[ Books & Authors ] Open question: sexual practice?

What are some good books on how to improve in bed? Books for women?

I don't want to change a lot of guys to learn, I hope that books can teach something too, so what do you say? Thank you!

How to display a list of authors in bootstrap grid?

Basically I'm struggling to display the list of authors in a grid:

1, 'optioncount' => 1, 'exclude' => 4, 'orderby' => 'post_count', 'order' => 'DESC', 'number' => 60 ) ); ?>

Should I use the user table instead of a loop that I can use against the author list?

Thank you

Windows OS: Why do so many software authors insist on forcing their users to do useless work when they update their software?

A lot of software, such as Notepad ++, pgAdmin 4, and Bisq, which are open source and free, with no attempts to install malware / espionage in the installer, make it unnecessarily annoying to update them.

Instead of just seeing a message like:

There is a new version available: 1.2.3. You are currently running 1.2.2. Update now? (Yes) (No)

And then just update by pressing "Yes" …

Instead, they bother you because an update is available, but when you accept, download a new installer, or even load a web page where you need to download the installer manually. Either way, once you run this new installer, it treats you as a "first time client", just like the initial install, causing you to look at a GUI and manually click "next" multiple times for no reason apparent.

Why wouldn't it, since it's already installed on the computer, detect this (or start with a tick like "/ update") and just update instead of showing the useless GUI installer stuff I already went through when I installed originally the software?

For software developed by prickly companies, the reason is obvious: they have another chance to trick you into forgetting to disable their toolbars / spyware / malware by making the checkbox pre-ticked again. However, again I am talking about these FOSS programs that do not use such tactics.

There is no logical or technical reason for this that you can think of. It is as if they "punish" the user by making us do useless work to waste our time and energy. After going through this for over 20 years, I'm absolutely exhausted from manually dealing with update after update after update, and I can't believe they haven't automated this obvious and simple thing after all this time, instead of passing it by. your users over and over again

This practice greatly discourages updating, and many times I've stuck with old versions for a long time just because I can't deal with clicking another meaningless installer.

And no, I don't want to use and trust any third party software "Chocolatey". I wonder why real software developers do this.

And no, this does not require more work in any way for developers. Again, I'm talking about how the installer shows up and makes me go through useless steps for no reason, since the software is already installed, and all the installer ends up doing is copying the new files to my existing installation directory. There is no reason for me to do this, because the software is already installed and you clearly know what to do, as I can click "Next" multiple times and then update.

The problem is that the installer shows this nonsense, since it is an update and not a "new installation".

Why do they insist on doing this?

What CMS forum allows authors to moderate their own topics?

Hello, I am looking for forum software to install on my website, which could allow any author of a new topic to moderate their topic with the same rights as a regular moderator, mainly by editing other member's responses.

I joined a hundred BBSs (running most of the softwares) and none of them allowed the authors to moderate their own thread. So I assumed it wasn't a built-in feature, possibly because pyramid moderation was the only one known to developers.

If there are too many forum CMS with this feature then I am looking for a very modern one, in the spirit of the Speech but in PHP.

What CMS forum allows authors to moderate their own topics?

Hello, I am looking for a forum software to install on my website, which could allow any author of a new topic to moderate their topic with the same rights as a regular moderator, mainly by editing the responses of other members.

algorithms: how did the authors of the AKS-Paper come up with the upper limit for r? And what does the multiplicative order have to do with anything?

I have recently been reading the document "PRIMES is in P", but unfortunately many steps were skipped, leading to confusion. My main problem is with the upper limit on r which was not explained at all in the document (I don't see the connection of these limits with the algorithm runtime), for example how did you come up with the upper limit O (log ^ 5 n) for r, why exactly is this number? Why not O (log ^ 2 n) or something else? Furthermore, they had established a condition for r in the second step of the algorithm. They wanted the order of r mod n to be greater than log ^ 2 n, but I don't see why this has anything to do with the polynomial runtime or why it has to be greater than log ^ 2 n.

Can anyone explain why this is true? or how to derive these numbers?

development process: why do the authors of the code libraries not realize that it is bad to brag how quickly they encoded something?

An example: https://github.com/pk-fr/yakpro-po

Then I started writing this tool. Version 1.0 has been written in a few days …

That doesn't impress me or instill confidence at all. In fact, I am very afraid to use your library. "A few days"? Why even mention that? It is not good if things develop quickly. I prefer to hear that he developed it for many years, eliminating problems slowly until it was perfected.

And this is far from the first time I see this. I've even seen some libraries where the author proudly boasts of "putting it together in less than 30 minutes." Even if it's true, why put that in public as a kind of "point of sale"? Perhaps these people are geniuses who can code flawlessly and efficiently in extremely short periods of time, but most likely they are trying to impress readers instead of giving a real reason to use their software.

I basically don't understand this mentality. Every time I think something will take "five minutes maximum," I usually end up with weeks of headaches at least …

Unarmed blows in mutants and intellectual authors

An unarmed hit is treated as a predetermined Damage effect with the same range as your Strength attribute

As described by the Damage effect:

Strength provides a "built-in" damage effect: the ability to hit things! You can apply effect modifiers to the damage inflicted by your Force, making it penetrating or even an Area effect! You can also have alternative effects for your strength damage; See the alternative effect modifier for more details. Like other Damage effects, a character's Force Damage is short range and instant duration by default.

And the Force ability itself:

[…] Its Force range applies to:

  • Damage inflicted by your unarmed and force-based attacks.

Whenever you want to hit something unarmed without using a specific power, you would solve it as an attack with a damage effect rated equal to your Strength, with a close and instantaneous duration range.

[ Books & Authors ] Open question: Is there a clean book by Charles Dickens for teenagers?

I've been trying to find a good book by Charles Dickens for my teenagers to read, but these things are nothing but dirty! The language is disgusting … raw and unpleasant references are unique. Did this guy really get famous by cursing a storm every time he had the chance and saying dirty things about people? There has to be at least one clean book, right? What can my children bear to read about this boy?

mit license – How to correctly accredit the authors of a library with MIT license in this case?

I am using a modified MIT license code directly in my project and I am worried about how to attribute it correctly.

The code in question has no license text in each file, only a LICENSE file at the top level. I have included the contents of that file in my own license file. In this file I also have the licenses for other libraries that I use, but these are not modified and live in separate directories in the project, which makes the origin clear.

I am concerned that this does not make clear what is the origin of a particular code in my project. I'm curious to know if this is really a problem and if it is, how could I handle it better?

Thank you