Updated loading area for missing WordPress images

Our wordpress was updated yesterday. We are in version 5.3.2.

Since the update, the file upload function within a page is blank.

I have included a screenshot, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem or know how to solve it.

enter the description of the image here

javascript: enter the text from the text area after clicking the Submit button

I am trying to print the input text of a text area in the console.
The user would write a message, then click on a button and then the text would be printed on the console …

Here is my HTML:

and here is the JS:

        var message = $('textarea#message_box').val();
        var button = document.getElementById('btn');


The problem is that I receive an empty message in the console regardless of whether the area is empty or contains text.
I tried several combinations of val (), text, innerHTML but I almost always get the same empty result …

dnd 5e – If an artillery gunner holds his Eldritch Cannon in his hand, what happens if he is in the area of ​​a spell or other effect?

It depends on the spell

According to the description of Eldritch Cannon's rule:

The cannon is a magical object.

Therefore, obey the rules for each spell as to how that spell interacts with the objects. That is, there is no general rule. Rather, it is a case-by-case basis as listed in the description of a spell.

Some spells say they affect objects. For example, Fireball:

The fire spreads through the corners. Light flammable objects in the area that are not being used or transported.

This does not require the object to make a saving throw. If it is flammable and does not hold, it just starts to burn. Then, the fact that your character is holding the Eldritch cannon prevents it from turning on.

Or take a chain ray:

You create a beam that arches towards a target of your choice that you can see within range. Then, three rays jump from that target to three other targets, each of which must be less than 30 feet from the first target. A target can be a creature or an object and can only be the target of one of the rays.

A target must make a saving shot of Dexterity.

The chain lightning is an "AdE" spell that requires the caster to select discrete targets and can specify that the cannon be included among the targets.

But, in all cases, a spell (or ability) must explicitly indicate whether / how it affects the objects. Holding the cannon does not impart any additional level of defense unless the spell indicates.

dnd 5e: Has this random area spell deviation house rule been broken?

Whenever an AOE spell is cast, the actual target center (for circles) or the target angle (for cones) differs from the intended target by a factor of 5 feet / degrees * spell level / caster level. The direction of the deviation is determined by throwing 1d8 with 1 representing “north or up” and the clockwise direction each subsequent number represents a quarter of change (1d2 for left or right cones)


My players and I use Fantasy Grounds for our online role play.

Until now, every time there is an area of ​​effect spell (spike growth, fireball, etc.), I simply draw a circle or any center at the point they indicate and use it to track the spell's AOE. Everything is fine, but due to mechanics, it produces a couple of undesirable consequences:

  1. They get laser precision, being able to cast spells that affect the maximum number of enemies and never hit an ally.
  2. They are aware of where the effects begin in order to avoid the affected areas while the enemies do not.

For the second point, we have simply agreed not to show you where the exact area of ​​effect is, I will see it but they will not. That improves it, but you can possibly take it into account with precision by simply counting squares on the map.

Therefore, we have agreed to introduce some randomness into the "target" of the spell. You try to put the center somewhere, but since you're human after all, you don't make it perfect.

The current line of thinking is to make it small but remarkable, perhaps at a distance of up to 2.5 to 5 feet from its intended goal. It is easy to make it random, but there have been chats to make it depend on the level of the spellcaster against the ability of the target or the level of the spell (that is, the distance from the intended target is 5 feet * spell level / spell level pitcher).


You are a level 5 wizard who casts a fireball spell. Select a target center and roll 1d8 to get 5. The fireball hits a point approximately 3 feet below the desired location.


After seeing the linked question, I still prefer this to a control against an AC. It is not this system, no matter how good you are, you will never get it exactly right (which is the good aim that works in real life). The better you are, the closer you get, but a level 15 wizard will still be wrong for a few feet.

Website design: overflow content in the text area: default scroll bar or dynamic height increase

It depends on what type of data you are waiting for.

The drop-down fields are excellent for compact forms in which the user is not likely to need several lines all the time, but still wants to provide the option for longer entries. In general, they are used for the input of messages in chat interfaces where comments tend to be brief, one-line statements, but they can be full paragraphs if necessary.

Text areas, on the other hand, are best used when the required input is generally longer. The additional space indicates to the user that he can provide more information and encourages longer responses. Scrollable text areas are more familiar to web users, so they should be preferred unless you try to save space in your design or discourage longer entries without a strict character limit.

how to change DNS outside the side user area

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how to change DNS outside the side user area | Web Hosting Talk

& # 39;);
var sidebar_align = & # 39; right & # 39 ;;
var content_container_margin = parseInt (& # 39; 350px & # 39;);
var sidebar_width = parseInt (& # 39; 330px & # 39;);
// ->

  1. how to change DNS outside the side user area

    The hosting company banned me because of my nationality
    I cannot access my hosting account and change the DNS of the website. Is there any method to do it outside the hosting user area? I lost my access to the account and I cannot change the nameservers

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    Reason: dns, hosting

  2. Maybe, do you know if they use a reseller record like tucows / opensrs or enom? Both have administration pages that IIRC have the ability to change name servers. If you are not sure, do a domain whois and check if there is a sponsored registrar.

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by matin_06
    See publication

    The hosting company banned me because of my nationality

    What!? Why? Who is the company?

    Especially 4 you "https://www.webhostingtalk.com/" | Not strangled https://www.webhostingtalk.com/
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How is this locksmith from site 0 DR # 1 in my area?


I have a strange situation with local SEO results for locksmiths. I've been in SEO for a couple of years and, for my part, I can't understand how this is number one. If you are looking for "victory locksmith" [you may need to change geo to Canada] and the first result is mrlocksmithvictoria.com DR: 0! UR: 14

This site has virtually no good backlinks, except for some quotes from public sites.

If you look at most of the other results on the page, they outperform the site by a margin, for example:

Franchise chain
DR: 21 UR: 10

National franchise chain
DR: 29 UR: 16

DR: 16 UR: 26

That site has virtually no backlinks and is brand new. How is it working so well?

Thank you.

Circular segment area

Why does it take so long to calculate a simple segment area of ​​a circular radius? $ a, $ width $ h <a? $

Integrate(Sqrt(x ( 2 a - x)), {x, 0, h})

Would you improve defining this Region? Does symbolic computing consume a lot of time? What is an alternative solution?

If marijuana is legalized in your area, will you start smoking it?

It is not legal in my area and I am still smoking it.

Since when do the people who run this country … the corporate CEOs, the legislators who buy their corporations … the policemen who violate the laws with the same frequency that they enforce them … since when did any of these matter "

legal ”or not anyway?

White collar / political / judicial / police / banking / corporate crime is the most successful type of crime.

Billionaires like Trump earn their money by taking people to court instead of paying them, declaring bankruptcies, participating in money laundering and everything else in the sun.

The richest people in this country keep their money in an offshore tax haven so they don't have to pay taxes on it.

Anyone who has studied the real history of this country knows that it is a history of corruption, lies ("misinformation"), greed and profit at the cost of human life.

It is Darwinian and ruthless. It's what made the United States "great."

You have to be very naive to believe otherwise.

So, if white-collar criminals don't care about "legality," why should the rest of us?

This country has become such a traumatic place to live for many of us that we have almost no choice but to smoke something to relieve our PTSD.

How does the reaction of Rank I of Heavy Gunner talent, Covering Fire, work with the area of ​​effect attacks?

Rank I of the Heavy Gunner talent, Covering Fire, is described on page 97 of Lancer Core Book First Edition PDF as follows (emphasis mine):

As a quick action, choose a character within the line of sight and RANGE of one of your HEAVY rank weapons, and within 10 spaces: they are Damaged until the beginning of your next turn. During the time that lasts, if your target moves more than 1 space, it will clear of Deterioration, but you can attack them as a reaction with a WEIGHT ranged weapon through damage, (Heat) or (Burn), and then this effect ends. You can perform this attack at any time during its movement (for example, waiting until they leave the deck).

COVERING FIRE can only affect one character at a time (later uses replace the previous ones) and immediately ends if your target damages you.

As p. 104 of the central notes of the book under the subtitle "Patterns" in the "Weapons labels" section, some weapons affect an area instead of a single objective:

Some weapons and systems have special attack patterns: LINE, CONE, BLAST and BURST. These attacks affect all targets within a defined area and require a separate attack roll for each target. The damage is only thrown once, and the additional damage is reduced by half if there are several affected targets.

The section then describes how those 4 types of AoEs work in particular.

How does the Covering Fire reaction work with area of ​​effect attacks?

  • For starters, can they even be area of ​​effect attacks (with long-range weapons)
    done using the Covering Fire reaction?
  • If so, do they need to be focused (or focused) on the
    Character chosen for Covering Fire? Or they can be placed in any
    settings while the chosen character is in the AoE? (Make
    The answer differs according to the AdE pattern that the attack should use?)
  • Does the reaction attack only affect the chosen character? Or does
    affect other objectives in the AoE as you would otherwise? (If it does
    affect other targets in the area of ​​effect, do they receive total damage / heat / burns,
    Or is it also cut in half?)
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