded within the seed and, therefore, has some kind of format.

Now I just retrieved the wallet of my initial phrase just to find it empty, with no transactions inside.

I guess the changes in the Electron code base broke the decoding of this handmade invalid seed, so now it points to some other private key that doesn't match my previous wallet.

Is there any condensed documentation, how the use of the phrase seed changed over time? How can I convert the old seed phrase into a functional wallet?

bad practice for the type of personalized message

I created my CPT along with its category … Is it a bad practice to do this?
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The reason is that my URL looks like this: