Password Management – Apple Keychain Security Risk Risk Assessment

What security measures has Apple taken to minimize the security risk with respect to the Apple Keychain password manager?

I enjoy the ability to manage passwords on OSX and IOS devices, however, I would like to understand the mechanism to assess the risk of vulnerability. Ultimately, I would like to understand Keychain's risk and the steps I can take to mitigate the risk

ios: iPhone requests an Apple ID password when launching a third-party application after iTunes syncing

I just synchronized my iPhone with iTunes to get music on the iPhone. After doing so, the iPhone wants my Apple ID password when I try to start a third-party application. All Apple applications (photos, Safari, Notes, etc.) work well, but all third-party applications require you to log in to the App Store first. I mean once As soon as I logged into the App Store once, all third-party applications start working again.

On my iPhone, I use the same Apple ID as in iTunes.

This is the pop-up window when I'm not connected to the Internet:

enter the description of the image here

By the way, this is not the first release of "FBReader".

And when I'm connected to the internet it looks like this:

enter the description of the image here

I can not even do this on the iPhone, because my password manager does not work, of course! I need internet and a second device for my iPhone to work again.

Is this expected, normal behavior? Are all Apple users suffering this?

Or is there something suspicious on my device (s)? I suspect that this is a copyright mechanism that runs irregularly because iTunes synchronization paralyzes my iPhone.

Mouse with the same characteristics as Apple MagicMouse 2.

A mouse with the same characteristics as Apple MagicMouse 2 is on the market?

You must have the Lightning port and, of course, a Lightning to USB cable in the box.

macos – Apple Books in Mojave pasted

I launched Apple Books on my MacBook Pro 2016 (10.14.5) to continue reading a book I had started on my iPad Pro (where I bought it).
As expected, the book was in the cloud, so I double clicked on its cover to download it. He requested my Appleid and my password, as expected and then … he began to download another 16 titles before this, which completely freezes the application.
The download is not progressing, nor can I stop it. Restarting the application, or even after a reboot, gives me a library full of gray elements without any possibility of forcing a download …

What can I do to get it off?
I even went into Preferences and downloaded automatic downloads of purchases.

Can I activate an iPhone without an Apple ID?

They gave me an iPhone and it seems I can not use it without an Apple ID or whatever it's called. I deeply despise Apple and the last thing I would do is create an account with them.

Can I activate my phone in another way?

hardware – Why do Apple Watch activity rings move by themselves?

The rings of Apple Watch activity are going crazy.
I am observing that the activity rings of my Apple Watch are moving like crazy. I spoke with the customer service and they could not help me either. Did someone face the problem before?

What happened today?
– I put the watch on I went to the gym.
– I started the Aaptiv application on my mobile (7 Plus). In training I used my training application.
– Once the exercise session was over, I discovered that the watch is using the aaptiv application on its own, with no idea of ​​how and why.
And my activity sounds increasingly crazy.

I untied and put on my watch. I uninstalled the Apple Watch aaptiv application. But the problem still persists.

Any help appreciated.

By the way, I do not know how to reset the factory clock. I did not try this option.

Thanks in advance.
Application of activities on the phone.

macbook – Various Apple devices / A Bluetooth speaker

I have my iPhone synchronized with a Bose bluetooth speaker. I would like to synchronize my MacBook Pro with the same speaker. When I open "Bluetooth" on the Mac, there are no options to add another device and I get a spinning wheel. I just rebooted the Mac, but that did not help. How I do this?

Can I enroll in the Kuwait Apple Developer Program?

How can I sign up for the Kuwait Apple Developer Program?

I am from Kuwait I have Apple IDs associated with the USA. UU And associated with my country of origin. When I try to sign up for my Kuwait-based account, I get an error that says:

Sorry, you can not register at this time.

screenshot of

Apple ID: How do I upload verification photos to Maps Connect?

I am trying to send my business location to Apple Maps Connect to appear in Apple Maps, but my shipment was rejected (could not be verified) until I uploaded the verification photos. Here is exactly what it says:

Upload verification photos
Go back to your business profile on Maps Connect and upload verification photos or videos. These should show your construction location and external sign, or the construction directory that matches your business name. This will help us verify that your company is physically in the address of your profile.

However, I can not find any place on Maps Connect that allows me to upload photos or verification videos. Is this a hidden feature? Is there a trick that allows me to upload verification photos? Has anyone else managed to do this?

mojave – Reconnect the Apple ID (iCloud) to the macOS user

I recently received my first MacBook (at the beginning of 2015 13 "MacBook Pro, running macOS Mojave) and I have been configuring it for the last few hours.

I changed my Apple ID email and my password several times and then I found a problem. Although I was registering with the iCloud password, my Mac would still recognize an old one. So I created a separate password for my Mac with the intention of connecting it to iCloud again to update the synchronization process (?). Now that I have the password separately, there is no option to reconnect to iCloud again.

How do I do it?

Would it be better to delete this user and create a new one? Do I have to reinstall macOS Mojave, erase disk?

All I want is for my user account on the Mac to connect to iCloud and use the same password (and the synchronization is modified).