kubuntu – how to remove automatic shutdown in ubuntu

So my friend is trying to use an old thinkpad that has Kubuntu on it but we found out that it has an automatic shutdown from 11pm -7pm, that his mother put on it years ago. We managed to get the system to run by messing with the clock in bios and configuring it to make i think it was a different time of day. The problem is we don’t know what program is being used to shutdown the pc, We think the shutdown has something to do with system md. We cant connect to the internet because the pc just resets the bios clock every time we connect. So my question is there a way to disable the shutdown without having to reinstall linux.

siem – Convert log into QRADAR format and automatic log import

I state that I do not have a solid background in security. I am a software developer and I am writing here to start to reasoning about a new task (somehow related to security) that I have to implement and maybe someone of you can help me to clarify the situation.

Basically I have to implement the following thing: an application produces logs (standard output text files) and I have to bring these logs into QRADAR SIEM.

So my doubts are:

  1. From what I know (absolutly not sure of this assertion): first of all I have to convert these log files into CEF format (Common Event Format) and I can give this format to QRADAR. It make sense for you?

  2. What about the automatic import of this converted CEF format? QRADAR provides an API that I can call passing it the events or something similar?

Automatic Browser Tab Refresher

How many of you use addons to your browsers, that allow you to refresh any page/tab, at any rate you want it to? I have one for Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. I generally use it to keep tabs of certain forums, while I am not looking directly at it. For example, I may use it to refresh FP every few minutes or so, or leave it running on a 30 second refresh of the whose online page.

Do MySQL can do automatic EXPLAIN on every query?

We only have two Junior DBAs, no Senior DBAs, no one to guide us. We need to review each and every query for almost 30 large projects. Each query took between 5 minutes and two hours depending on the query. As a reviewer, it was a real drag on my time.

My question is, do MySQL can do automatic EXPLAIN on each query, without having to run EXPLAIN by hand and log the result of un-optimized queries? Or maybe by cronjob? If possible, how to do this?

web part – SharePoint online upload webpart automatic deployment – ASP.NET MVC

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iphone – Does iOS 13 or Safari create automatic reminders based on visiting a website?

We run a web app that deals with “events” (generalized description, but good enough for this purpose). Each event has a page, with a due date. The event organizer creates the event page, including setting the due date, through our web app. Over the course of the usage of this app, they would also visit another page for the event that includes a simple javascript count-down timer to the due date. Our web app does not do any browser-based or “push” notifications that we are aware of.

We have been getting reports from a small number of our users that ask us to stop sending them reminders about their event after the due date has passed. The problem is that we do not, as far as we know, send any such reminders. These users have exclusively been on iPhone and iOS 13. With users that provide more information, it seems that the reminder is coming from Safari and they are able to delete/remove it.

What we’re wondering is:

  • In iOS 13, are any such reminders set automatically, without the user needing to set them themselves? Or are all reminders created with explicit user action/consent?
  • Any tips for us being able to reproduce this issue on our test iPhones? We have been unable to do so thus far.
  • This is more of a developer question, but is there anything we can do, as a website/webapp, to prevent Safari from either creating, or suggesting to create, such reminders?

debian – Automatic restart of isc-dhcp-server

I’m a Debian and Raspbian newbie, and have a question about automatically restarting the ISC DHCP server.

I have a Pi running Raspbian and the ISC DHCP server at a remote site with flaky power. Everything’s on a UPS, but when the Pi comes back after power loss and UPS battery drain, systemctl shows the DHCP server status as failed.

I think this is an order-of-operations issue, where the Pi comes online before the router or switch are up, and can’t start the service as a result.

How to get systemd to handle automatic restart of the DHCP server when it gets in this state?

I’m aware of the “Restart=always” command for systemctl, but can’t find a unit file for the DHCP server to append it. The dhcp client has one, but not the server. This puzzles me, since the output of “systemctl list-unit –type=service” includes the DHCP server.

Thanks in advances for clues on getting this service to restart.

Snort automatic protocol detection

Does Snort have the "automatic protocol detection" function like Suricata? I read that Snort 3 has "Autodetect services for portless configuration" feature. Does it mean that this function is absent in Snort 2? Or they are completely different functions?

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If everyone is supposed to be equal, wouldn’t bringing back affirmative action give automatic preference to some people?

You are missing the point. “supposed to be equal”. If starting very much unequal, some have advantages they were born into through no merit or accomplishments of their own. Affirmative action is not supposed to be in its original form but is instead meant to give EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, which does not exist today.

There is a massive skew of wealth in the USA. Donald Trump started with avoiding military service, entry into a fine graduate school with family connection assistance, a “small” million dollar loan from a parent (today five times that in buying power in its industry). Donald Trump was NOT equal to start. 

Is a person born into poverty “equal” to one born into a palace?

ANYONE not seeing this is simply being purposely ignorant. I’m sure you can see this, that some preferences improve society as a whole.

If everyone is “equal” why are USA Republicans in leading government positions 90% white non-Hispanic males? Executive branch of President and Cabinet, US Senate and House, Governors. Is this a sign of equal?