IP hiding attempts are detected

So I am using Tor and I try to log into a certain web site. It gives me a message saying that my IP address was used for spamming and does not let me log in. I think ok, probably the exit node is compromised. So I create a new circuit for the web site, no luck, exit node IP changes, but receiving the same error.

Tried some free VPNs and Proxies, getting the same message. However when I try to log in without any anonymity tools, login works just fine.

It seems like they keep the database of all Tor exit nodes, free (and maybe paid) vpn servers and proxies and deny login if users arrive from them.

This seriously hinders anonymous web surfing. Is there any workaround, preferably a free one? How to deal with web services which filter out third party IPs?

algorithms – What would be the big O notation for a function that attempts to find pairs of users that participate in different discussions?

Recently, I started to think of a problem involving the use of Twitter data that would involve finding pairs of users that participate in the most conversations. For example, with each tweet, you get the root conversation id along with a user id for that specific tweet. What I want to do is find pairs of users that participate in the same threads and also find the pair of users that have participated in the most threads (participation in a thread means that in one tweet, you would see a user id associated with the same conversation id as another user id.

This would involve first scanning every tweet (N) to fetch conversation, user id pairs. After doing this, I would have a list of user ids for each conversation id. I would then scan every user id association with each conversation id and then proceed to the next conversation id, scan each user id and compare against the previous list associated with previous conversation ids.

At the very least, I feel like the best method to do this would be, at a minimum, nlogn, but the method I’m proposing seems like it would make more comparisons than nlogn, but not as many as n^2.

How would I go about computing big O in this scenario?

python – How to restrict user to only 3 attempts in guessing game – tkinter module

I am writing a program for a flag guessing game where the user sees an image of a flag and enters the name of the country it belongs to. I am able to get the output if the user enters the correct answer but I am not sure how to proceed with the part where the user enters the incorrect answer as I want the user to have only 3 attempts (which decrements and is displayed on the screen) after which he/she has to restart the game.

To achieve this I have written the function answer() where I have added a counter and assigned the value 3 to the variable guesses_remaining. Could someone advise if this is the right approach or if there is a better way to complete this task.

The entire code is as follows:

Import tkinter for developing the GUI. 
from tkinter import *

# Initialization
root = Tk()

# Placing the GUI window on the top left corner of the user's computer
# Setting the title of the game
root.title("Flag Guessing Game")
# Setting the dimensions of the GUI window

# Defining the heading of the game
lbl_heading = Label(root, text = "Welcome to this fun game!")
lbl_heading.pack(pady = 10)
lbl_heading.config(font=("Helvetica", 12, 'bold'))

# Inserting an image
image = PhotoImage(file="image2l.png")
setting = Label(root, image = image)

# Define a new window when Rules is clicked
def create_window1():
    window1 = Toplevel(root)
    window1.title("Rules for this game")
    tb1 = Label(window1, text = "The rules for this game are given below:")
    tb1.config(font=("Helvetica", 8, 'bold'))
    tb2 = Label(window1, text = "1. Once you click on START, you will enter the game premises.")
    tb3 = Label(window1, text = "2. Look at the image of the given flag.")
    tb4 = Label(window1, text = "3. If you know which country the flag belongs to, please enter it in the text box provided.")
    tb5 = Label(window1, text = "4. You will proceed to the next question only if you answer the current question correctly.")
    tb6 = Label(window1, text = "5. If your answer is wrong, you will get threee chances after which you will need to restart the game.")

# Create a button to read the rules of the game
B1 = Button(root, text="Rules", command=create_window1, width = 5)
B1.config(font=("Helvetica", 10, 'bold'))
B1.pack(pady = 15) 

# Define a new window when START is clicked
def create_window2():
    global e1
    global window2
    window2 = Toplevel(root)
    window2.title("Game Premises")
    lbl_heading2 = Label(window2, text = "Guess which country this flag belongs to:")
    lbl_heading2.pack(pady = 10)
    lbl_heading2.config(font=("Helvetica", 12, 'bold'))
    # Insert flag image
    image2 = PhotoImage(file="USFlag.png")
    setting2 = Label(window2, image = image2)

    # User input button
    Label(window2, text="Enter the name of the country").pack(pady = 10)
    e1 = Entry(window2)
    e1.pack(pady = 10)
    user_input = e1.get()

    # Create a submit button
    B2 = Button(window2, text="Submit", command=answer, width = 10)
    B2.config(font=("Helvetica", 10, 'bold'))
    B2.pack(pady = 15)

    quitb = Button(window2, text="Exit", command=window2.destroy, width = 5)
    quitb.config(font=("Helvetica", 10, 'bold'))
    quitb.pack(pady = 10)

    # Next button
    nextb = Button(window2, text="Next", command=create_window2, width = 5)
    nextb.config(font=("Helvetica", 10, 'bold'))

def answer():
    user_input = e1.get()
    guesses_remaining = 3
    counter = 0
    if user_input == "USA":
        Label(window2, text="Correct answer!").pack(pady = 10)
        counter += 1
        guesses_remaining -= 1
        while counter != guesses_remaining:
            Label(window2, text="Incorrect answer. Please try again").pack(pady = 10)
            user_input = e1.get()
# Create a button to start the game
B3 = Button(root, text="START", command=create_window2, width = 10)
B3.config(font=("Helvetica", 14, 'bold'))

# Exit button
exit_bmain = Button(root, text="Exit", command=root.destroy, width = 5)
exit_bmain.config(font=("Helvetica", 10, 'bold'))
exit_bmain.pack(pady = 10)


KOFAX server attempts to connect to SharePoint Online, error occurs "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send

KOFAX Server connects to SharePoint Online sites and send documents to document library. Occasionally when KOFAX server tries to connect to SharePoint Online, the following error will occur "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send

Stuck on Calculus problem (over 50 attempts)

enter image description here

So I have half of the question right. I’m pretty sure the expression 3.14 tends to is f(x)-f(π) / x- π
but the stupid webwork says it is wrong. For the final answer I got y to be equal to 0.22x – 1.09, also wrong. I’ve spent 4 days on this and I’ve given up so an answer will be very much appreciated

Emails from INMOTION cpanel go to SPAM after 2 years of failed support attempts

I have a managed VPS plan on inmotion VPS1000.
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docker – Dockerized apache gives forbidden on folder starting with dot, even after several attempts

thanks for looking at my question. I am trying to run a BOLT cms in a docker container with apache. I want to be able to view a folder located on the webserver at:
and in the filesystem it is at.
but no matter what I do I get forbidden.

I have tried:

Adding a new .htaccess file in the folder with:

Order allow,deny
Allow from all

I have also tried editing the autoindex.conf file so that I should be able to view all files and folders starting with a dot.

From setting the logs to debug I see the following, but from my understanding I should be able to view the folder?
[Screenshot of the debug output, saying granted, but the browser says forbidden][1]

I am not sure if this adds enough information, I would be eternally grateful for help.
[1]: https://i.stack.imgur.com/hn3h7.png