Background Removal and Colour Restoration on Images FAST for $3

Background Removal and Colour Restoration on Images FAST

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My services include REMOVING BACKGROUND from photos and images INCLUDING all of the following:

  • UNLIMITED REVISIONS: I will be your co-scenarist until you are satisfied with the result.
  • RESIZING PICTURES: Should you be unsure whether your picture(s) can indeed be resized feel free to pop me an email with a soft-copy ahead of placing your order.
  • DIGITAL FORMAT OF YOUR CHOICE: The finished image/photo will be returned to you usually in one of the three formats i.e., PNG, JPEG or GIF. However, should you wish to receive one in another SPECIFIC FORMAT not normally used, feel free, again, to email me with with your inquiry ahead of placing your order.
  • TRANSPARENT OR SOLID COLOUR BACKGROUND OF YOUR CHOICE: The final digital image sent to you can either be transparent or have a background colour of your choice.



Background Video – Stream vs Host / Mobile vs Desktop SEO effect

We would like to include an autoplaying full viewport background video on our sites homepage – showing off latest work etc.

There is a lot of discussion in house as to whether the video should be very short and compressed vs glossy and impressive. We have relatively good SEO at the moment – and don’t want to ruin it! So it’s raised a couple of key questions:

  • Would Google potentially penalise an 20-30mb autoplayed video on a homepage?
  • I’ve read that Google look at mobile and desktop SEO differently – therefore should we look at delivering a smaller more compressed version of the video to mobile users?
    • In the past I understand streaming vs hosting a video wasn’t classed as part of your initial page load – but does autoplaying have any impact on this? Are we still better streaming?

Our thoughts are that it may be better to show a compressed version of the video to both desktop and mobile with a click through to see the full video – but of course that means the user clicking – so if the seo trade off isn’t too great we’d rather play the impressive video from the outset.

Any advice on the above points would be great. Cheers

linux – terminal tool showing key pressed running background

Is there a terminal tool showing key pressed background like xev even without getting the focus.

I want to record terminal with asciinema, using tmux to split window and one window showing keys I pressed and the other showing the real results I am operating.

pathfinder 1e – Acceptable background by level

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with backgrounds from DND5.

It happens a lot that the story you create for your character sometimes is not as in point with what happens afterwards in-game. If you are a Lvl 1 Warrior you maybe can say you fought in the frontlines of a bloody war, and now are a retired mercenary.

Then you end-up losing to a bunch of rats the GM threw your way because the ceiling was too low and you forgot your matches.

What I want to know, is there a table/resource that has some indicator of what you may have accomplished when creating a character of a specific level?

That way I won’t embarrass myself narrating when I defeated a lich in my Lvl3 Ranger backstory, just to be inmediately destroyed by two goblins and their pet wolf in my first encounter.

I don’t mind DND/pathfinder responses, even when the power level may differ between the two, and even between versions, I’m more interested if the resource itself exists, or how to create one.

I will do background remove and photoshop editing for $1

I will do background remove and photoshop editing

Do you look for a professional image editor for Background removal services for your images? If YES, then you are in the right Gig.

Background removal, transparent background, white background is very common photo editing service.

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I am here for giving you my best service .Because customer satisfaction is my first priority.

My services:-

* Remove Background from image

* Background removal

* white background

* Transparent background

* Cut out images

* Cut out Products

* photo resizing

* Adjust lighting

* Drop shadow

* Photoshop editing

I will provide the delivery job within 6-24 hour.

I always offer unlimited revision until you satisfied with the job..

Always 100% Service Satisfaction

100% Money Back Guarantee with full refund if you are not satisfied.

NOTE: Please message me before buying any gig if you have complex images like jewelry, plants, Cages,cycles.chain.and any kind of complex product.


I will do 5 Photo Background Remove, Amazon product background remove, Background removal, resizing for $1

I will do 5 Photo Background Remove, Amazon product background remove, Background removal, resizing

If you need background removal/Amazon product background remove/Image resizing services for your product image, for your personal image or anything, then you are in the right place. I will professionally remove background within 5 hrWHATEVER Background remove or photo editing services you need:

  • Background remove (transparent background)
  • Amazon product background remove/Background removal (Amazon, Shopify,eBay)
  • Basic photo retouching
  • Color changing
  • Image resizing
  • Jpeg, Png, and Psd format Background removal files.
  • Remove objects
  • Any other work ( contact me before ordering)

Why Working With Me?

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Quick Responsiveness, Great communication
  • The best quality Amazon product background remove with fast delivery.
  • Unlimited Revisions with fast delivery
  • Not satisfied? Get your money back!

I offer this premium Background remove service with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you have any questions regarding my Background remove/Amazon product background remove/Image resizing services please feel free to send me a message. I would be happy to assist you ????Best regards,KM_ROCKY


DVWA file upload background

I’ve just started in penetration testing with metasploitable and currently trying to learn file upload vulnerability present in DVWA module. I know that somehow upload is preventing files other than images to be uploaded but I don’t understand how. I tried to look page source of ‘upload file’ webpage but I don’t see any javascripts working there. Webpage only refers to a script which also doesn’t seem to have any filters for file being uploaded. Can someone please explain what exactly in the html or JavaScript of webpage is working as a filter?

theme development – How to dynamically set a background image with the customizer without putting the css as an inline-style

Here is what I am using currently,

<div class="home-header" style="background-image:url('<?php echo get_theme_mod( 'home-header-img' ); ?>'); height: 500px; width: 100%; display: flex; justify-content: center; align-items: center; background-repeat: no-repeat">

I have the background-image being set by the customizer and it’s working great however I am unable to have inline styles due to the ThemeForest theme standards. What should I be doing here? or is there a better way to go out this? thanks

I will photoshop edits, remove background, skin retouching for $3

I will photoshop edits, remove background, skin retouching

I am professional Photoshop editor having over 5 years of experience

You are 100% at the right place !
Our services:

  • Image Photo Retouching 
  • Removing Background or changing background
  • Portrait retouching
  • Profile Picture editing
  • Adding objects to any image
  • Removing Wrinkles and blemishes
  • Whiting tooth or eyes 
  • Adjusting color / adjusting contrast,exposure
  • Creating realistic lights
  • Photo manipulation

 Finally all Photoshop jobs

Reasons why you choose me?

– 24/7 online service

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I can do photo editing and retouching face Image, remove background Images and many more for $10

I can do photo editing and retouching face Image, remove background Images and many more

I can do photo editing. I have a one year experience. I can do remove background and retouching face Image. Teeth whitening, remove pimples of Image and I can create a logos. Poster making, banner making.