algorithms – Generating topological sequence from DAG with additional “not appearing before” constraints

DAG specifies the relationship of one node must appear after another. What if I add an additional constraint where one node cannot appear before another on top of the DAG?

Is there an algorithm for generating topological sequence from DAG with such constraint? Or maybe I can transform the DAG with this constraint?

huawei – Unable to permanently deleted broken files automatically appearing in “recently deleted” in photo gallery

I have this problem since few weeks now. I am Unable to permanently deleted unknown broken files (2 videos) automatically reappearing in “recently deleted” files in photos gallery app (Oreo Huawai P Smart).

Every time I try to delete them and close the app, they automatically come back in “recently deleted”.


installing – A deleted module is appearing in getEditable(‘core.extension’)

Using Drupal core 8.9.6, created a custom module called wdocsApi. I wanted to rename it, so I uninstalled it and created wdocs_api. Problem is, when I try to install the new one, I get the error DrupalCoreExtensionExceptionUnknownExtensionException: The module wdocsApi does not exist. in DrupalCoreExtensionExtensionList->getPathname() (line 522 of core/lib/Drupal/Core/Extension/ExtensionList.php).

I tracked it down to Drupal/Core/Extension/ModuleInstaller.php where a call is made to $extension_config = Drupal::configFactory()->getEditable(‘core.extension’); and my old module is returned in the list of modules.

What can I do to erase any remnants of the old one from my database?

serps – Title tag different from title appearing in Google?

Actually, the answer above is incorrect. You would need to read the question carefully. In this case, the title tag is too long and Google decided to use what it determines as a brand which is simply the domain name without the TLD.

I detailed the process in this answer:

My title tag doesn’t appear to be getting crawled by Google properly

But I will paraphrase it for you.

For a few years now, Google has been experimenting with the SERPs most notably since March 2014. As a part of this, the title tag under certain circumstances may be changed. One factor is the title length. As of this writing, if the title tag length is greater than 512 pixels in length Google may chose to use:

  • What appears to be a brand name which can be the domain name with or
    without the TLD. (most likely)
  • What it knows to be a brand name. (fairly likely)
  • The first header h1 tag. (very likely)
  • A portion of the content that closely matches the search query.
    (fairly likely)
  • Information from a publicly available source such as ODP DMOZ (not
  • Information from rich snippets mark-up. (less likely)
  • Text from anchors text. (less likely)

In the case of the OP’s scenario, Google has chosen to use the domain name (IGN) as a brand name and return it as the SERP link. Managing the title tag length will solve this issue.

Also, this answer may help too: Title in Google does not match <title> of document

What is the analytical form of the cylindrical wave appearing on reflection of a plane wave from a corner?

This is a cross-post from Math.SE, where no answer was given after 3 months.

Consider a plane 2D wavelet moving towards a corner reflector with 120° opening angle with infinitely extended sides. The surface of the reflector has homogeneous Dirichlet boundary conditions imposed, and the wave obeys the usual hyperbolic wave equation:

$$partial_{tt} u(x,y,t)=partial_{xx}u(x,y,t)+partial_{yy}u(x,y,t).$$

The solution, with the initially propagating part and the reflections, can be easily constructed by rotating the initial wavelet, changing its sign and putting the resulting wavelet next to the initial one so as to satisfy the boundary conditions by canceling the wave function at the boundaries. The result will look like this (ignore the small-wavelength artifacts, they are due to numeric errors in the simulation):

incident wave with the reflections

But as the points of the slanted reflected waves come close to the corner, there appears a problem: simply “sliding” the reflected part no longer works, since the shape of the reflecting boundary abruptly changes. Moreover, numerical simulation (see below) shows that the reflection from the corner doesn’t produce a backwards-propagating plane wave (that we’d get from a 90° corner): instead the original slanted reflections continue their paths, and a new, cylindrical, wave originates from the corner. This cylindrical wave appears to cancel out the values of the slanted reflections on the boundary to satisfy the boundary conditions.

reflected wave

My question is: what is the analytical form of this cylindrical wave? It doesn’t seem to be a Bessel function, because Bessel functions don’t have constant amplitude nor constant wavelength (they change with radius). So what is it then? Does it have a closed form? Or is it at least explicitly expressible as an integral or a series?

networking – Wifi networks not appearing, “device not managed”

Device is an Alpha Aetheros AR9271, OS is actually the Ubuntu variant Bodhi.

The external wifi adapter is connected and is listed as detected. However networks do not appear and I get a “device not managed” error.

I changed FALSE to TRUE in etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf, it fixed “device not managed” for the ethernet, but not for the wireless.

8 – Custom block theme not appearing in QuickTabs content

I’m attempting to create a dashboard page that contains 4 tabs that are each a block that will contain a content based on the current user. I went ahead and created the 4 blocks (bl1, bl2, bl3, and bl4), added the blocks to content under block layout and then created the Quicktabs Instance to display these 4 blocks. So far so good.

However, when I go to customize the tab blocks in my theme, that theme is not getting picked up through quicktabs… My dashboard template looks like so:


{% block head %}
   {{ drupal_entity('block', 'navigationheader') }}
{% endblock %}

{% block content %}
  <div id="main-content" class="container">
    {{ drupal_entity('block', 'quicktabsdashboard') }}
{% endblock %}

{% block footer %}
  {{ drupal_entity('block', 'footer') }}
{% endblock %}

Then I have 4 template files for each block: block--bl1.html.twig, block--bl2.html.twig, block--bl3.html.twig, and block--bl4.html.twig… (FWIW, this project is very customized and these blocks will only be displayed here)

The content from these template files are not being pulled into the quicktabs. If I load the block manually in dashboard like so: {{ drupal_entity('block', 'bl1') }} the expected block styling is there..

How do you get quicktabs to show your custom block templates?

Perhaps I’m taking the wrong approach and shouldn’t use quicktabs and instead just write my own tab bar in twig and display the different blocks directly in the dashboard template?

data recovery – 4TB drive corrupted partition now appearing as 129986TB

The drive (Seagate IronWolf ST4000VN008 – 4 TB) got 2 partitions before and both partitions cannot be opened.

I managed to recover the second partition by running chkdsk F: /f /x /r Although its weird since the partition is now reported as FAT32 when I believe it is NTFS before but I can open the files on that partition without issues.

I tried chkdsk the first partition but I am getting

The type of the file system is ntfs.
Unable to determine volume version and state. chkdsk aborted.

I am trying testdisk now but one issue is its incorrect size. Will it damage the drive if the drive is reporting a different size. I tried modifying the CHS to correct the size reported by testdisk. I found 16383 16 63 as the values posted on one of the spec sheet of the drive( ) but it is not correct when entered on testdisk.

I have another 1TB drive and check its CHS and modified it to get 4TB/ The default CHS of the 4TB drive is 2756371791 / 255 / 63 which gives the petabyte size. I change it to 486402 / 255 / 63 to get 4TB
(I know the 4TB drive might have a different value since its a different drive but I just want to see if it can find my partition). Right now it is still scanning.

Disk /dev/sdb - 4000 GB / 3726 GiB - CHS 486402 255 63
Analyse cylinder 486401/486401: 99%
MS Data                    32768 4096032767 4096000000
MS Data               4096032768 7814033407 3718000640 

Any other software I can use to recover my partition?

Not all programs that are install-able are appearing

So I installed Ubuntu and thought I’d try out this video. When I was following along I noticed that not all programs are listed in the Ubuntu Software Appliction. Does anyone have ideas on what it could be? I tried installing Synaptic Package Installer and Dconf Editor. Did they get removed because the video is only one month old?

textdomain – Domain appearing in multiple places including

I’m running into an issue on a site that has been customized by another developer since it was originally built. The domain is appearing:

  • On all pages (admin and non-admin) at the top of the page
  • When editing ACF fields, toggling a field closed inserts the domain above the field name

I turned on Troubleshooting mode so it’s using the TwentyNineteen theme and no plugins, but this does not work either, so maybe it’s something in WP core or otherwise?

I’ve looked through about a hundred PHP files for echo, print, get_bloginfo(), etc but I can’t find this anywhere. I also tried looking for inserts, prepends, etc in JS because of the weird situation with ACF field insertion after toggling.

Any ideas? Thanks~