plugins – Add Custom Search Box for CPT in Admin area

I want to add a custom search box in edit.php . but i did not find the filter for doing that.

as you see in the picture, I want to add another search form next to the default WordPress one.
The request must be in Ajax: I must reload the result array instantly

enter image description here

macos – Clicking in lower left area of Chrome acts as if I’m clicking into a different application

This only seems to happen in Chrome (currently version 90, but I think it’s been around for a while) – sometimes when I click in the lower left area of a window it shifts focus to another application. It is inconsistent, but the behavior is as if I clicked in another window. It seems to go away after a while, and I haven’t noticed that it happens on some sites and not others. If I need to click a button there, then I have to drag the window up or to the right to get it out of that area of the screen.

Any ideas on what is causing this and how to correct?

Create an area where the icloud will not be used

Create an area where the icloud will not be used – Ask Different

france – Travel within Schengen area on visitor (C) visa during pandemic restrictions

For France, the way the rules have been phrased since last summer (so that’s not changing as much as comments imply, even if some new development is always theoretically possible), the distinction has been based on where you are currently coming from / have been in the last 14 days. While non-essential travel is still not advised, there are currently no restrictions based on the purpose of your trip and no need to explain it. This suggests that neither being on a C visa nor coming for a short visit is forbidden.

When France itself was in a lockdown (i.e. French residents movement out of their home was restricted), travel was restricted to some purposes (like business) but residence was not a criteria as such.

Anecdotally, I can tell you that road borders are not policed intensively but the police is still checking train travellers. For non-EU citizens, they do ask for some sort of residence document or visa (together with a passport and proof of PCR test) and I do not know how they would treat a short-stay visa.

france – Pandemic restrictions: Travel within Schengen area on visitor (C) visa

This summer we plan to drive through the following countries: Germany, France, Spain and Portugal.
The group consists of a German citizen and two non-EU citizens having a German Schengen C visa (Note that Germany doesn’t give tourist visas currently – this visa is issued as an exception (significant family event)).

Currently these countries seem to only allow traffic from other Schengen countries. It’s not clear for me what is meant by that: the last visited country, the countries visited within last 14 days, or the country of citizenship. Note that the two non-EU citizens are not residents of the EU: they are on a short-stay visa. I think it’s an unusual situation, because such visas are not commonly issued at the moment.

gnome – How to remove the “Add World Clock” in the notification area?

I’m on Ubuntu 20.10 and in this update, the events show at the bottom of the calendar along with the add world clock option as in the screenshot below.

enter image description here

I know this got here because of I installed “gnome-clocks” but I use clocks option quite often but not the world clock. So, I would like to remove the option to add world clock without removing the gnome-clocks package.

Any help would be appreciated!

optimization – In PostgreSQL, what area in memory does HashSepOp use, work_mem or shared_buffer?

I want to know the difference between the hash table in a hash join and the hash table in HashSetOp Except.

Here is the PostgreSQL script I wrote to explain my question.

drop table if exists t1 cascade;
drop table if exists t2 cascade;
create table t1
select trunc((i-1)/15) n1,
       trunc((i-1)/15) n2,
       rpad(i::text,180)::text    v2
  from generate_series(1,30000) a(i); 
create table t2 as select * from t1;
--I made the t1 table empty.
delete from t1;
vacuum t1;
vacuum t2;

Below is the query I executed followed by its execution plan

select  * from t1
select * from t2;

**HashSetOp Except** (actual time=32.602..33.485 rows=11 loops=1)
   Buffers: shared hit=1716
   ->  Append (actual time=0.014..15.065 rows=60000 loops=1)
         Buffers: shared hit=1716
         ->  Subquery Scan on "*SELECT* 1" (actual time=0.013..6.388 rows=30000 loops=1)
               Buffers: shared hit=858
               ->  Seq Scan on t1 (actual time=0.010..2.801 rows=30000 loops=1)
                     Buffers: shared hit=858
         ->  Subquery Scan on "*SELECT* 2" (actual time=0.011..5.596 rows=30000 loops=1)
               Buffers: shared hit=858
               ->  Seq Scan on t2 (actual time=0.009..1.590 rows=30000 loops=1)
                     Buffers: shared hit=858
   Buffers: shared hit=40
 Planning Time: 0.230 ms
 Execution Time: 34.567 ms

Below is another query with the same data followed by its execution plan.

select n1, n2, v2
  from t1
 where not exists (select 1
                     from t2
                    where t1.n1 = t2.n1
                      and t1.n2 = t2.n2
                      and t1.v2 = t2.v2)
  Hash Anti Join (actual time=12.733..35.390 rows=111 loops=1)
   Hash Cond: ((t1.n1 = t2.n1) AND (t1.n2 = t2.n2) AND (t1.v2 = t2.v2))
   Buffers: shared hit=1717, temp read=800 written=800
   ->  Seq Scan on t1 (actual time=0.008..1.985 rows=30000 loops=1)
         Buffers: shared hit=858
   ->  Hash (actual time=12.455..12.455 rows=30000 loops=1)
         Buckets: 32768  Batches: 2  Memory Usage: 3679kB
         Buffers: shared hit=858, temp written=400
         ->  Seq Scan on t2 (actual time=0.003..2.125 rows=30000 loops=1)
               Buffers: shared hit=858
   Buffers: shared hit=33
 Planning Time: 0.484 ms
 Execution Time: 35.457 ms

My question is :

  1. I know that both the hash join and HashSetOp Except above use a hash table.
    While the hash table in the first query overflowed work_mem, it seems that HashSetOp Expert operation didn’t overflow work_mem (I can’t see any indication that it used temp files in the execution plan.)
    Do they use different memory areas?
  2. If both the hash join and the HashSetOp Except use the same memory area, how does the HashSetOp Except operation consume smaller area?
    I would appreciate it if anyone could give me a clue or answer.

Can someone use the Telekinesis power with an Area modifier to attempt an Area Grapple?

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algorithm – How to maximize enclosed area and minimize perimeter on a grid with obstacles?

Developing an RTS game, I have a tile-based terrain (grid) filled with obstacles. It looks like this (red shapes are obstacles):

enter image description here

Now I need to plan an enclosed area on the terrain with some restrictions:

  • tile marked with a “star” must be included (it is a seed)
  • area needs to be at least 20 tiles (for this example)
  • farthest area tile from the seed needs to be no more than 7 steps away (for this example)
  • area needs to traversable by moving in 4 directions
  • area should be bound by existing obstacles and by new fences
  • new fences building takes time and resources, it is beneficial to use existing obstacles as much as possible and have the smallest number of fences placed.
  • there are cases where terrain could be free of any obstacles, or contrary to that – be a maze-like labyrinth)
  • it is okay to fail (e.g. there’s not enough walkable tiles around the seed), or the area/fences ratio is too low.
  • processing is done on CPU (if that matters)

So, here are some “manual” attempts at outlining an area of required size using the least fences:

enter image description here

As you can see, there are 3 enclosed areas (green, blue, orange) with very similar perimeters, yet different areas. Best one in this case would be “green” one – it has the least fences added (just 10) and has the sufficient area (21).

What is the algorithm to allow to plan area of given size (~20) while minimizing the amount of additional fences required?

So far I have tried the A* to get the area within reach (7 steps), clipped the last step (since it is unexplored and has no neighbor info) and clipped the obvious protruding buds, but I’m out of good ideas on how to improve from that:

enter image description here

  • yellow tile is the seed
  • red tiles are walkable (saturation shows distance from the seed)
  • dark grey tiles are obstacles
  • light grey tiles are obstacles that also need fences
  • purple tiles got clipped by existing incomplete algo
  • black tiles are unexplored
  • yellow dashes are required fences

As you can see, it looks quite sub-optimal, but I’m at loss as to how to proceed.

Magento 2 – How to solve Two-Factor Authorization Error in Admin Area

After putting my Id and Password in Magento 2.4.1 then I found this error at admin login, seems like it is related to two step Authentication, Please tell me the steps to follow to resolve this error.
I am attaching the screenshot of this error –
enter image description here

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