Macos – Apple Mail search and smart mailboxes stopped working

Since I updated MacOS Catalina is weak, the following Apple Mail features no longer work:

  • Look for
  • Mail marked
  • Smart mailboxes

I have tried to reindex everything using Spotlight and also rebuild the mailboxes, but none of these things work. What I can do? This seems like a real disaster on Apple's part.

Import to macOS 10.15 Catalina Apple Music does not work: unknown error -54; probable root cause: file access permissions

Something is wrong with my version of Apple Music after an update to MacOS 10.15 Catalina. Song import fails with the error "File copy failed. An unknown error occurred (-54)".

The problem disappears if I choose Preferences / Files / Copy files to the Music Media folder when adding to the library: No, but it reappears when I choose File / Library / Organize library / Consolidate files.

So this is clearly seen as a problem in relation to file access permissions. I did not change the default values, and p. me Music/iTunes It has "Read and write" just for "I," which seems readable.

Is this a known issue (apparently not known to Google in this particular incarnation at this time) and how can it be fixed? I prefer a "conservative" solution in terms of granting additional access rights.

How to import the migrated Aperture library from Apple Photos to Lightroom?

I'm a little late to migrate to Lightroom. I was an iPhoto user, then an Aperture user, and when Apple killed Aperture, I switched to Apple Photos. I regret my decision.

Apple Photos does not meet my needs, and I would like to switch to Lightroom. In addition, I want to preserve as much organizational information as possible (qualifications, keywords, metadata, tags, facial tags). I think this is possible with Adobe add-ons for iPhoto → Lightroom Y Opening → Lightroom, but, as far as I can tell, Adobe has not made any import add-ons for Apple Photos. Fortunately, I still have access to my old Aperture library since before migrating to Apple Photos.

Can you help me put together an import plan that optimizes the amount of organization data that is preserved? These are the resources at my disposal:

  1. Aperture Library 1.aplibrary (7.3 MB), which I only include to complete. Their created Y last opened Timestamps are within six minutes of each other two years ago. Its existence seems consistent with the experiences of other users.
  2. Aperture Library 2.migratedaplibrary (118.41 GB), who was born from my ill-conceived Opening → Photos migration and seems to have been actively modified by Photos but Aperture can still read it. the Opening → Lightroom the addon does not want to import a .migratedaplibrary; wants a .aplibrary. I tried to change the name of Aperture Library 2.aplibrary, and the complement did not like that either.
  3. iPhoto Library.photolibrary (7.4 MB), which I only include to complete. Their created Y last opened Timestamps are within six minutes of each other two years ago.
  4. Photos Library.photoslibrary (73.45 GB), the main file that Photos routinely uses.
  5. A backup folder full of Aperture reference image files (195 GB)

Usually, I might know where all my photos reside based on the size of each library, but since Apple Photos stores so much in iCloud, I can't be completely sure. I have not downloaded all the originals on my iMac, but I can.

I imagine that the best result would be to import my old Aperture library (with metadata), import my current Photo library (photos only) and magically deduplicate between them. I imagine this is easy to annoy. The details scare me, and I'm not sure if I can massage my Migrated Opening to be eligible for use with Adobe Opening → Lightroom import complement.

Is Apple still monitoring or tracking after having a customer service to share screen with

Is it safe to have the screen sharing service with

I had the screen sharing service with (, which is Apple's official website for Apple product support. And they wanted me to install an application after entering the session key and said that the application will self-destruct once the support session ends.

Would it be possible for Apple to track and monitor that computer even after the end of the support session and even if they claim that the installation of the screen-sharing application is self-destructing?

ios – How to unlock the old ipad activation lock without apple id password

I have unearthed my old ipad and I want to start using it again. Unfortunately, I completely forgot what my password is in the Apple ID, since I created a different Apple ID for the iPad and my iPhones … Also, I set it again in the web settings without knowing that it would be locked in the Apple ID with activation lock … What do I do? Some murky internet tips tell me to download an application that can unlock it, but I can't do it when the ipad is not activated and my ipad is deactivated and locked. I have tried to use the security questions, but I don't remember the answers, since they are about 6 years old or something. Also, I have tried to change the password, but it is not possible because the email is an address that is not a real email. Has anyone had the same problem? Or do you know how to unlock it? The ipad is running ios 9, I think. Please! Thank you! – Reply to an email signed with Apple Mail

I have received a signed and well encrypted email. Now I want to reply to this particular sender using his public key in Apple Mail. But when I press the reply button, the encryption icon remains gray.

Do I have to import your public key in my keychain first?
And if so, how does this work?

Apple keeps asking me to accept the new terms and conditions of iCloud on my MacBook Pro since I updated to Catalina

Apple keeps asking me to accept the new terms and conditions of iCloud on my MacBook Pro since I updated to Catalina. This happens every 10 minutes. Why can I do to fix this?

If I buy an album (or song, book, etc.) in the Apple Music app for Android, can I download it in iTunes for Windows?

Here is the Apple Music app for Android in the Google Play Store:

I am running iTunes 12.3 on Windows 7 Pro.

Watchos 6 – Apple Watch4 with OS6 slow / no response to touch to wake up

I have been using Apple Watch Series 4 with Watch OS 5.x for a year. With the increase disabled to wake up, I had no trouble waking the clock by touching the screen.

After the update to Watch OS6, I now need multiple touches to wake up. A single touch is not even recorded most of the time. After he finally wakes up, and I turn off the screen, it turns on again with a touch. But the initial wake is problematic: it takes 3 to 4 seconds and several touches.

I also disinfected the watch strap with isopropyl alcohol. I also cleaned the screen. Does rubbing alcohol damage the ability of the tap to wake up?

How do I restore a single touch to wake up in Apple Watch with WatchOS6.0.1?

Apple and its Siri recordings, now erasable?

Apple has now begun to implement the function that allows users to decide for themselves whether Siri recordings should be sent to Apple for improvement or not.

People who have the beta version for iPadOS 13.2, iOS 13.2, Apple tvOS 13.2, WatchOS 6.1 or MacOS 10.15.1 should also be able to delete their Siri and dictation history. Doing so will simply erase all the Siri data that Apple has on its servers.

These new functions can be found among the phone settings.

English shortcuts look like this:
* Settings> Privacy> Analysis and improvements> Improve Siri and dictation
* Settings> Siri and Search> Siri? & Dictation History> Delete Siri? & Dictation History

Apple, as is well known, ended up in a windy weather towards the end of the summer when it was learned that user recordings were sent to third-party companies that could, among other things, listen when people had sex or sold Apple drugs Now he has changed his routines so that these recordings are only managed internally by Apple.

My question for everyone who has read here so far is: did they know / read and know that Siri could record conversations like Alexa or Google at home?

Also, how well do you think this is now because it's only because it went public? Can you really trust your iphone?

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