front end – Gray Background of Initialization Cells does not Revert to White when the Initialization Cell Property is Removed

This question relates to Mathematica 12.3.0 for Linux x86 (64-bit) (May 10, 2021).

I have a particular notebook, with some Initalization cells and some normal ones. This notebook is based on Default.nb.

I am used to the standard stylesheet being such that Initialization cells are shown with light grey background.

However, I have cells which have this grey background although they are no Initialization cells. If I make them Initialization cells, their appearance does not change. If I revert them to normal cells, it also does not change in this particular notebook.

I don’t know how this could happen. If I open a new notebook, the automatic coloring of Intialization cells works as I am used since many versions. If I revert an Initialization cell to normal, the background reverts to normal white there.

If I copy such a whole cell in the particular notebook and paste it from the clipboard somewhere else to the same nb, the pasted copy also gets that background. If I paste them to a new notebook, no such quirk happens.

Any idea how I can revert the appearance of all cells to standard behavior with respect to background. The only and cumbersome way I have found so far is to copy the cell content rather than the cell bracket to the clipboard and then paste it to somewhere between cells, i.e. into a new Input cell in virgin state.

Which of the zillion OptionInspector items do I have to look up to correct this behavior?

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contrast – Color picker – what to do if the user selects the same color as the background?

The background of the color should be the color it’ll be displayed upon.

For instance it looks like the background behind the sample colors is 5F5F5F or thereabouts. If the chosen color will actually be displayed against 000000, then change that area so it’s 000000.

For bonus points, you could make the “Apply to all” button in the color being chosen, making it obvious that you will have trouble using the UI if you choose that color.

The knobs that let you change color, however, should always be well contrasted, so a person can get out of the hole they dug. You can always use the old Atari trick of making any color stand out, simply XOR with 808080.

html – How can I change background colors of even divs?

I have problem with changing color of my divs.

I dont know how to have other background color of even div, whose each is in li element.

For example:

  <li class="demo1">
    <div class="d">
  <li class="demo1">
    <div class="d">

I tried to use :nth-child but its not working at all (I only typed class name of div).

contrast – Colorpicker – what to do if the user selects the same color as the background?

I am working on a app that has an area dedicated to color choosing, like so:

enter image description here

Now, ordinarily, this works fine, but what if the user chooses the same color as the background color? It would look like this:

enter image description here

This is poor in terms of contrast and the fact that it’s a color is barely evident.

My current solution is to use a slight shadow (as pictured above) but that does not fully address the issue. What other possible solutions are there to establish contrast between the selected color and the background? Ideas would be much appreciated.

battery – Messenger(FB) app that does not run in background

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html – Move background to the left css

This HTML works fine in any editor, but when I send a sample email to the gmail based on this html Background moves to the center:

enter image description here

        <body style="padding: 0 25px;background: linear-gradient(to bottom, red 80px, black 0%) no-repeat top / auto;background-size: 900px 1020px;">

How I Can Play Youtube Videos in Background?

Is there any way that i can play youtube videos in background. Sometimes i have to listen speeches in background.