subtitles – Youtube and auto captions languages

I’m using the yt:cc=on tag option to auto turn on captions for my foreign language audio youtube video. I have English (United States) subtitles available, and my desire is that everyone should get the subtitles auto on unless you are using yt in that foreign language.

Is that how it works? I know that most Europeans etc speak and use the internet in English, I would like them to have subtitles in English instead of no subtitles at all. For example I have no subs in French or German and those users are likely to understand English but not my foreign language. If they don’t get the auto-CC since my subs are English only then YT subs don’t work for me at all and I would need to hardcode the subs into my videos.

admin – Magento2 | Add select-box with search/filter option | Auto suggestor

admin – Magento2 | Add select-box with search/filter option | Auto suggestor – Magento Stack Exchange

canon – Auto focus won’t work in viewfinder on Aperture priority mode

My camera (Canon Rebel t7i) won’t auto focus in manual or aperture priority mode in viewfinder. (It works perfectly in liveview)

Maybe it’s important to say that I’ve never shot in manual mode so I wanted to learn how to shoot in Aperture Priority mode. Auto focus isn’t working in viewfinder though. I used 2 different lenses (canon 50 mm 1.8 and the kit lens) It doesn’t work on both. I tried resetting the camera. Still nothing.

It does work in auto mode in the viewfinder.

Am I doing something wrong or is something broken?

untagged – Samsung S21 where is enable auto space after period setting

I cannot find the setting for auto space after period when I’m typing a message on my Samsung S21.

Anybody knows where it is?

*hope it’s not part of the autocorrect, because I have that turned off, because it’s making a mess in my language

Script that will auto restore cPanel/Directadmin backup (no SSH or WHM)

Most of us probably restored cPanel/wordpress backup manually on new hosting account. As described here: [url]… | Read the rest of

Internet does not auto reconnect

Sometimes my internet fails for about 1-2minutes because the modem from my provider restarts. When this happens, i have to remove the UTP cable and put the UTP cable back into the ubuntu machine on my attic to get internet connection going again.
Is there a way that he automaticaly reconnects when the modem is back online after a few minutes? It’s a bit of a pain to go up the attic everytime. Especially when i am not at home, then my server is offline for quite a time.

Thanks for helping a new user out :]

Greetings from Belgium,

notifications – Unable to add an app to auto startup – Realme X2

I can’t receive notifications on my Realme phone, unless the app that is receiving the notifications is running in the background.

Recently I installed Google Duo, after Hangouts stopped working, but when I toggle the “Allow auto launch” in “App battery management”, I get the following error:

“To ensure that your phone runs smoothly, auto startup is allowed for
no more than 5 apps in this group.”

What does “group” mean in this context? I’ve tried switching “Allow auto launch” off for other apps in the hope that I would then be able to turn it on for Duo, but I continue to get the same error.

Also; why does an app have to be running in the background to receive notifications anyway?

php – Script that will auto restore cPanel/Directadmin backup (no SSH or WHM)

php – Script that will auto restore cPanel/Directadmin backup (no SSH or WHM) – Webmasters Stack Exchange

Preventing auto population of information in google sheets calendar

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