spells – Can mage hand attach an object?

I’m imagining a using mage hand to take an object, like a sword, and holding the object to an enemy creature’s skin. Is this considered an attack of some sort? I would subsequently cast Heat metal on the sword being held to the creature’s skin. Would this work? What about wedging it under the creature if it is lying prone?

8 – How do I attach a single-use block through a field?

I am working on a project that has a lot of custom block types (about 35). They are complex and have a lot of fields. They are being used with Layout Builder so all the blocks that get created are mostly single-use and hidden. The block plugin that is applicable here is the InlineBlock class provided by Layout Builder.

I want to re-use some of these block types in a node field. This usage is identical to how paragraphs are used on a field. The main module I would turn to in this sort of situation is block_field. Unfortunately it does not work with InlineBlocks, I’ve created an issue about this.

Is there a solution for this problem? Are there other patterns or techniques I’m missing? At this stage my only obvious solution is to convert these types to paragraphs which I know how to use in Layout Builder.

python – Removing an attached application from ConEmu/undoing “Attach to…”

I just started using ConEmu as I liked the tabbed feature (sometimes I hate having a python CLI and CMD and R and git and whatever else all open in their own windows – gets tricky to immediately identify what’s what). I use Atom as my general editor, and in playing around with ConEmu, I attached my currently-open instance of Atom to ConEmu — which, of course, ‘closed’ the separate Atom instance and stuck it in a ConEmu tab.

I decided I’d prefer to keep Atom and ConEmu separate, though, but I can’t find a way to ‘undo’ that attachment (move the ‘atom’ tab back to its own native application/window) without saving everything, closing the tab, opening atom directly, and re-opening everything I had open. There were several tabs open in atom containing random code I didn’t intend on keeping around after I finish what I’m working on. Searching stackexchange and the ConEmu docs was fruitless, and none of the menu options I can find in ConEmu suggest a way to do this.

While I realize that yes, I could just save all the random crap as separate files, close the ConEmu Atom tab, and reopen everything in Atom proper, it seems like there should be some way of doing this while preserving the files I already have open in their current state. I also don’t want to lose the undo chains on the ‘real’ scripts I was working on.

Am I really stuck either sifting through the open files in Atom to make sure I don’t need the undo history and then saving+reopening in Atom again or completing the projects within ConEmu, or is there a way to transfer Atom (in its current, ConEmu-wrapped state) back to a proper Atom window?

8 – JS File’s `attach` method not always executed when loaded through block template

We are using a custom barrio sub theme and have some JS files we attach to our template files using the {{ attach_library('custom_barrio/my_js_library') }} line at the top of our twig templates.

Generally, our js files are something like

(function ($, Drupal) {
  "use strict";
  Drupal.behaviors.coursesBehaviors = {
    attach: function (context, settings) {
      ... code here....

If we attach the library in a page template, we have no issues, however, when we attach the library in a block template the attach method doesn’t always execute, thus our js never executes.

I’ve confirmed that the js file exists in the scripts on the browser, it just never gets “attached” by drupal.

Why does the Drupal attach method not always execute for blocks?

troubleshooting – WVD App attach launching windows file explorer

I’m trying to virtualize some apps and test the app attach feature with MSIX packages. I’ve followed all the steps, and expanded the MSIX into a VHD. I’ve uploaded the VHD and placed it in a hostpool / app group. It launches. However, it launches file explorer, and not the app itself:

WVD and APP – App Attach launch

Is there something I’m missing? I’ve read the documentation several times, and re-traced my steps countless times. I’m sure I’m missing something, but just not sure what at the moment.

Thank you in advance.

-Richard F.

8 – Is there a way to attach HTML in after the css links?

We currently can add HTML attachment to the <head> section like this.

function mymodule_page_attachments_alter(array &$page) {
  $page('#attached')('html_head')() = (
    // some HTML declaration

But the attached items are always rendered before all the CSS and Javascript links. Is there a way to attach anything to after the CSS and JS links in <head>?

8 – Attach EVA View of Content By Author ONLY to User Page

I am using the EVA module to create an EVA view of content by author, to attach to each author’s user page. So, for example, when viewing the page for user 1 at <site-url>/user/1, I will see a list of all the content created by User 1.

I’ve been able to do this successfully… but too successfully. Not only does this list show up on the author’s user page, but it also shows up on every single piece of content that the author has written! Obviously, I don’t want it to show up there.

How can I fix this, so that it ONLY shows up on the user page?

These are my settings:

Entity type : User
Bundles : User
Arguments : id
Content : Author uid
Provide a default value: Type: User ID from route context

I’m working with Drupal 9, if that makes a difference.

Remove attach limits

Rapid submitted a new resource:

Remove attach limits – Remove attach limits


Allows viewing image attachments in quotes and other areas.

The default XenForo code forces all embedded image…

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unable to Attach documents in Google forms

i have created a Google form and have mandated attachment of a document but it is not being allowed

Javafx – How to attach listener to two properties which only fires once if both change?

I have two observables doubleProperty1 and doubleProperty2.

The user can change one at a time, or both at once.

I can handle the first case easily enough with:

    doubleProperty1.addListener { _, _, _ -> doSomething() }
    doubleProperty2.addListener { _, _, _ -> doSomething() }

The problem with this is when the user changes both doSomething() obviously runs twice, when I want it to run once. How can I achieve this functionality?