keyboard shortcuts – does autohotkeys require flash or something? how do i run autohotkey script in chrome?

For this Timestamp: Pressing F5 notepad gives time 1st then date. How do I do date 1st then time?

i seem to not be able to use this script while in google chrome after uninstalling adobe flash (RIP) just now. however, i seem to be able to do this while in notepad. in this case, it’s not much different from pressing F5 in notepad.

does autohotkeys require flash or something? how do i run autohotkey script in chrome? what may hinder an autohotkey script from running in chrome?

autohotkey: several hot keys on the clipboard within OneNote

In OneNote, I can copy the drawings from my pencil and paste it again. When it is pasted again, the stroke properties are maintained, so I can erase and edit what I need.

This is very useful when writing mathematical equations in onenote, because I can copy an equation like the following line and then re-edit it. Usually, it looks something like this:

enter the description of the image here

One thing that would be helpful is if you could copy several different things like hotkeys. In this way, I can even save common handwritten symbols or equations, to avoid writing them every time.

A long time ago, I used to use AutoHotkey occasionally (although now I never use it, although I should do it). Searching on Google, there seems to be a simple autohotkey script that can make multiple custom clipboards.

This version does not work for me for two reasons:

  1. It has errors and only works sometimes.
  2. When it works, the data that is stored in the clipboard cannot be edited. image, and not the editable strokes I'm looking for.

Any idea how to handle this problem? I imagine there is a way to specifically obtain the information from a clipboard note, but I am not expert enough to know how to do it.

Linux AutoHotKey Wine or alternative?

I want to do the same AutoHotKey GUI for Linux that I have in Win to send keystrokes to the same application in Linux.
Will "WinMenuSelectItem, ahk_class .." work?
Does Window Spy work to give ahk_class?
Or is there anything else I can use in Linux to access application menus and send keystrokes from a GUI with action buttons and have an option always active?

Windows 10: Why does my local website behave differently every time it is opened through an AutoHotKey shortcut?

Here is the configuration:

I have a test.html file hosted at I have a bookmark for that URL in my Firefox browser. I can click with the left or middle button any number of times to open as many tabs as I want, and always focus the only form element on the page.

The form element has an "autofocus" attribute. JavaScript is not running on the page that somehow focuses on something else or something.

The problem: To save a lot of time every day (since I open this page about 10,000 times a normal day), I made an AutoHotKey shortcut to open it with the F1 button:

Run, ""

This works, a little. Every time I press F1, it opens the test.html page in Firefox, as if pressing the bookmark in Firefox. Nevertheless, unlike browser clicks, this F1 shortcut method apparently does something differently because in every other page load, it does do not focus the single form element, as if the "autofocus" attribute did not exist.

This has me absolutely baffled. It literally seems to happen every other Once I press F1. Focused, not focused, focused, not focused … No matter how long or short the interval / pause between each key press.

Again, constantly focus the form element each time I click on the bookmark link.

What could be causing this? I can't tell you how much I hate This kind of nonsense, which seems to always happen, no matter what you try to do. It's as if they punish me for wanting to be efficient …

keyloggers – Is not Autohotkey effectively a key inspector? I must feel confident that I am allowing this program to see my pulsations.

Recently I started using Autohotkey just to automate some abbreviations, so it's a hotstring, for example.

:: by the way :: by the way

Replace "by the way" with "by the way" as soon as you press a default value
final character

Is it really observing my pulsations and (not recording them) but then I feel that it makes me feel insecure? But I really want to use the tool. I can not know if I'm being pedantic or if my points are valid, but I essentially see it as a potential keylogger, since it watches keystrokes that simply do not store them in a malicious way.

Is it still safe to use, keystokes are quite sensitive, including passwords, credit card data, etc., so I feel good about using this?

Especially because I can use this at work at some point. (The credit card information will not be entered at work, but c) passwords will be used.

AutoHotKey + RegExMatch help


Would someone be so kind to help me with a script? :)

Let's say I have a notepad file with the following list format:


A https: // artdomain



Code (marked):

I want to put in field1 and url in field2.
Please check this screenshot for a better understanding.

Is it possible to simply copy (Ctrl + C) the entire line, example:

Code (marked):

And when I hit (Ctrl + V) in field1, the script put the domain in field1, assigned TAB and put the url in field2?

I found this code:

; Complete path to archive here:
filepath = C:  Users  User  Desktop  testlist.txt
; reading the file in vars
Loop, read,% filepath%
StringSplit, TempArray, A_LoopReadLine,% A_Tab%
Domain_% A_Index%: = TempArray1
Url_% A_Index%: = TempArray2
MaxIndex: = A_Index
CurrIndex: = 1

; Quick access key to enter the data, change to whatever you want
F9 ::
SendRaw,% Domain_% CurrIndex%
sleep, 10
Send, {Tab}
sleep, 10
SendRaw,% Url_% CurrIndex%
he came back

; Quick key to get the next set, change to whatever you want
F10 ::
CurrIndex + = 1
if (CurrIndex> MaxIndex)
CurrIndex: = 1
MsgBox, End of the list!

Code (marked):

Maybe someone can help me adjust the code to my needs …

Or if you think of a better / faster solution for my case, I really appreciate it. :)

Thanks in advance!!