hardware – Are Apple silicon M1 Chip MacBook Air/Pro “laptops” usable on the lap?

I have a work-issued MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) running macOS Catalina, and it’s not usable as a laptop, because it runs too hot, making it impossible to hold on the lap for any significant amount of time.

There’s nothing in System Preferences to address the problem; I know it has very powerful fans, but they are generally turned very low and are inaudible, and there doesn’t appear to be any free software that would automatically control said fans to attain a desired thermal profile (e.g., maybe 35degC or lower) to make it usable as a laptop on a lap. This is confirmed by third-party reviews as well, as Notebook Check shows that it can run as hot as 42 degC on surface, when the ambient temperature is merely 19 degC, which possibly means mine’s running at maybe 45 degC at 23 degC ambient, which is surely not comfortable.

It is my understanding that the new Apple silicon M1 Chip are supposed to be much more energy efficient than the older processors; however, it’s also the case that MacBook Air no longer has a fan in the newest iteration.

Are the new M1-based MacBooks finally usable as actual laptops, to keep on the lap for an extended period of time? (Or is there any free software for MBP 16″ to reign in the thermal envelope?) And why doesn’t Apple offer any “laptop mode” options for its laptops, to automatically spin up the fans if the temps get uncomfortable for keeping on the lap? Windows has software like SpeedFan that does that easily.

Which phone number is shared by Apple Pay in a dual SIM iPhone?

When adding a card to Apple Pay, it says that your phone number may be shared with the bank who emitted your card. But in the case of a dual SIM phone which number is shared? If you have a personal phone number and another one, can you choose which one will be shared with the bank?
Have anyone a personal experience with a dual SIM phone and Apple Pay?

How to determine if a MacOS program on Apple Silicon is emulated x86 or native ARM from the command line?

I have an M1 MacBook Pro and have downloaded both some native (ARM) and x86_64(Rosetta 2 emulated) binaries.

  1. How do I determine from the command line which of these ISAs a particular binary file is?
  2. Is there any way to know if a currently running program is running
    native or under Rosetta 2?

Apple iOS Shortcuts App – how to include spoken variable in the initial command?

Despite having a BSc in Software Engineering I am struggling with iOS shortcuts…

What I would like to do is include the text for a shortcut (I am trying to create a new shortcut to add a task to Microsoft ToDo App) in the initial command.

So, instead of saying “Hey Siri, let’s add a work Task” and then Siri asking what it is, I would like to say “Hey Siri, add a work Task to pay the monthly telecom invoice.”

Is this possible? I know it is with native commands such as the iOS…

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Apple M1 Two Thunderbolt Displays

I understand that there is no current workaround known for having two Apple Thunderbolt Displays run on an Apple Silicon Mac with a M1 Processor. I am opening this thread for creative solutions. Please let me know if you find a way to make this work – whether through a dock, or daisy chaining, or a Blackmagic HDMI/Thunderbolt converter. Thanks!

My iPhone’s Apple Watch Ringtone

Does anyone know who I can get my apple watch ringtone on my iPhone so I can set it as my default iPhone ringtone as well. All comments are accepted, thanks in advance!

Why doesn’t Apple market more aggressively to the business market?

Apple focuses primarily on education, consumer and professional media production markets, but generally ignores the more profitable business sector. Nevertheless, the stunning success they’ve achieved in their core markets is truly mind blowing. Apple’s ecosystem is exactly what every business has been begging for and what every tech company dreams of delivering. None of them nail down the seamless communications, the low total cost of ownership, the data security, the low learning curve and the productivity as exquisitely as Apple does.

Yet the vast majority of the businesses are unaware of these advantages and Apple does little to change it. Apple, for instance, failed to position FaceTime as a business video conferencing platform, allowing Zoom Communications, a startup, to become the standard for video conferencing. In sharp contrast, Apple’s iPod and iTunes consumer products managed to dominate online music and even rescue the music industry from near collapse, despite competing against freely downloadable music.

With its recent introduction of the M1 chip, the business market is Apple’s to lose. The incredible performance, energy efficiency and low cost makes this chip a no brainer for business computing and servers. I can’t see a compelling reason why it would not want to aggressively expand into Intel’s territory. Considering the flattening of its main product line over the years, the business market might provide Apple another avenue for continued growth. So why isn’t Apple more aggressively marketing to the business market?

encryption – Apple Platform Security and NAND flash storage

I’m busy reading the Apple Platform Security document and I have a few questions regarding it.

The passcode is entangled with the deviceโ€™s UID, so brute-force attempts must be performed on the device under attack.

Questions: Does this mean that if the device is physically damaged, the microchips cannot be taken out and brute forced on another device (PCB/FPGA)? If yes, what in the hardware prevents this? If no, what level of damage would render the NAND flash storage useless and the data unreadable?

Would repeatedly hitting (7-13 times) the back of the iPhone with a 6 pound hammer render sufficient physical damage to prevent information recovery?

The iteration count is calibrated so that one attempt takes approximately 80 milliseconds. This means it would take more than five and one-half years to try all combinations of a six-character alphanumeric passcode with lowercase letters and numbers.

Questions: Would an attacker ever be able to actually perform this password guess over the 5 1/2 years’ or would the maximum 10 attempts kick in and actually prevent this?

If the maximum attempts would prevent this, is this protection built into the hardware (Security Enclave)?

How many years would it take an attacker to brute force all combinations of a seven, eight, nine and ten-character alphanumeric passcode with lowercase letters and numbers?