Applications – Kotlin OnClickListener button not working?

I am new to Android and I am starting to learn with Kotlin. But things are very confusing to me now.

Basically what I'm trying to do is click a button to show a toast. The following code works but not as intended. I want to show toast when clicked, but toast appears when the app is opened.

Also what is the purpose of View.OnClickListener ? What is sight?

I tried to follow the documentation without knowing if I am doing it right.
if the kotlin documentation is updated? :

package com.geekygreenowl.geekgreenowlcalculator

import android.os.Bundle
import android.view.View
import android.widget.Button
import android.widget.Toast

class MainActivity : AppCompatActivity() {

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {
        val text = "Hello toast!"
        val duration = Toast.LENGTH_SHORT
        val toast = Toast.makeText(applicationContext, text, duration)
        val myButton = findViewById

Can anyone tell me where I am making a mistake?

Can I use the `base / pgsql_tmp` directory for non-administrator applications?

I need to export / import JSON files, CSV files, XML, GeoJSON, etc. Example:

SELECT pg_catalog.pg_file_write('base/pgsql_tmp/test1_hello.txt', 'Hello World!', false);

They are all temporary (it exists in a START / COMMITMENT), but no problem?

  • no file name conflict? (Can I create a subdirectory to avoid it?)

  • no risk of volume overflow?

Maybe it's better to create a ${data_directory}/base/pgsql_tmp/MyArea as a symbolic link to another area (eg. /tmp/MyRealArea)?


Sometimes we can say that "database servers are not designed for general file I / O" (ref), but sometimes we need it (!), To simplify and automate interface or ETL procedures.

nt.number theory – Applications of the eta function of Atiyah-Patodi-Singer $ eta (s) $

Atiya, Patodi, and Singer used the eta function of a differential operator to derive their famous index theorem, and it is given by

eta (s) = sum _ { lambda neq 0} ( mathrm {sign} lambda) | lambda | – s

where the sum goes over the operator's non-zero eigenvalues. The limit $ lim_ {s a 0} eta (0) $ it is the variant eta that appears in the index theorem itself.

My question is: are there known applications for the eta function evaluated at other values ​​of $ s $ ?

Security: What causes the delay when using applications in Windows Server 2016?

In our organization, we are using a Windows Server 2016 Datacenter as Azure VM. The server works fine but currently we face the following problems:

  • Each time applications on that server initially try to open a network connection (for example, to obtain a license from a license server) it takes around 20 seconds until the connection is established.
  • Each time applications on that server initially try to modify the contents of a database, it takes around 20 seconds until those changes have been written to the database.
  • Since the delay is so long, it often causes our tools to crash.
  • Also, it takes a long time for the installers to run after double-clicking on them.

At this time, the status is as follows:

  • Ordinary applications (Word, Excel, etc.) that do not open network or database connections work without delay
  • According to the machine settings, Antivirus, Windows Firewall and Windows Defender should be disabled (but I'm not sure if they really don't interfere in any way …)

We wondered if Microsoft Windows Security Audit (Windows Filtering Platform) could cause this problem.

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Applications: Android for PC does not stream videos in applications

I have installed Android for PC from It is working fine, but the videos are not streaming. YouTube works fine when opened in Chrome, but no app is streaming the videos.

Native Android libraries are also downloaded via settings. Can I create a custom Android app to fix the problem too, but not sure where to start?

The operating system is connected to VirtWiFi and LAN and even the youtube ads also work in the youtube app but only in audio, not video. Is there a different network path for Chrome and for apps? Android version is Pie

Applications and coronaviruses: what you need to know to protect your privacy | Forum promotion

If you are one of the millions of Australians who work from home and turn to apps to maintain a social life online in the coronavirus pandemic, it is as important as ever to see what and how much information you can unintentionally share with them.

What should I keep in mind when I download applications?
First, check what permissions the application requests when you are installing or opening it, depending on the platform you are using. Anyone you don't think is relevant, don't allow it. If the app doesn't allow you to use it without access to those features, consider whether it's worth it.

"Often times, the default settings for these types of services may not be set with your privacy or security in mind, so it is important to adjust your settings accordingly to ensure your account is as secure as possible," said the security commissioner. electronics, Julie Inman-Grant.

“We also encourage users to read the terms and conditions of these services so that they understand what kind of data is collected about them and how they are used, as well as the mechanism to report any abuse. This will help you limit the amount of personal information that is shared with the service or with third parties. "

Should I be concerned about what data applications they collect at the time of the coronavirus?
Your attitude toward the data these apps collect shouldn't be any different than when you're not in the middle of a pandemic. It is always a good practice to be alert.

Is Houseparty safe?
Houseparty is a video conferencing application designed more for non-commercial purposes. The app has been around for about four years, but was picked up last year by Epic Games, the company behind the popular Fortnite video game. Its popularity has skyrocketed. It is estimated to have been downloaded several million times in the past few weeks as more people are trapped in their homes and want to socialize.

Cyber ​​security researchers have suggested that the permissions of the application you are looking for are consistent with those of a video conferencing application. Access your microphone and camera if you give permission, along with Facebook contacts and friends if you provide it.

In its privacy policy, Houseparty describes the usual type of data, the information it provides, in addition to the analytical data that is automatically collected. Houseparty also says it could use unidentified location and demographic information.

How about Zoom?
The other video conferencing platform that has a boost in popularity in the coronavirus pandemic is Zoom. Similar to Houseparty, it is important to check permissions, but Zoom has had some privacy concerns in the past.

Meetings are public without access codes, so people can "zoombomb" them if meetings use the default settings. And last year, the company had a glitch that allowed hackers to hijack people's webcams through the app. This week, the company was also forced to repair its iOS app, which sent data to Facebook even if it didn't connect via Facebook.

A number of built-in features may also be a concern, including one that affects users who didn't focus on the app for more than 30 seconds when a screen is shared.

Can I use the coronavirus app without being tracked?
This week, the federal government launched a new information app on iOS and Android that essentially mimics the information available on the health department's website about the symptom checker, number of cases, press releases, and phone numbers.

Most of the personal information it collects is that if you voluntarily register for self-isolation, it will ask for your location. Guardian Australia understands that the information is only recorded at the time of registration or editing of your information (not continuous monitoring) and is used by the government to determine where these self-isolates are located for analysis, investigation and protection of public health.

On WhatsApp, the chat developed by the government with the help of Atlassian is an automated service that only provides information. It is not a method of sharing information with the government, such as the application of coronaviruses. The only personal information the government collects is your phone number.

What about the information I provide to the government through other means?
If he returns to Australia in the next two weeks or more, the federal government made it easy for his movements to access a wide range of state and federal agencies.

Through new migration regulations, internal affairs have expanded the uses that can be made of information in passenger movement records. These records include citizenship, visa class, passport number, departure date, flight number, expected place of disembarkation, and final destination.

Under the rules, state police forces can access information for law enforcement and crime prevention and investigations of missing persons.

The Office of National Intelligence will have access to the information for its own purposes and to assist other agencies that are engaged in security research.

The Australian Election Commission will have access for the purposes of "reviewing and prosecuting voters who appear not to have voted in an election."

Instrument 2020 also clarified that the inspectors of the fair labor ombudsman, who verify compliance with labor laws, will have access.

State and federal privacy commissioners released a statement this week saying privacy laws allowed multiple jurisdictions to share personal information at a time like this, but urged governments to conduct privacy impact assessments to ensure that the handling of personal information is reasonable, necessary and proportionate.

linux – How to use CNAME to load web applications

I have created an application and plan to host it at
I have around 10 clients who want the app to be hosted on their brand (white label).
Instead of deploying the same app 10 times, I'd rather host the app at and point the CNAME of each of the client's domains to

I implemented the same, but for some reason that doesn't work as expected.

My current settings:

customer1.tld.          60      IN      CNAME       59      IN      A

When hot in a browser it works fine, however when I go into customer1.tld it doesn't work. Logic: the client dns (CNAME) must point to my host name and my host name (record A) must point to the IP of my server.
Something that I missed?

Other related information I'm using:

  • VestaCP
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Apache / 2.4.29

applications – How can I get the IP address and port of an emulator detected by the `adb` server using` adb`?

How can I get the IP address and port of an emulator detected by adb server using adb?

adb has detected my Android emulator, emulator-5554, and I can get your IP address and port using lsof, since there is only one emulator running.

How can I get adb show IP addresses and ports for detected emulators?


adb devices -l:

emulator-5554          device product:sdk_gphone_x86_arm model:AOSP_on_IA_Emulator device:generic_x86_arm transport_id:2

lsof -i4TCP:

adb       10981 nlykkei    9u  IPv4 0xb75adee8092187c5      0t0  TCP (LISTEN)
qemu-syst 10997 nlykkei   43u  IPv4 0xb75adee808ae3a25      0t0  TCP (LISTEN)

applications: application to block other applications and system settings

I am looking for an application that

  • It blocks any other application you select (by blocking I mean avoiding changing any settings of those applications, or even opening them), including system settings (so that for example system time cannot be changed or other applications cannot can be changed) installed)
  • it is protected by PIN or password, where the PIN or password can be arbitrarily long.

Can you tell me if there is such an application? I have a non-rooted phone running Android 9.

Applications – How do I rename an application in MacOS correctly?

I tested it using Finder, navigating to Applications, right-clicking the application to rename it, moving to "information" and renaming it there.

What it has essentially done here is to rename the application package. An application package is a special type of folder on macOS that contains the application executable and the associated file. This does not Really change the application name, only the container that is abstracted to Look like the app

This works in most places where the app name appears, but if I have the app open in full screen and swipe up with 3 fingers, I still see the old app name in the menu at the top of the screen.

Technically you can't rename the name of the application, as it is something that is connected when the application is created by its developer. The name you see at the top is the application menu bar, and not usually It is possible to change the name displayed by the users of the application (only the developer can change it when they compile the application).