How can I configure Google Calendar to not automatically add email calendar events that were classified as spam?

How can I configure Google Calendar to not automatically add email calendar events that were classified as spam, and at the same time automatically add email calendar events that are not spam?

Amazon web services – Storage of assets such as css, js, images automatically in s3

I have an e-commerce web application that is constantly updated with css, modified js and new images that are part of visual elements such as banner images, icons, promotional images, etc. Currently, all these assets are part of the compilation that is implemented on the server.

Due to the constant addition of these assets, now my compilation has reached a size of approximately 200 MB, in which these assets occupy about 150 MB. I am looking for an approach by which these assets reside in S3 and not in the project. But manually loading each asset is an unmanageable task and that also when it is being developed and you are not sure if that asset will be part of the production version or not.

I am looking for any suggestions or suggestions to help me solve this problem.

Undo automatically deleted comment text, when a video automatically turns off and automatic playback begins

The auto play function while it is on, activates the next video at the time the video you watched ends. Even while the next video is loading, your comment has already been automatically deleted or disconnected from the video you were writing while watching the video. Can I retrieve what I wrote? I used an iPad then.

I can't find anything in the keystroke memory or the management software.

Thanks dawn

How to automatically add an Amazon affiliate link to my database using the product description

I am developing a price comparison website.

My product database is automatically updated using trembling spiders.
I want to add an Amazon affiliate link next to each item.

Since it is a dynamic and very long table, I am looking to use / build a tool that obtains for its product row its relevant Amazon product link with my Amazon affiliate code already embedded in it.

I will use an independent professional to implement, but I would appreciate if someone can direct me to how it can be implemented in order to find a relevant developer.

Thank you!

java – How can I make my animation change the frames automatically without pressing any key?

So I have been trying to discover for so long how I can loop the frames in my animation automatically without entering the user input to request the movement of my object.
I have four different frames for a sprite that I would like to go through, but at the moment it only shows the first frame. Here is the relevant code for my Play class (since everything is too long):

package simpleslickgame;

import org.newdawn.slick.*;
import org.newdawn.slick.state.BasicGameState;
import org.newdawn.slick.state.StateBasedGame;

import java.util.Random;

public class PlayScreen extends BasicGameState {

    Image enemy; 
    int enemyX = 800;
    int enemyY = 500;

    int RandomX;
    int RandomY;

    Animation blobfish, one, two, three, four;

    public PlayScreen(int state) {

    public void init(GameContainer gc, StateBasedGame sbg) throws SlickException {
        enemy = new Image("C:\Users\User\IdeaProjects\Slick2D\src\main\resources\enemy.png");

        Image() blobfishOne = {new Image("C:\Users\User\IdeaProjects\Slick2D\src\main\resources\blob-one.gif"), new Image("C:\Users\User\IdeaProjects\Slick2D\src\main\resources\blob-one.gif")};
        Image() blobfishTwo = {new Image("C:\Users\User\IdeaProjects\Slick2D\src\main\resources\blob-two.gif"), new Image("C:\Users\User\IdeaProjects\Slick2D\src\main\resources\blob-two.gif")};
        Image() blobfishThree = {new Image("C:\Users\User\IdeaProjects\Slick2D\src\main\resources\blob-three.gif"), new Image("C:\Users\User\IdeaProjects\Slick2D\src\main\resources\blob-three.gif")};
        Image() blobfishFour = {new Image("C:\Users\User\IdeaProjects\Slick2D\src\main\resources\blob-four.gif"), new Image("C:\Users\User\IdeaProjects\Slick2D\src\main\resources\blob-four.gif")};

        one = new Animation(blobfishOne, 200,true);
        two = new Animation(blobfishTwo, 200, true);
        three = new Animation(blobfishThree, 200, true);
        four = new Animation(blobfishFour, 200, true);
        blobfish = one;


    public void render(GameContainer gc, StateBasedGame sbg, Graphics g) throws SlickException {

        blobfish.draw(RandomX, RandomY);

        Random enemyX = new Random();
        Random enemyY = new Random();
        RandomX = enemyX.nextInt(1500);
        RandomY = enemyY.nextInt(1000);


    public void update(GameContainer gc, StateBasedGame sbg, int delta) {
        Input input = gc.getInput();
        blobfish.start(); //I thought this would have ran the animation.

        isMoving = true;
        keyispressed = true;

        if (keyispressed) {
            isMoving = true;


    public boolean mouseClicked() {
        return true;
        public int getID () {
            return 1;

I thought the & # 39; blobfish.start (); & # 39; The line would have started the animation.
The variable & # 39; blobfish & # 39; is the animation and & # 39; enemy & # 39; It is the image.

I am a serious newbie when it comes to Java game developers, so I would appreciate any help on why the animation is not running.

Applications: How does an application automatically detect (for example, WhatsApp) when the phone receives an SMS verification code 2FA without being granted SMS read permissions?

When installing some applications (for example, WhatsApp), the user must receive a verification code on the phone via SMS.

I noticed that some applications automatically verify this code as soon as the phone receives the text message, without the user having to open the SMS message or write the code manually. The application does this without the user granting you any permission to access or read your calls and text messages.

How is this possible, and is it a privacy or security issue?

7 – The web form disappears automatically after changing the name of the database

I am using drupal 7.65 with the web form version 7.x-4.18. I have renamed my database and made changes to settings.php after changing the name of the database, the web form automatically disappears from the website. I can see the web form node, but when I navigate to the web form section it won't show anything. Show me only the following message

"This page lists all the content of the site that may have a
web form attached ".

I have tried to clear the cache, enable / disable the web form module but I notice that it happens.

Any ideas?

Generate PDF automatically from sending web forms

First, this is under Drupal 7. I am looking for the server to save a PDF of the web form sent when a user sends it or updates it (overwriting the old one in the update). So far I have not had success with the modules fill2pdf, views pdf or printing entities to achieve this.

I have the Print module working where I can click on a link and download the PDF, but that only if I take the action.

I think the easiest way at this point would be to have a Rules action execute a custom PHP code using the PDF that the Print module is generating.

I'm not sure what that code would look like. Basically, upon submission, the Rule would execute custom PHP code. That code would use the PDF generated by the URL ( and save that file in a location on the server (go to that URL it would save it to the local machine user) for which I would like to use some tokens of the web form (private files / year / username / node title.pdf). Preferably, all this would be done in the background so that the user does not see it, but if that is not possible, redirect the user after saving the web form.

Anyone know how I can achieve this? Thank you!

A user who faces a problem with Excel 2016 (0365): Excel automatically closes it randomly without any errors

Proven troubleshooting steps:

  • When the user started to get this problem, the user is in Windows 7
  • I reprint the device to Windows 10
  • You installed the latest version of Office 2016 x86 Same problem
  • I tried x64 Bit Same problem
  • The user made tries to use Excel safe mode with the same problem
  • He tried exactly the same on different devices, but Excel closes without warnings or errors
  • I tried to verify the event logs Nothing critical or warning or information in the event logs
  • Even if the user opens Excel and blocks, the PC returns after a while. Excel will end

    • Device specifications
    • HP 840 G3 Standard

php – Condition date automatically in a single column?

I am making a form, to register a product, in mysql I have id, sku, input_date and departure_date and other columns.

When I register the product I just want the date to be automatically inserted in the input_date, I am using NOW () and if I insert the date and time but in both fields, both input_date and output_date. I just need to be entered on input_date.

Thank you

This is my code for product registration:

$consulta="SELECT sku FROM movimientos WHERE sku='$sku'";
            $sql=mysqli_query ($conexion, $consulta);
            if(mysqli_num_rows($sql) > 0) { 
                                             echo 'Ya existe la clave'; 

                      $sql="INSERT INTO movimientos 
                    (sku, nombre, descripcion, fecha_entrada, cantidad, costo, precio)  
                    VALUES ('$sku', 
                             NOW(),                                                         /*Introduce la fecha y hora actual del registro*/