pathfinder 1e – If a swashbuckler rolls a nat. 20 on Opportune Parry and Riposte, do they automatically parry attacks even if they do not beat the attack roll?


Opportune Parry and Riposte is not an attempt to ‘hit’ anything. They include that it is an

attack roll as if she were making an attack of opportunity

but then goes on to state

If her result is greater than the attacking creature’s result, the creature’s attack automatically misses.

It is an attack like an attack of opportunity for the purpose of abilities (feats, spells, etc) that affect those things but your only goal is to roll greater than the target (the rare exception to ‘meets beats’), not hit anything. Your GM may wish to allow an automatic success, but there is nothing in the rules that specifies that it works.

plugins – New Google Review testimonials should be getting updated automatically on the website

Google Review testimonials on our website, the last review on our website from Google Review is from Nov 2020, however, new reviews from this year 2021 should be auto-updating to the website. But auto updation of reviews to the website is not happening . Please provide a solution to this as soon as possible…Attaching the screenshot below for your Reference…


apt – How can I keep Firefox and Thunderbird automatically being updated to the newest version?

I received notice from my IT department to update Firefox and Thunderbird due to security issues. I thought it would be as easy as going clicking something like “Search for updates” in the menu, but I couldn’t find such an option. I ran sudo apt update and then sudo apt upgrade because I think that is how all installed software is usually updated.

However, these are the version numbers of my Firefox and Thunderbird installations as listed in the settings:

firefox version

thunderbird version

Though if I download Firefox directly here, I get version 88 at the time of writing this. Thunderbird’s newest version is 78.10. What’s going on?

script – How to automatically type pre-defined text with a simple command on IOS?

On IOS 14.4 or above, is there any way to automate the process of pasting pre-defined text into the currently focused textfield, (even a password textfield)?

In an ideal world, with the text cursor blinking, you could just say, “Hey Siri, type string_5” where string_5 has been predefined as your email address or password, for example… or maybe use some kind of keyboard plug-in.

But you can’t do that at the moment… or can you??

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. The “Paste It” keyboard app.

Result: Doesn’t work / app is seemingy broken. Even if it did work, for some asinine reason, it needs internet access and “the developer can see whatever you type.” No thanks.

  1. The Text Replacement feature of IOS, such that, for example, typing “ezpz” results in “” being entered.

Result: Works well, but this technique won’t work for password fields.

  1. The Shortcuts app.

Result: I cant figure out how to glue all the necessary peices together… or if it’s even possible. I have been able to create other simple shortcuts like sending pre-defined text messages.

  1. Just telling Siri, “type (the stuff I want to type)” or “paste (stuff).”

Result: Either doesn’t work or she thinks I want to send a text message. Siri doesn’t understand “type into the currently focused textfield.”

How do I turn CPT automatically also into category?

When I create a new post on a CPT I want to automatically turn it also into a category to appear in another CPT.
Example: I have a post type called "School Subject" and when I create the subject "Math" it will appear as category on the CPT called "Exams"

How to create a registration manual approval form where customers having a specific domain in email gets automatically approved?

Please tell me is there any way to do this. I don’t know the coding please tell if there are any plugins for that.

how to block web scraping automatically ?


some sites be web scraped frequently,
and it will make alot connection for wordpress and mysql,
are there any way to block those ip aut… | Read the rest of

finder – Automatically Delete Files From Downloads Folder Daily Unless Tagged With “Keep”?

Automatically Delete Files From Downloads Folder Daily Unless Tagged With “Keep”?

The following example AppleScript code can be used in a shell script with an /usr/bin/osascript shebang, or an AppleScript script/application, or a Run AppleScript action in an Automator workflow to delete any file in the targetFolder that does not have a custom “Keep” Tag set in Finder:

-- # targetFolder can be either an HFS path or a POSIX path,
-- # "path:to:target:folder:" or "/path/to/target/folder"
-- # 
-- # Change the value of targetFolder from "/path/to/target/folder"
-- # to the appropriate fully qualified pathname in either form.

set targetFolder to "/path/to/target/folder"

-- # The remaining code should not need to be modified, 
-- # unless the mdfind query needs to be changed.

set targetFolderPOSIXpath to ¬
    the quoted form of ¬
        the POSIX path of targetFolder

set shellCMD to {¬
    "mdfind -onlyin", space, targetFolderPOSIXpath, space, ¬
    "'! kMDItemKind == Folder && ! kMDItemUserTags == Keep'"} ¬
    as string

set posixFilesToDelete to ¬
    paragraphs of ¬
    (do shell script shellCMD)

set filesToDelete to {}
repeat with thisFile in posixFilesToDelete
    set thisFile to POSIX file thisFile as alias
    set the end of filesToDelete to thisFile
end repeat

if filesToDelete is not {} then ¬
    tell application "Finder" to ¬
        delete filesToDelete 

Note: Scroll to see remaining code.


  • As I do not have the target folder mentioned in the OP, I could not test for any permissions issues that may need addressing in: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy
  • The example AppleScript code was tested and work for me without issue in macOS Catalina using a temporary folder created within my Home folder while adding files and folders to it and tagging only some files with a custom “Keep” Tag in Finder.
  • As to “Automatically Delete Files” there are a number of different ways to accomplish this depending on how the example AppleScript code is used. If used as an Automator workflow created as a Folder Action using a Run AppleScript action the code can be used as is, replacing the default default code once the targetFolder variable is set.
  • Used as an AppleScript shell script or application it can be scheduled to run at whatever time you’d like, using any of several different methods.

Note: The example AppleScript code is just that and sans any included error handling does not contain any additional error handling as may be appropriate. The onus is upon the user to add any error handling as may be appropriate, needed or wanted. Have a look at the try statement and error statement in the AppleScript Language Guide. See also, Working with Errors. Additionally, the use of the delay command may be necessary between events where appropriate, e.g. delay 0.5, with the value of the delay set appropriately.

charging – Automatically power on Android when the charger is connected

fastboot oem off-mode-charge 0 is the genuine method if your device supports. It’s Google’s recommended method but not all OEMs/vendors implement the command in bootloader. Or on some devices it’s reset on next reboot. If off-mode-charge is disabled, bootloader won’t pass androidboot.mode=charger commandline parameter to kernel when charger is inserted, so device boots normally.

Otherwise when ro.bootmode property is set to charger on boot, init doesn’t continue the normal boot process. Instead limited number of services are started and charging animation is displayed. So you can instruct init to reboot the device whenever charger mode is detected. Create a new .rc file or edit any existing one:

# /system/etc/init/off_mode_charge.rc

on charger
    setprop sys.powerctl reboot,leaving-off-mode-charging

Or execute reboot binary:

on charger
    exec - -- /system/bin/reboot leaving-off-mode-charging

But if SELinux is enforcing, stock policy may not let init execute /system/bin/reboot. So use Magisk’s context (or whatever rooting solution you use):

on charger
    exec u:r:magisk:s0 -- /system/bin/reboot

Don’t forget to set permissions on *.rc file (chown 0.0, chmod 0644, chcon u:object_r:system_file:s0).

It’s also possible to continue boot process instead of restarting the device by replacing class_start charger with trigger late-init in /init.rc file:

on charger
    #class_start charger
    trigger late-init

Or by setting property sys.boot_from_charger_mode:

on charger
    setprop sys.boot_from_charger_mode 1
  • This method should work on all devices irrespective of OEM as it doesn’t depend on vendor-specific charging binaries like playlpm, battery_charging, chargeonlymode, zchgd, kpoc_charger and so on.
  • Also replacing binaries of important services like healthd – which take care of a lot of things related to battery, storage etc. – is not a good idea. In this case if the service runs both in charger and normal mode, device may get into bootloop.
  • On non-System-as-Root devices it’s not necessary to modify /system partition (e.g. if you don’t want to break dm-verity for OTA updates to work). Simply unpack boot.img and edit /init.rc file in ramdisk.
  • Though unnecessary, it’s also possible to execute an init.d script from .rc file. For reference see How to run an executable on boot? and How to power off when charger is removed?.


javascript – How to capture window or desktop screen and upload automatically in database in php/js?

I am trying to make like a remote monitoring where it will capture the user screen every 15 minutes (time interval) and upload automatically in the database. Is that possible using php/js?

There is imagegrabscreen(); but I don’t have any idea to upload it automatically. Note: it is for users that are borrowing companies’ pc for work.