Applications: Is the United States only targeting Huawei with sanctions?

The US government UU It seems to have succeeded in having its dominant technology companies (Google, Intel, Qualcomm) stop using its components in Huawei products due to alleged security concerns. Why is Huawei the only target when Oppo, Xiaomei and Lenovo seem not to be affected?

c # – Creation of specific applications for clients on standard applications

I have a standard application and, in this case, it is an ASP Net MVC Accounting application. Now, I have a new client that has its own specific requirements, like other fields and some custom behavior that does not make sense to be included in the standard application.

The simplest thing I can do is copy and paste literally the whole solution and build on the standard solution. However, this would mean that if I solve an error in the standard application, I would also do so in the other solution. The same goes for a new feature implemented in standard accounting. I would have to do it in both solutions and that would be a nightmare to maintain.

Now I'm thinking what would be the best thing to do here. Just to clarify, if possible, I would also like to access the drivers and the view of the standard application and, in some way, inherit it to make a specific change to the client.

applications – Problem in Validation What should I do?

I am new to Android and I perform the validation function but I am facing the problem with the code and it does not show the error and I do not know where the problem is. when I run the application crashes I do not know why ..
Does anyone, please, send me an example so that I can execute it and clarify my problem?
Any help is appreciated.

What filters or applications are used for this edition?

enter the description of the image here

What filter is used here?
Or which application?

Applications – Is earning money with the link shortener haram or halal?

I am putting the download links of the APK game on youtube, apk where I provide free payment games in a download link. Every time they press the link, I earn money. As for 1200 pressed and unloaded, I got only $ 0.80. So I would like to know if this money is haram or halal

Applications: Is a RecyclerView.Adapter considered as a controller or view in the MVC architecture?

In this Android application I'm creating, I use a RecyclerView.Adapter and I'm supposed to follow the MVC architecture. I'm confused about where the adapter should belong.
It makes sense to consider it as a controller, since it takes data from the model and links it to the view. At the same time, it does not deal with any business logic code, so could it be considered as a view?

Apparently, e-commerce uses frames of single-page applications as multi-page applications.

When I see e-commerces in my country, I see page reloads that lead me to think that they use MPA and do not use frontend frames. I spoke with some co-workers and they told me that they actually use SPA frames, but they use some technique that SPA websites behave like traditional MVC. Therefore, they can benefit from the modularity of frontend frames and not lose SEO. If that is the case, what technologies could be used with Angular to process the behavior of AMP?

php: someone told me that my query is good for the learning base, but not for real-world applications. Please guide me

My code:
Connectivity (php)

Sign up

query ($ sql);
$ result = mysqli_query ($ conn, $ sql);
// $ query = mysqli_query ($ conn, $ sql);

header ("Location: index.php");


Please make some recommendations to make this code more suitable and for real world scenarios.

Foot 9.0: gestures in Android 9 and what it means for Android applications backward compatibility

I heard about the gesture function in Android 9, and that somehow replaces the ordinary navigation.

Is this optional feature generally on smartphones with Android 9? (ie, is it disabled by default? Or is it enabled by default, but can it be disabled?)

Will the applications of Android 8 and lower versions simply not allow normal navigation on phones with Android 9 with gestures enabled? (Assuming that in general these can be disabled)

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