landscape: What is a good example for artistic applications of ND filters?

In addition to moving water, what other motion blur applications can be achieved with an ND filter?

More or less anything that moves in relation to the camera.

One can make people moving through a scene disappear completely using enough density to require an exposure time of several minutes or more.

Imagine walking on a train while your assistant drives on a road parallel to the tracks. It keeps the camera pointing to the same point of the engine as the landscape passes. I have seen many examples of such "stimulation" shots.

You could even use an ND filter with a totally static scene and move the camera relative to the scene during a longer exposure to create a blur with a specific shape created by the camera's motion path.

Blur moving objects is only half of the equation that is obtained when using ND filters.

Instead of allowing a longer exposure time with the same aperture, ND filters can also allow wider openings with the same exposure times. Therefore, a very low depth of field can be used with large aperture lenses in bright environments.

Broader openings reduce depth of field. An ND filter allows wider apertures and more superficial DoF, even if the exposure time of the camera is limited by the flash sync speed or even the shortest exposure time of the camera.

For example, if you are outside on a bright and sunny day, but you want to use a very wide opening and fill flash. Your flash only works with an exposure time of 1/200 seconds or more. Your meter says you need to use a shutter time of 1/8000 to use f / 2. When using a 6-stop ND filter, you can use 1/125 seconds instead of 1/8000. (You'll also need a LOT more flash power!)

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The name of a book, artistic composition, work.

History: Who were the Bauhaus photographers and what was their impact on commercial and artistic photography today?

The Bauhaus was a German school of art, crafts and design that operated between the World Wars. Recently I was in an exhibition of works, mostly paintings, architectural drawings and sculptures, which had a small selection of photographs and a sign that read:

The new photography

Photography played a central role in the construction of the Bauhaus image by documenting school buildings and design objects, but it also served as an important means of pure artistic expression. There was no dedicated department at the Bauhaus until 1929, when professional photographer Walter Peterhans joined the faculty. However, the medium captivated both teachers and students, who were inspired by sources ranging from constructivism and avant-garde cinema to illustrated newspapers and magazines.

The photographs in the collection that I saw, however, seemed mainly of interest as documents of the school buildings and of some of the objects created (such as the first sentence of the legend). Online, I found these images of Walter Peterhans, some of which are easy to see and are related to the aesthetics of many of the Bauhaus painters. For example, this:

thumbnail for the comment

It does not seem so far from Klee:


The Bauhaus artists had a huge impact on design and especially on architecture. Many of them are … well, if they are not family names, you would recognize their most famous works if you saw them in a poster of a bedroom. What's up with the photographers? ParticularlyDid your work exhibit new ideas and influences? In the technical or artistic world of photography.Beyond capturing and reflecting the ideals and aesthetics of Bauhaus painters, architects and designers in other media?

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Machine Learning – Using ML to create artistic patterns

I know there are different projects that use neural networks to transform images from one style to another (Prism is one of them), but is there anything that can be used to create random patterns (preferably in .svg format)?

Here are some examples of what I mean by "patterns":

enter the description of the image here
enter the description of the image here

I guess there should be 2 steps:

  1. Create a pattern
  2. Try different colors

I am very new to ML, so any link and reference would be very appreciated.