How do I disable Facebook Instant Articles for my website’s Facebook page?

I have enabled Facebook Instant Articles and have connected my WordPress site with my Facebook page. Is there a way to disable this connection to post articles like before completely or can this be performed for a section of articles which I want to publish normally without Instant Articles?

magento2.3 – How to refresh summary articles in checkout

I made a module (override Discount.php in Magento_SalesRules) which adds a free product when entering a specific coupon code. So far it is working and in the summary the totals are all correct and updated.
But the view of the added product is not correct. Thubnail is not shown and the count of articles in the cart is not correct.
Have a look to the screen shot:
enter image description here
As you see, the image is not there and the total count of products in the cart still says one, not two as it should.
Does somebody have an idea how I can trigger the udate of this part of the summary?
As well, minicart is not showing the correct stuff.

Would be great if somebody does have an idea how to achieve this.
Best regards,

air travel – Do Articles 8 and 9 of EC261 not apply to flight cancellations announced 2+ weeks in advance?

Regarding the EC261 regulation, I know Article 7 (compensation) doesn’t apply if the flight is cancelled more than two weeks in advance. However, it’s always been my understanding that Article 8 (right to a choice between a refund and re-routing “at the earliest opportunity”) and Article 9 (right to care) apply regardless, the latter provided I haven’t opted for a refund.

However, the Irish national enforcement body just told me Article 8 and 9 don’t apply either if the flight was cancelled two weeks or more in advance, and that I can only get a refund and am on my own in terms of getting home.

Is this really the case? Some clarification would be appreciated.

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What hosting should i use for Facebook Instant Articles blog?

Hello there. I have a several blogs that posts only Facebook’s Instant Articles. That means the most traffic comes from Facebook. Also most … | Read the rest of

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