two combat weapons – Eldritch knight double grip do I get multiple attacks on my bonus action

I have a level 11 knight with two combat weapons>

The rules say that I have 3 attacks per action.

The rules say that when I do an attack action with my main hand, I can do an additional attack action with my right hand.

Does that mean I also have 3 attacks on my left hand?

web application: database containing periods of cyber attacks on the web

For a project, I need to evaluate a model that attempts to predict whether a certain cyber attack (that is, connection to a low-level honeypot) is just a random access, a new attack wave or an already known attack wave. Therefore, I am looking for a fundamental truth.

Is there a database containing historical attack waves? Something like

September, 24 - 29: Attack to Port 8080
September, 25 - 27: Attack to Port 1234

In the best case, it would be a database, where every hacker in the world registers, when a cyber attack begins and ends.

Or does anyone have another idea of ​​how I could evaluate that model?

python: GnuPG hardening against brute force attacks

I am currently working on a Python program that uses GnuPG (with symmetric encryption) to store data on the client: the user provides the password, the gpg file is decrypted, the data is loaded, etc.

Let's say an attacker copies this gpg file. What can be done to reduce the brute force of the password? Perhaps it is possible to do thousands of iterations in a PBKDF (or maybe SHA), and then use that as a password?

How disgusted are you with Donald Trump's attacks on federal judges?

I am much more disgusted with federal de facto judges than with Trump. I am not a supporter of triumph, but anyone who thinks of a change will come choosing more career politicians who have done nothing but let us down, it is not in tune with what has been going on for the last 140 years. This is a municipal corporation that operates outside the limits of the constitution. Until we leave this democracy and return to the republic we once were, things will only get worse.

dnd 5e: Do the spell attacks of the revived rogue UA of the Grave ranged spell attack put themselves at a disadvantage if they are used after the cunning action is used to disconnect?

In D&D 5e, if a rogue who plays the unearthed arcana, the Revived subclass makes a melee attack (without using the sneak attack), and then uses the cunning action to disconnect and escape to shoot lightning from the grave, it is the attack of remote spell done at a disadvantage?

The wording of Bolts from the Grave is:

Immediately after using your cunning action, you can perform a ranged spell attack on a creature within 30 feet of you …

Because it says "immediately," does this mean that the Bolts from the Grave attack should be at a disadvantage because it is a ranged spell attack that fires less than 5 feet from the creature?

Or does it mean "immediately" that the Tomb Screws occur after the disconnection and movement ends?

attacks: how dangerous are the vulnerabilities SWEET32 and LUCKY13?

Lucky13 and Sweet32 are attacks on SSL / TLS, that is, these attacks can be used to intercept the encrypted connection between the client and the server. In the case of a server that is vulnerable to Lucky13, an active attacker can launch an MITM attack exploiting this vulnerability. The same applies to Sweet32, but even a passive attacker can decrypt the encrypted data if it can collect enough data. However, none of the attacks can be used to gain access to the server.

dnd 5e: Are goblins immune to attacks of opportunity?

Withdrawal states:

If you take the Disable action, your move does not cause attacks of opportunity for the rest of the turn.

If the goblins use their bonus action to deactivate each turn, you can't even try to hit them (since there is no trigger to use your reaction).

But! realize "for the rest of the turn" clause. In DnD5 the combat consists of roundsY rounds consists in turns. in a round each creature gets a turn, according to order of initiative. As soon as the creature ends and another creature begins its actions, it means that one turn ended and another began. Any effect that works "until the end of the current turn" or "for the rest of the turn" Stop working now.

When the goblin ends its turn and your bard begins his, the goblin loses the benefits of Disengagement. When you launch Dispersant Wispers goblin movements using their reaction:

In a failed salvation, he receives psychic damage 3d6 and must immediately use your reaction, if available, to move as far as your speed allows.

The fact that he uses his reaction makes the following passage about forced movement and avoidance of attacks of opportunity not applicable:

Nor do you provoke an attack of opportunity when you teleport or when someone or something moves you without using your movement, action or reaction.

dnd 5e: Can I use a beast's weapon attacks while I'm polymorphized?

So I am reading the spell as I go through DnD, and I realized that you can transform into a Tyrannosaurus Rex if you are 8th level or more. In the PHB, it says:

The new form can be any beast whose challenge rating is equal to or less than that of the target (or the level of the target, if it does not have a challenge rating). The objective game statistics, including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the chosen beast. It retains its alignment and personality. The creature is limited in the actions it can perform due to the nature of its new form, and it cannot speak, cast spells or perform any other action that requires hands or speech. The lens gear merges with the new shape. The creature cannot activate, use, wield or benefit from any of its equipment.

That said, can I use the attacks that a Tyrannosaurus Rex could use? He says that I cannot benefit from any of his teams, but he would not necessarily label the attacks as teams, although they may be characteristics that the monster would have. If so, does that mean you would win:

Bite: melee attack: +10 when hitting, reaching 10 feet, one target. Hit: (4d12 + 7) of penetrating damage. If the target is a medium or smaller creature, it is fought (escapes DC 17). Until this attack is over, the target is restricted and the tyrannosaur cannot bite another target.

Tail: Attack with melee weapon: +10 when hitting, reaching 10 feet, one target. Hit: (3d8 + 7) blunt damage.

Tl; dr I only need confirmation about whether I acquire these new attacks during a Tyrannosaurus polymorph.

attacks: what data should I register to identify an attacker

Do you know what information in the application I must register to identify a possible attacker?
I would like to improve the login in my web application. I would like to collect some information from the application to identify possible attackers, but I don't know what data I should register, for example, the IP address, etc.

tls: can hackers use degradation attacks after the browsing session is over?

I am not very informed of the technology and one thing for which I cannot find a direct answer is whether people can use incomplete means, such as degradation attacks, SSL strip or a man in the middle of the attack after it has already been disconnected from the wifi and it's gone. ? Let's say you were on good terms with someone and you used Wi-Fi there, and you trusted him at that time, but something happens, and it's been weeks since you've connected to your Wi-Fi and you don't reconnect, if they were recording all the packages and data, can you maliciously execute a degradation attack, an SSL strip or a man attack in the middle after it has already disconnected from the wifi and gone, or are these things only possible while connected, if they are only possible? At that time you are browsing, or can you degrade, mitm, ssl delete an old and already completed browsing session?