Restrict app’s background battery usage using terminal (root granted)

enter image description here

Is it possible to change this setting using termux?
Answer to this question might help fix a feature of an open-source app here;

Ubuntu 20.04 freezes when changing the background image

what is the best way to deal with a frozen GUI?

I’m not able to change the bg image without freezing and am wondering if there is another option aside from reboot and try again.

20.04 – Customizing theme – where is the purple background set?

I’ve customized my GDM theme and Gnome Shell theme in Ubuntu 20.04 (using Yaru as the base).
To do this I have modified both /usr/share/gnome-shell/gnome-shell-theme.gresource and the files in /usr/share/themes for my new theme.
My GDM screen background is the color I have specified, and the GDM, Gnome Shell, and Desktop themes are exactly as I want them.

However, when I log in, I see a purple screen for about a second, just before my desktop wallpaper is displayed.

This is the sequence after I type my password and press Enter on the GDM login screen:

  1. I briefly see a dark (black) background
  2. Then I briefly see this purple background
  3. Then I see the full desktop (top bar, dock, and the wallpaper)

I’ve investigated both gdm3.css and gnome-shell.css and I did not see references to shades of purple or aubergine (either as hex or rgb values) in my modified files.

Does anyone know where this brief purple background color is coming from, so I can change/fix it?

Download is paused on Play Store when closed in the background

Downloading apps on my new Vivo Y30, whenever I try to download to an app, I have to keep Play Store running on the background. When I try to close, my download pauses. It only resumes when I open the app again. I just want to close background process to avoid having slow performance when using my phone. Any answers will be accepted.

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procedural generation – How can we generate 3D architecture in a racing game’s background procedurally with respect/similar to the real world?

AFAIK they achieve this by

Parameterized Procedural Placement

They create a workflow where you create a handful assets in this case building floors and they procedurally tweak the parameters such as Floor count,size,tint and custom props such as air conditioning outside of the buildings.

I once a saw a video about ubisoft creating a procedural assasins creed city.They premade a bunch of houses and spread them randomly.

You should desing a workflow where you control how your building floors are stacked on each other and how each floor has its own specific unique props.

This is what i would do

  • I would decide what a building floor means to me.These would be my parameters: IsGroundFloor?, width and height of the floor, how many windows, a balcony?, general tint color of the floor material and unique set of models.(Such as vegatation, flowers, air conditioning or a satallite dish perhaps?).
  • I would decide how many floors should a building has.Define the minimum and the maximum
  • I would decide what will be the floor independent objects such as fire escape ladder which starts from ground to the top of the building, some garden? or fences?

with these parameters one can create wide range of different buildings considering you feed your procedural workflow with enough assets

models – How can we generate 3D architecture in the background procedurally with respect/similar to the real world?

In the last few days, I jumped into searching is there a conventional/convenient way to build 3D architecture quickly, most likely by some accessory software like CityEngine, BIGEMAP, or google maps’ Maps SDK for Unity.

However, I couldn’t figure out the most suitable solution that typically suits the requirement of “generate 3D architecture models by the racing road which is referencing the real world map“, or just simply “build a massive amount of 3D architecture models”, efficiently and handily.

How did popular racing games like Need For Speed and Asphalt do that? Their buildings in the scene are quite outstanding to me. Could someone give me a relatively accurate answer? I need a little guide to this problem, not necessarily to be very professional but at least some tips to improve the process of doing so.

Thanks in advance!

dnd 5e – Does “Changing a skill” of Tasha allows me to changing a skill proficiency from the background for one offered by the class?

It’s up to the DM, but the language does not contain an explicit restriction.

This section is actually quite short:

Sometimes you pick a skill proficiency that ends up not being very useful in the campaign or that no longer fits your character’s story. In those cases, talk to your DM about replacing that skill proficiency with another skill proficiency offered by your class at 1st level.

That this is entirely up to the DM is hard coded into this rule. That said, the language does not contain any restriction on which skills may be replaced, it simply says “sometimes you pick a skill”.

So this isn’t like an ability score improvement where I just pick what I want. I don’t have to talk to my DM when making a decision about an ability score improvement. Working with your DM on this is just part of the process.

Personally, I see no reason whatsoever to not allow you to change any skill proficiency you want. But your DM may see a reason, and that is okay too.

dnd 5e – Did “Changing a skill” of Tasha allows me to changing a skill proficiency from the background for one offered by the class?

I was arguing with my DM that it works. But he don’t think so. Actually it seems to me there’s no restriction of the origin of a skill proficiency to it can be changed. I’ve understood from the rule that as long as you have a skill proficiency, you can change it if your DM accept. And he understood that if you can only replace it by one offered by your class it has necessarily to had been got from your class.

android – Unable to start exported activities when Drozer is running in background

I executed this command in drozer to start an exported activity.

dz> run app.activity.start --component <package_name> <activity_name>

But it works only when drozer application is running in foreground(and not in background). As soon as I minimize the drozer application in my testing device, the same command to start exported activities doesn’t work.

Initially I made a wild guess that there must be an application running in the foreground to invoke another activity through it.

But when I tried to start the same exported activity using Activity Manager like

$ adb shell am start -n <package_name>/<activity_name>

It worked even when no application was running in the foreground or background.

Can anybody please explain why drozer is unable to start exported activities when drozer application is running in the background in the device?