readability: to what extent is the blank text on a medium to light gray background objectively a bad practice?

I made the mistake of openly criticizing a web page because they asked me for an opinion. I ruled negatively. To what extent is the designer guilty of my unfavorable criticism?

Legibility judged objectively?

Here intrinsic and external factors intervene, such as monitors and eyes.

The small text, from 8 to 10px, white, in a solid tone of gray, which is somewhere between 10 and 35%, still made me fall a "star" … probably because the LCD helped me. The viewing angle of the screen, the density of pixels, maybe even the reflection of the screen could have influenced me. However, am I to blame or is this supposed to be avoided?

Since I have a slight astigmatism, I should not appreciate small sources that are too thin or light. But actually I use this configuration at this time for my desktop environment, with supbixel processing enabled as a necessity to render the font correctly, it is very thin. I'm not blind

Is it sustainable that one should not have to weigh such external factors, if one adheres to good practices, as a greater contrast between the text and the fund?

There was also no real need to choose such a clear gray. What finally gave me the impression of being careless, while the author could have tried to keep things warm and cozy with his choice of colors.

Relevance issues

The thing is that the user is not reading a poem with this configuration. I'm talking about the menu items that will only be read really until the user learns instinctively in the third word of the row.

Personally, I think readability is important. But good practices are not rules and I can not penalize the author because he violated Article X. Is this still somehow objectively A misstep from a UX perspective or is it rather that I was prone to simply "finding fault" subjectively, frustrated by not being able to read some words at a glance? To what extent is the white text on a light gray background objectively a bad practice?

Bonus question in the same line:

This menu was also hidden unnecessarily from the view, until it was invoked by a click. This superfluity made me fall another star, since it gets in the way of efficient interaction. Except, it's just an additional click. However, making a furore in the dynamics for the sake of having dynamics can be done without getting in the way.

The same question. Did I hold a valid resentment? Should the author get it or rather be offended?

Applications: Why Android can support 2 applications in split screen but not in the background?

I read another question in Ask Different about why applications have to be reloaded when you switch to another application and you come back, and I think it's the same for Android.

But why does not this happen on the split screen?

For example, when I am using an application that consumes resources (pokémon Go, for example), if I change to another application and I stay too long with it, the system will eliminate other applications (possibly the first one that consumes more), and when I return to the game, I'll have to face the (long) load again.

However, I can divide the screen while I play, have the game in one half and any other application in the other.

  • Why is it so different? If the system is capable of running Youtube and Pokémon Go at the same time, why does it kill Pokémon Go if I do a single search on the YouTube application when it is not split?

  • If the system "locks up" Pokémon Go and kills other applications when it is split, can not I "lock" it in normal mode as well?

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c # – Android studio background GPS service call and Unity

If I have a service file written in this way in Android Studio:
Manifest file:


The service file:

import android.content.Context;
import android.content.Intent;
import android.location.Location;
import android.location.LocationManager;
import android.os.Bundle;
import android.os.IBinder;
import android.util.Log;
public class MyService extends the service {
static static end String TAG = "BOOMBOOMTESTGPS";
Private LocationManager mLocationManager = null;
static static end int LOCATION_INTERVAL = 1000;
private static final float LOCATION_DISTANCE = 10f;

The private class LocationListener implements android.location.LocationListener {
Location mLastLocation;

Public LocationListener (chain provider) {
Log.e (TAG, "LocationListener" + provider);
mLastLocation = new location (provider);

public void onLocationChanged (location location) {
Log.e (TAG, "onLocationChanged:" + location);
mLastLocation.set (location);

public void onProviderDisabled (string provider) {
Log.e (TAG, "onProviderDisabled:" + provider);

public void onProviderEnabled (string provider) {
Log.e (TAG, "onProviderEnabled:" + provider);

public void onStatusChanged (string provider, int state, package extras) {
Log.e (TAG, "onStatusChanged:" + provider);

LocationListener[] mLocationListeners = new LocationListener[]{
new LocationListener (LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER),
new LocationListener (LocationManager.NETWORK_PROVIDER)

Public IBinder in liaison (intention arg0) {
zero return

public int onStartCommand (intention intent, int indicators, int startId) {
Log.e (TAG, "onStartCommand");
super.onStartCommand (intention, flags, startId);

public void onCreate () {
Log.e (TAG, "onCreate");
initializeLocationManager ();
try {
mLocationManager.requestLocationUpdates (
} catch (java.lang.SecurityException ex) {
Log.i (TAG, "can not request location update, ignore", ex);
} catch (IllegalArgumentException ex) {
Log.d (TAG, "the network provider does not exist", + ex.getMessage ());
try {
mLocationManager.requestLocationUpdates (
} catch (java.lang.SecurityException ex) {
Log.i (TAG, "can not request location update, ignore", ex);
} catch (IllegalArgumentException ex) {
Log.d (TAG, "the gps provider does not exist" + ex.getMessage ());

public void onDestroy () {
Log.e (TAG, "onDestroy");
super.onDestroy ();
if (mLocationManager! = null) {
for (int i = 0; i <mLocationListeners.length; i ++) {
try {
mLocationManager.removeUpdates (mLocationListeners[i]);
} catch (Exception ex) {
Log.i (TAG, "can not delete location identifiers, ignore", ex);

void initializeLocationManager () {
Log.e (TAG, "initializeLocationManager");
if (mLocationManager == null) {
mLocationManager = (LocationManager) getApplicationContext (). getSystemService (Context.LOCATION_SERVICE);

Can someone help me to Unity3d initiate this service and get the location of this?

Can someone give me a suggestion on how to modify the service file to get an entry for the unit? and return a series of locations?

Thank you!!

PSG out of the French League Cup the progress of Monaco

PSG, outside the Cup of the French League of Monaco, advances with the avant-garde sports, the undefeated leaders of Ligue 1 and the holders of Paris St-Germain. Neymar scored for PSG, which has won the trophy in the past five seasons.

He suffered a shock at the start of the French League Cup against the bottom of Guingamp, the vanguard of sports.

Marcus Thuram, son of French legend Lilian, scored a time penalty for injuries, adding to the opening kick of Yeni N'Gbakoto for a 2-1 victory.

read more


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Lionel Messi scored his 400th goal in the league.

When Barcelona beat Eibar at Nou Camp to recover their five-point lead at the top of the table.

Messi, the all-time leading scorer in the Spanish top flight, finished in the bottom corner for the second of Barça. The reference goal comes in the 435th game of the Argentine league. read more


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