photos – Can i store and access iphotos library on external hard drive (and still have it backup to my cloud network)?

Apologies for my technical ineptness. What i aim to do i store my large iphoto library on an external HDD and access it from that so it does not us my laptops more limited SSD storage. Is it possible i can set this hard drive to backup via my computer to the same local network attacked storage that my computer backs up to. If so how would this been set up?

Cheers, Ben.

oracle – Restore non-cdb backup into pdb database

I haven’t found any information on is it possible to restore a Oracle non-cdb 19.8 backup into a container-database PDB (still 19c) , or not.
The method i have found is not suitable for my situation (convert non-cdb to pdb using DBMS_PDB.DESCRIBE – that seems to imply that the database type is converted + all data is copied during this operation, which is not the same as restoring from a backup).
*Export/import/Golden Gate are not viable options for me.

Has anyone had a similar challenge and what was the best way to get a non-cdb to get into pdb form.

backup – I want to upgrade my mysql server from 5.5. to 5.7

I want to upgrade my MySQL server from 5.5. to 5.7. The logical backup of the database may have around 60GB in size. What I am planning to do is, back up the database using the mysqldumb command and restore it using the MySQL -u root -p database < database_backup.sql command. The environment is Ubuntu. Basically, upgrading my production machine from Ubuntu 14 to Ubuntu 18. But I have come across open-source projects called MYDUMBER and MYLOADER.

I would like to know that, which is better, conventional MySQL backup and restore or using mydumber and myloader. It would be really helpful if you could share the reason as well.

Any help appreciated.

magento2 – Can I rollback backup files from different Magento 2 versions?

I have a store running on Magento version 2.3, and I want to perform a clean installation of the OS. Therefore, I made a backup of Magento’s code, media, and database. Can I rollback my store backup files from Magento 2.3 on a clean Magento 2.4 installation?

TWRP Backup of encrypted files or decrypted ones?

I’m using File Based Encryption on data partition and I want to backup it with TWRP. In this kind of encryption, there are two possibilities to backup files. First, one does not decrypt files in TWRP and take backup files as they are, backup of encrypted files. The second solution is to backup decrypted files, so I need to decrypt files with PIN code in TWRP and then take backup.

Which solution is better and has fewer cons while restoring a backup?

Restore android google drive backup after factory reset

I have google drive backup. I am using android 10 on nokia mobile. I did factory reset / erase all data. during set up I skip restore backup.

I check on google drive. I have backup on 23 February. But How do I restore that backup.
I do not find restore backup option on device. I check in setting.

ubuntu – Automatic file backup management?

I have a bunch of files (about 50 MB total) that I would like to back up every 20 minutes. Each backup should be compressed into a single (.tar.gz) file, and backups older than 24h should be removed. This process should be automated.

(I imagine this functionality is something that is widely sought for)

Short of writing my own application for this, what are my options?

PostgreSQL: How to backup only One Schema from a database and restore it to other schema having same name of database?

I have a database named "A" which has three schemas "B","C" and "D". I want to take backup of schema "C" and restore the data to Schema "B"? not sure how to do this as I am new to Postgres. pls help with commands.

filesystems – Can we copy .BAK(SQL Server Backup Files) files from on-premise server file folder to Azure Blob Storage using Azure Data Factory?

I have some SQL server backup files on my on-premise server on the E:FTP* folder and I want to copy those .bak files from there to my Azure Blob Storage Account using Azure Data Factory?
Is it feasible if so, please let me know how to proceed with?
I have searched a lot on the web, but I am not getting an appropriate method for this.
An answer or any kind of solution is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

windows server 2012 r2 – How to automate backup of specific IIS Websites

I have several Windows Server VPSs (mostly 2012 R2 with IIS 8.5) and on each of them there are several Websites but not all of them are active and need backup. I need a tool if there exists any suitable one, or willing to write a script myself, in order to automate our routine backup process of active hosted websites on each of these servers.

I first thought of writing a script (i.e. using PowerShell or Python or bash, whichever’s more suitable) accompanied with a file containing a list of websites to be backed up and then configure a scheduled task or something in order to automate the script to run like every week. I also considered designating a server as the agent to run the task so that it uses WinRM or SSH to do what needs to be done. The backup targets are a local path within that machine and an FTP server.