applications – Problems with changing from the Google keyboard

I am an Android 9 in a My A2 lite, and I want to access the WhatsApp keyboard in that application instead of the Google keyboard to use, in WhatsApp, stickers and other media. But when I follow the online instructions to change it (go to settings, languages ​​and login, then to the keyboard software), the option to deactivate the keyboard can not be selected. Is there any way to change it just for WhatsApp?

Migration – Move the control flow of NiFi applications to the code.

We currently have an application nominally written in Java / Spring boot, but all the control flow is in NiFi.

For example, there are the following layers in the java application:

  • The controllers take an object and return a service call (literally 2 lines)
  • The services pass data to a transformer.
  • The transformers pass the data to a converter.
  • The converters usually call some API (external) and then convert the return object into a response object that extends to the stack for the caller

On the NiFi side, there are a number of process groups that poll several databases and then feed a large network of other processors (many are custom .nars). The whole flow of control is here (that is, if an object like this has already been processed, do one thing, or do something else) and while it is not very complicated, there is much if (the whole flow of control lives here or in the database).

We want to get away from this development model because it makes it extremely difficult to tell a user when something is really done (unlike what we do now, which is the return of 200 when it comes to NiFi) and the exceptions are very difficult to do . spread.

How can we address this? For scale, we probably have hundreds, if not thousands, of process groups in NiFi.

nt.number theory – Diophantine applications of paramodularity

I have asked this question to a good number of people in person and so far I have not seen a good answer … but I think one should exist, so here it goes!

Ok, we all know how (roughly) to prove Fermat's last theorem:

Each solution to a ^ p + b ^ p = c ^ p gives a Frey curve, an elliptical curve that is intelligently designed to encode the difference between the trivial / non-trivially geometrical solutions (ie, the Frey curve singular / no singular) and has a very special driver.

Then, one invokes the modularity in the case of non-trivial solutions to produce a modular form of a special level … which is then shown to be non-existent by the level reduction arguments. Hence, the FLT is tested.

One of the current objectives for many is to demonstrate paramodularity, which in a few words should see certain abelian surfaces that correspond to certain modular forms of paramodular level of the genus 2 Siegel.

The conjecture became accurate, for example, see Conjecture 1.1.1 of:

But the details do not matter much anyway. My question is the following naive one: if the modularity is FLT, then the paramodularity is for what?

Now I am not claiming that paramodularity is useless without Diophantine applications. However, I think it would be good to know if it can be used to show that there is a certain Diophantine equation (or even a family) that does not have nontrivial solutions.

Perhaps there is a simple way to generalize the construction of the Frey curve to obtain an abelian surface that encodes the triviality / non-triviality of the solutions for some diofanthine problem geometrically.

applications – How to delete an application without deleting the application data

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keyboard layout: re-assign ctrl and use ctrl-tab to switch between applications: double tab is required

I am using gnome-tweak to reassign ctrl (change ctrl and alt). Then I use the system configuration to assign ctrl-tab to swtching application.

When I did this first, it worked. As expected

But since the update and restart, this now requires pressing two tabs before the switch appears. That is to say. in the first ctrl-tab the tab seems to enter the application, and only when I have the tab again, the application selector appears.

The two changes work well independently, but when I combine them, strange behavior occurs.

Any ideas? Any other way to change keys outside of gnome-tweak?

Thank you!

Can I develop applications for iPhone on my Windows PC?

I only have Windows PC and I do not have a Mac. Is there any way to develop iPhone applications without using mac virtual machines?

Your opinion on the effectiveness of mobile applications in business.

I am interested in your opinion on the effectiveness of mobile applications in business. Should I request your development for a small online store or is it a waste of money?

Is it worthwhile today to write CGI C ++ applications with all the new technologies we have to develop web applications?

I started learning how to implement web applications with CGI scripts written in C ++. So I wonder if it's worth considering the many new technologies that can be easily used to develop web applications.

python – Import of language modules for the internationalization of applications

I'm thinking of importing separate language modules (or configuration data) to use when the user chooses them. Everything else, in addition to the texts shown, should remain the same, and (I think) this should help to save memory, since you are only importing and reading the language used.
Below is an example code:

text1 = "Good morning"
text2 = "This is a test"

text1 = "Guten Morgen"
text2 = "Dies ist ein Test"

language = input ("Choose your language:")

if language == "en":
from import *
elif language == "of":
from import *

# Main program here
print (text1)
print (text2)

In the previous example, any language module that is being used, when choosing a language to use, is exported and the language to be used is imported.
I realize that importing modules in the middle of a code is often considered a bad practice. Would this be acceptable or is there a smarter way to do it?
Mainly I want to save memory and processing by doing this.

ios appstore – How to see the latest applications launched in the App Store?

I seem to remember that you can see the latest applications / games launched in any category of the App Store. I loved trying new games and, usually, you can find some gems that you would not otherwise find.

So, is there any way to find a true list of the latest applications / games released? And if there is, there is a way to find a list of the latest releases within a certain category (such as the latest action games). The closest thing I could find is "new games we love" in the store and in the RSS feed.

I've also seen a section in the app store for & # 39; pre-orders & # 39 ;, but I've never found the section since (it was one of the main pages of the app store with the apps of the week, etc.) Any ideas on how to find this again. It would also be a massive help!