movement – How do I make my character attack on the side of the character that I click the LMB on (Unity)?

This is a top-down game, I guess I should also mention that the character is not centred on the screen and the attack should be in 4 different directions. The attack’s direction should be based on which side of the character(up, down, left, right) that you click on(this should also be universal on the screen, the only deciding factor should be the character and the mouse). I really have no clue where to start on this problem.

Why would more confirmations help in a 51% attack scenario?

Exchanges only process a deposit after a certain number of blocks have confirmed (been mined on top of) the block containing the transaction depositing coins to an exchange.

The more confirmations you wait for, the larger the number of blocks an attacker needs to rewrite. As the number of blocks requiring rewriting increases, so does the attacker’s required hashpower.

To rewrite a history of only 1 block, you need to mine 1 block. To rewrite 10 blocks, you need to rewrite 10 blocks in a row, faster than the rest of the miners can extend the existing 10 block chain further. The difficulty of pulling this off increases exponentially as the length that must be rewritten increases.

By increasing their confirmation requirements, exchanges can make it infeasible/too expensive for an attacker to complete a double spend attack.

dnd 5e – Can a Blood Hunter / Bard use Blood Curse of the Eyeless and Cutting Words on the same attack roll?

Bard’s Cutting Words

When a creature that you can see within 60 feet of you makes an attack roll, an ability check, or a damage roll, you can use your reaction to expend one of your uses of Bardic Inspiration, rolling a Bardic Inspiration die and subtracting the number rolled from the creature’s roll.

PHB, emphasis mine

Blood Hunter’s Blood Curse of the Eyeless

When a creature you can see within 30 feet of you makes an attack roll, you can use your reaction to roll one hemocraft die and subtract the number rolled from the creature’s attack roll.

Blood Hunter by Matt Mercer, emphasis mine

Since both features require the use of your reaction, you have to choose one of them. If you can somehow take multiple reactions in a single round, combining magical effects would allow you to use both since they are different effects. As Peter Cordes pointed out in the comments, even Matt’s Cobalt Soul Monk subclass which can have multiple reactions would have to choose one effect for the trigger.

when do I attack i can choose attack with offhand? [duplicate]

when do I attack an normal action i can choose attack with offhand?

looks a little weird an fighter dual wielder attack 4 times with one hand and just one with offhand

dnd 5e – Does an Eldritch Knight fighter’s War Magic feature benefit from the Extra Attack feature?

I believe it DOES apply extra attacks under the following understanding:

“…when you take your (regular) action to cast a cantrip, you may make one weapon attack as a bonus action.”
You’re allowed to make an attack action as a bonus action, it just must be made with a weapon. So in this case, you cannot make an unarmed attack with this bonus action. Although you can make the attack with a bow if you so chose, since it doesn’t specify past “weapon attack”.

“…you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.”
Multi Attack says “instead of”. So rather than being limited to a single attack (as the attack action is described in PHB), it would allow as many attacks as your fighter level allows. A standard attack action is defined as “…whether you are swinging a sword, firing an arrow from your bow or brawling with your fists” (according to PHB). Two of these are explicitly making weapon attacks and War Magic specifies “weapon attack”. Swords and Bows are both weapons.

I also want to cite several spells that do not count as regular actions yet would undoubtedly count as “casting a spell”:

  • Shield (1 reaction)
  • Magic Weapon (1 bonus action)
  • Counter Spell (1 reaction)

Even though these are clearly spells not using the regular action, they are spells and all are subject to consuming spell slots when cast. On this same logic, War Magic is an attack action taken with the bonus action and simply requires that said attack action is made with a weapon.

I know that most of the answers on this topic so far say that this isn’t taking an attack action, but my logic comes from the fact that some spells specify when they take an action other than the usual normal action yet still count as “cast a spell”. Despite the attack requiring a weapon, it should still count as “taking the attack action” even though it’s using the bonus action and has a prerequisite to using a cantrip beforehand as the regular action.

mutants and masterminds 3e – How to design D&D 3rd ed Rogue’s Sneak Attack in M&M3e?

It varies with Descriptors

Sneak Attack says:

If a rogue can catch an opponent when he is unable to defend himself effectively from her attack, she can strike a vital spot for extra damage.

The rogue’s attack deals extra damage any time her target would be denied a Dexterity bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a Dexterity bonus or not), or when the rogue flanks her target. This extra damage is 1d6 at 1st level, and it increases by 1d6 every two rogue levels thereafter. Should the rogue score a critical hit with a sneak attack, this extra damage is not multiplied.

Ranged attacks can count as sneak attacks only if the target is within 30 feet.

With a sap (blackjack) or an unarmed strike, a rogue can make a sneak attack that deals nonlethal damage instead of lethal damage. She cannot use a weapon that deals lethal damage to deal nonlethal damage in a sneak attack, not even with the usual -4 penalty.

A rogue can sneak attack only living creatures with discernible anatomies—undead, constructs, oozes, plants, and incorporeal creatures lack vital areas to attack. Any creature that is immune to critical hits is not vulnerable to sneak attacks. The rogue must be able to see the target well enough to pick out a vital spot and must be able to reach such a spot. A rogue cannot sneak attack while striking a creature with concealment or striking the limbs of a creature whose vitals are beyond reach.

This is equivalent to getting to deal additional damage to Vulnerable or Defenseless targets. Flanking isn’t a thing in M&M3, so I’m going to ignore that part.

The description can also be an explanation for why the target doesn’t get to use Defensive Roll advantages against the attack. Again, this only applies to Vulnerable or Defenseless targets.

Note that any successfully rolled attack against a Defenseless target is automatically a critical hit (see Basic Conditions, Hero’s Handbook page 17).

So, a designer has a few options for introducing “Sneak Attack” into M&M3.

  1. The easiest is a description on attacks against Vulnerable targets – many of whom rely upon Defensive Roll advantages to increase Toughness beyond mortal limits.
  2. The most satisfying is Ranged Damage X, Limited (Vulnerable or Defenseless targets) for 1 point per rank. This is subject to PL caps, so attack bonuses may drop. You can add a Quirk to only affect targets with Stamina (flat -1) to keep that restriction and make the first rank basically free.
  3. Next is a combination of advantages, notably Power Attack, used when attacking Vulnerable targets. This doesn’t feel special in play, making it a poor choice.

There are other combinations that may work, but those are the closest to SRD sneak attack.

Kerberos – obtaining the krbtgt’s secret in order to perform Golden Ticket attack

As far as I know, in order to create a Golden Ticket, the attacker needs to obtain the krbtgt’s password’s hash, which is not a trivial task. My question is: is it possible to find the krbtgt’s password by getting a legitimate TGT (encrypted with the krbtgt’s password’s hash) from the Authentication Server and cracking it, just like in a classic Kerberoasting attack?

Does an attack hit if it exactly matches the target’s AC?

For an attack to successfully hit a given Armor Class, would it need to get a number higher than the Armor Class or does it hit with the exact number as well and does it change depending on what type of attack it is?

Attack while using a VPN?

While i was using a VPN suddenly all websites refused to connect in HTTPS and Firefox warned me since i enabled HTTPS only mode. Is there a chance that this was an HTTPS downgrade attack? Should i treat my device as not safe to use right now?

dnd 5e – Can you attack with a Loading and different weapon in the same turn?

Yes, the loading property doesn’t care about other weapons.

The loading property says:

Because of the time required to load this weapon, you can fire only one piece of ammunition from it when you use an action, bonus action, or reaction to fire it, regardless of the number of attacks you can normally make.

This restricts only the use of the weapon fired, and doesn’t say anything about other weapons, so if you have more than one attack per Attack action, the other attack(s) can be made with another weapon. Note, the action economy can be tricky. You have to be already holding the other weapon, or you can use your free object interaction to draw it. If you have already used your object interaction this turn for something else, you would not be able to draw a weapon after firing a hand crossbow. This answer gets more into the details of the action economy at work here.