I will Draw Vector art for your photo for $5

Dear sir madam,
Thanks for visit. I will Draw Vector art for your photo.

Basic Order > Vector Art ” only face” + High Quality + unlimited revisionHave a nice day

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Please Review: Augmented Reality Art

Hi. I would like to hear your opinion? How can I design my website / blog in the best way? Do you understand everything in augmented reality technology, like design? https://articcio.com/

I will Draw Vector art for your photo for $5

I will Draw Vector art for your photo

Dear sir madam,

Thanks for visit. I will Draw Vector art for your photo.

  • Basic Order > Vector Art ” only face” + High Quality
  • Standard Order > Vector Art + Body + High Quality
  • Premium Order > Vector Art + Body + Source file + High Quality

Have a nice day


Design your single mixtape album cover art for $10

Minimum size 1600*1600
MAX size 3000 * 3000 px
Original artwork design – accepted by all music platforms

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set background for cutout and edit it beautifully and design picture for $2

set background for cutout and edit it beautifully and design picture

Hey there! Are you looking for editing on photoshop? maybe blending images together? image manipulation? some image enhancing? THAT’S IT! Yes, I can do that for you. YOU’LL GET JUST WHAT YOU CAME FOR. For just $5, you can get whatever you want done on photoshop with your image or images! I provide services that almost everyone has need of every now and then, with an exceptional skill and passion! You can have a look at my work on the previews. If you like it then just hit order


lore – What is the scene depicted in the second “Waterdeep Digital Background” art?

In the Free Remote D&D Resources archive that Wizards of the Coast is providing, for April 30, 2020 there is a “Waterdeep Digital Backgrounds” zip file that includes artwork that one might be able to use as a background while videoconferencing. The second file (named “DnD_Video_bg-WDDH2”) looks to be a scene outside of Waterdeep proper, with people along a path, a building (maybe some kind of temple), and the wall of Waterdeep in the background. I’m presuming putting a smaller version here counts as fair use:

Waterdeep scene 2

What is that building, and more generally where is this scene set? Is it part of the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist book or storyline? (I don’t remember seeing it in there, though probably I just missed it, but the filename saying “WDDH” makes me think it’s related.)

Art with white background – Photography Stack Exchange

I am working on photography art work (from my wife) which has a white background and elements which are white with no paint. I have a reasonably good Nikon D3400, tripod, lighting with 4 5000K lights (LED 1600 lumens). The background comes out with a bit of grey in it, which I can rip out using photoshop magic brush. The problem is that it’s hard to rip out the white within the painted object, oh like a zebra swallowtail butterfly, as there are lines in the art which are greyish too.

I’ve been trying to follow directions on lighting etc. Adjusting the lightness on the camera, adjusting the color in Luminar and/or Photoshop. Using a Passport Colorchecker, bringing in the color profile to Luminar (which is like photoshop, I just didn’t want to buy a newer photoshop than CS2) and adjusting.
The printer is a Canon Pro-100.

Nothing is giving satisfaction. I’ll include an image (at a lower res) so you can see. So, I am wondering what pros do when photographing art like this (acrylic painting) for reproduction by printing.

Zebra Swallowtail

iot – Which security protocols are the todays state of the art in WSN?

WSN (Wireless sensor networks) are mostly distributed low power computer with the sensing task that rely on limited battery life and therefore are not able to implement full size security protocols. Depending on the kind of network heterogeneous, homogeneous and the environment they will be used in (likeliness of some attack scenarios) the security means used may depend a lot.

The question relates mostly to networks with homogeneous networks w/o internet connection that rely on some coarse distributed base stations or heterogeneous networks with only slightly differing nodes (towards computational power) that allow clusters to some extend but also heavily rely on coarse distributed base stations.

Does anyone have an idea what todays state of the art protocols are for the different kinds of possible attacks? Key distribution methods, Intrusion detection systems, …?